Monday, June 08, 2009

339. Those daily activities

When I was a little boy I had to do a daily chore which was tiring indeed. I used to get up at 7 am. As soon as I got out of bed, I used to remove the bedspread,take it to the bathroom and soak it in a bucket of soap water. Then I would come back to my bedroom and carry the bed-mattress all the way to the top of the house and leave it there for the sun to dry the wet bed. Carrying a heavy bed was not an easy job at all. Then I would come down,brush my teeth, clean my tummy, take a bath, wash the urea-perforated bedspread, have breakfast, and then rush to school. After coming back to school, I would go upstairs and carry the dried mattress down to my bedroom.

This was my daily activity as a child. Everyday I would take a decision that I would not pee in my bed anymore.But every morning when i wake up, I would realise that i had failed to abide by my decision.My folks tried every method under the sun to stop their son from wetting the bed every night. They did not allow me to drink water in the night. All their efforts went in vain. I am not gonna reveal the last time I wet my bed as a CHILD. All I can say is that I don't wet my bed anymore.Does that mean that I don't have any more wet dreams? If you are laughing at me, I am sure that you would have done it too. I can hear you saying,"Been there . Done that mate".

Another daily activity of mine was getting punished at school; for not doing the homework, for sticking chewing gum under the table, for hiding Shabir's pencil because of he talking with Renu (Renu was my childhood sweetheart and Shabir was her sweetheart. We were classmates from kindergarten). My school teacher lacked the creative punishment skills. She either made me to kneel down or made me to hug my own thighs (see picture below- The boy sans the school bag is me)

Another daily activity of mine was stealing mangoes from a house on the way back home from school.There were many mango trees in my house with tasty mangoes. But the taste of a stolen mango was way sweeter than eating mangoes from your own backyard. Now a days when little kids climb our compound wall to steal mangoes from our house, i remember my childhood days and that brings a smile on my face.

Practically I complete two years of blogging today, though theoretically I am blogging for 27 years. I would also like to announce the winner of the Chronic caption Award. The contest was a tough one and there were many entries.[link] I liked almost all the captions. Finally I selected one caption that I thought was the best among the lot. The caption is,"I'll return it, i promise!".The winner is a One and a half year old baby, "Emaan".

The caption must have been written by his Daddy.But still when I saw the photo, I did not think twice to select the winner. I congratulate Emaan baby for winning the contest.Chronic-Maamaji's kisses flying all the way across blog-ville for Emu-Boy. I am pretty sure that all the girls would be saying "Chow chweet-baby, Emu et all". Yes Emaan is the ultimate ladies-Baby Boy. I also convey my sincere appreciation to all those who participated in the contest.

My present daily activities would hit the page soon



  1. congrats Emaan.. luvly smile ;)

    n congrats chroni for ya 2nd anniv.. God bles

  2. i take a bow (oops, i fell).
    i thank u instead, bowing is too complicated for lil souls like me ;-)

    Kisses to u too Mamaji, for my very first prize in a competition !

  3. damnit i lost again!! i'll send i cute childhood pic in the next contest.. ;)

    poor poor chrizy bhai .. my heart goes out to you ..

  4. Congrats on the milestone.. :)

  5. Aaaah all nostalgic this time around huh ? Fun read :D Cute pics too ;)

  6. Congratulations to Emaan!!! The caption was very witty indeed. :)

    And hey! congratulations to you too Chriz!! 2 years n all haan! Do us all a favour and keep blogging forever alright. :)

    And yes! stolen mangoes do taste a lot sweeter. :)


  7. Ah...nice post..congrats on completing 2 yrs of blogging..emaan is really so cute..adorable kid :)

  8. oye same pinch..even i hd stole many mangoes...i was champ :P..

    duhhh i lost :(..
    congrates Emaan :D

  9. Really that was sooooooooooooo chweeet, luv ya Emaan cutie pie :)

  10. Congrats to the winner, i too was a bed wetter and last time was when i was in 6th or 7th class. Wet dreams? way too many to count, hehe, nice writeup:)))))

  11. My elder cousin brother still pees in the bed...lolz...but he never washes the perforated stuff!!!!!

    U made me nostalgic !!!!!

