Wednesday, June 03, 2009

337. Philosophy for a change

Does Humor and poetry gel well? The previous post was a clear indication that humor and poetry are indeed a deadly combination. This post doesn't have humor in it. I am just taking a little break from my forte -"Humor".

When a friend of mine approached me and said,"Chriz! Why don't you write an article on your favorite subject-Psychology", I gave much thought to it and finally decided to write one article on the same. After ploughing my brain for a while, i decided to pen an article on Relationships.

I chose this topic because everyone could relate to it. Though the subject line indicates that it is a philosophical post, this article is embedded with psycho-Analytical statements.I would refrain from using technical language to make this post reader-friendly.

Disclaimer: The author was not drunk while typing this post.

Relationships are built on Trust. So to understand the term-"Relationship", one should exactly have a very clear idea about TRUST.

A couple ended their relationship after loving each other for more than ten years . When a common friend approached them and asked the reason behind they splitting up their answer was,"we have never understood each other and we don't trust each other any more". So It took 10 years for them to realize it?

Doesn't that sound Strange?
Why do people fall out of trust?
Can we conclude "Lack of Trust" as the reason behind relationship failures?

When such questions arise, we should test our own Senses. Yes! The Five Senses. We all know that the five senses are

1) Sense of Sight
2) Sense of Taste
3) Sense of Hearing
4) Sense of Touch
5) Sense of Smell

These five senses play a very major role in the decision making process of any human being. But can we Trust these five sensory inputs of our physical form? The answer is No. Our senses deceive us every minute.

1. Deception in sight
Place a stick in a bucket of water. It appears to have a bend,but we know that there is no bend in it.Yes our eyes deceive us.
2.Deception in Taste
Eat a bar of chocolate or anything sweet & then drink milk or coffee with sugar in it.Our tongue will say that there is no sugar in it.
3.Deception in Hearing
If we think that we can at least trust our ears, we are complete fools because our ears doesn't pick up millions of radio frequencies.
4. Deception in Touch
In a physics laboratory we would have done the experiment with hot & cold water.Take two containers of water, one hot & another cold. Place one hand inside hot water and the other hand inside cold water.After 2 minutes reverse your hands.The cold water will appear hot & hot cold.
5.Deception in Smell
You could even survive without a bath for one whole week. No one around you will know it if you spray perfume all over your body.

Yes our senses are the greatest deceivers

People often say that Trust can be built over a period of Time. But again we can never Trust Time. People often fall out of relationships not because of lack of trust, but because they never understand the value of relationships. Yes! Self realisation is needed to strengthen a relationship. You either have 100 percent Trust or No Trust. There is nothing in-between in Trust.


Note: Humor posts will continue. An exciting competition is coming up.


  1. hi!thts a good one!ur right trust is the basic foundation of any relationship! n as time goes by, it only gets stronger!

  2. how much do u analyse? :O really didnt think you were the type..

    but jokes apart.. what you said is so true.. trust forms the foundation of a relationship if its not there, there cant be any relationship at all...

    do pour form such posts too.. its a treat to read

  3. hmm.. the last one point that you made was worth it.

    People who break relationships just dont know the value of them....

    cheers chrony..

    that was a completely diff post than your usual humorous ones....

  4. that was indeed a wonderful post Chriz... thought provoking..the concluding sentence said it all... Kudos to you man...

  5. About the relationship you are bang on target... Trust is the base of a relationship... But lost me at lots of places...

    ploughing your brain? - your new profile picture, shows no signs of having any brain... :P

    I saw you buying heck load of perfumes the other day... should have guessed... I dint expect you to becoma a lab rat for your own experiments... a week? come on... LOL

  6. Can easily compare with most of the present relationships, very true indeed as without trust the relationship just heads to dead end!! Its better to end one in the earlier stages rather than to call its not worth the trust after a loooong time, breaking hearts naturally!


  7. "You either have 100 percent Trust or No Trust. There is nothing in-between in Trust." - this IS a cracker Chriz as was the post!!! Yes, there's no limbo or midway house in trust and as you say - with a tone of mockery if you may add - does it take people so much time to realise they have not understood each other???!!!

    Yes, it all depends on how one values relationships and how one estimates oneself and the other in the context of the same.

    I will go and on and on and on... but do not want the comment to be longer than this short but powerful post :P:