  12. Such a naughty kid u have been :D

    No Wonder!!!!

  13. ithuvalava vaazhkai laktchiyam :)

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  15. us for bearing wth u for 2 yrs :P

    nihow..u managed to make us laugh.

    oops i am getting emotional ;)

    well emaam congozz to u too..nice caption indeed :)
    loved tat post ;)

  16. Aha..sweet memories of childhood. :)

    Congrats to Emaan..And to you! For bringing me smiles,esp with a sweet post in the morning.

    God bless!

  17. Childhood is the best! :-)
    That emu boy is also cho chweet!

  18. 2 years good going bro :)...nice pics in the post :)..


  19. Chriz,

    Another journey into that glorious past?;) Good one. I mean the way you correlate your pics and words is just SOMEthing else! Shows how much of work goes behind every post of yours.

    Congrats on the second anniv... and as you would say still... miles to go, bro:-)!!!

  20. Congrats Emaan! look at his smile :)

    Congrats on the second anniv of your nutty witty blog... enna memories? bed nanaikaradhulendhu, manga thirudinadhulendhu, mutti pottadhu varaikkum... autograph padam paatha madiri irukku :)

  21. such a cute baby :) But i always thought "emaan" was a girl's name :D

    he is a ladies baby-boy alright ;-)

  22. ha ha talk abt childhood activities!! And hey Emaan...congrats!! :)

  23. congos emaan!
    and for u too chriz, for completing 2 yrs in blogsville..

    and ur daily activities was indeed a gud one..
    i too was stealing mangoes when i was at school.. as u said, it tastes better than the ones wht we have at our home! :P


  24. ahh very nostalgic post :)

    loved reading it..congrats on 2nd anniversary

    and congrats to the soon to be lady killer...emaan :)

  25. Ayiii...

    All the best... N congos for completing two years in the blog world...! :)

  26. congrats chriz for completing two years of blogging...congrats to emaan too...i hope i participate in this contest the next time...

    btw badaa nostalgic post tha...i became ekdum senti senti...sniff sniff

  27. Dude I guess you are the best mama in this whole world...look you made so many ppl emotional :P

    Noistalgic post this ...congo for the completion of 2 yrs .. :)

  28. That was a very nostalgic post... and you seemed to be a very "good boy" kinda guy as a kid... taking the mattress down, drying it in the sun... obedient boy :D

    Congrats for completing two years of blogging... cheers man :)

  29. ha ha ha :) nice post!!
    congratulations for your blog anniversary!! :)

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  31. Nice one! Takes one down a nostalgic trip.

    Nice contest u planned!

    And congrats on the blog anniversary :)

  32. so weet
    i think everyone has sweet memories ..
    first time at ur blog n following
    i need a favour frm u
    if u wont mind can u maiol me ur email id..
    this is regarding somethng PHD

    hope u wont mind...


  33. congrats for the second anniversary...
    and the winning quote was awesome ;)

  34. congrats fr completing 2yrs chriz...

    n emaann is not sweet bt he is smart..:) n intelligent..congrats baby emaan :)

  35. peeing in bed, my brother did that twice, mom whooped his arse hard, and since then, i think he never tried that.

  36. great post. loved it..phew carrying the mattress all the way to the terrace..but seems like a good idea!! next time my son does it..he will be told who gave me the idea for his punishment!! Congrats to Emaan..a very sweet entry indeed.

  37. Hey its been Yrs gr8 da ..... U rock

    Emman Super ahh irukaan iw ent thro the blog too

  38. u carried the mattress,,all the way up to the terrace,,,or was it the mattress carrying you:)
    Congratulations for completing thw two years...all i can say is that u have just become nuttier by the day...what d ya think:)

  39. nangelam koyaka thirudargal :) , well the same ol memories !! well i had this sleep walking for quite sometime...not anymore :)


  40. Cute Emaan. :)

    Well been there..done that... :)LOL

  41. I used to steal mangoes too :) er.. not as a child, but as a child woman lol. Your post brought back memories. Hostel days... sigh!

  42. Such a cute post ... Really and Emaan is the cutest of all ...

    So nice to hear about your daily routine as a child. Answers the question that you have Always been naughty :))

  43. Wow! Confused between bed wetting and wet dreams, are u Chriz!! :P

  44. You are write .. he is very cute!!! Such an adorable smile!! :) And congrats Chriz! May you write even more mokkai posts and gain even more popularity in the blog world!!!

  45. i missed the previous post... but i guess thats good for u...otherwise u would have had to courier the DVD to Boston... would have been expensive for ya ;)

  46. You wash ur mattress after scent-inating it? :D
    I thought you must have been a competition to the musk deer :(

  47. congrats on ur 2nd year, Chriz...i havent even completed a year n i'm already not interested..u r an inspiration!
    so our little Emu beat us all...nice caption he had!

  48. ok i agree he is cute and all, but please guys dont hate me when i say this......

    his entry came in late, i.e. around 10 pm while the deadline was @ 4pm, dint anybody notice that,

    anyhow congarts cutie emaan, may you win many such awards in ur future

    and congrats on the 2nd year anniversary Chriz, let your blog live long for a hundred years more, it was a great compitition

    Take care and keep writing......

  49. Congrats to you on completing two years of blogging.

    I am sure you have lifted the spirits of the people who read your blogs and make them smile, laugh when they leave.

    Doing a great service Mate!!

    Congrats to Emaan for winning.

  50. Lol..!! Cute post..!!
    Congrats for completing two years of blogging!
    And..Congrats to Emaan for winning the caption contest..!!

  51. lovely memories... nothing like remembering the good old days :-)

    and yes congrats to the winner (and his papa)!

  52. Happy Anniversary :D

    And yeah, that was indeed the best caption!

  53. Those were the days! Memories.

  54. @thousif
    10 pm yes.. i noticed it.. but for certain c0mments that are winner-worthy, IST is treated as Indian stretchable time. :P

    @emu baby
    you rockstar

    thanks for the support

  55. Emaan deeply creative for his age...and congrats Chriz on turning two as a blogger , Yipppeeeeeyyyyyy !! :D

  56. hehe
    congrats emu-boy!!
    chriz called me to tell me that he accidently broke your cradle by trying to fit into it and that u got all furious and everything and this resulted in a hunger strike! u were on a strike that chriz should stay hungry!

    and thus he HAD to give this award to u intstead of me..too bad kiddo..
    i dont like such naughty kids..but anyways u r cute-looking! thats all!*humph* i have a big heart n i appreciate beauty of my opponents too!

  57. I was always GOOD ya know! ;-) unlike someone else here!! *lol*

    Cute smile @that last baby pic!

    So who is the Caption contest winner? Its june 9th btw!


  58. oops I missed that bit!

    **"I'll return it, i promise!".

    LOL good one and congrattz Emaan!


  59. so many contest in ur blog man..?? do u only make contest or u participate too.
    funny piece of post tha..
    daily routine. aaawwwww

  60. Me making a mental note never ever to utter the word red underwear...should have know that no one will like my caption with the infamous red chaddi in it..

    Wow cutey Emaan congrats...

  61. Haha...that was a neat daily chore...if it was these days I bet it would have been something use and throw! :D
    When we were kids if we fought, we were made to hug eachother by our teacher...The habit of fighting with gals has not yet subsided. Hugs have turned to slaps...the big bad world...I'll write about this...sigh..makes me feel sad!
    Yay! I steal Mangoes too...then and now!! Nothing tastes better than a hard stolen Mango!! :D
    Congos to the winner...

  62. Sad re... I thought i ll get the award.... However happy for the cute baby

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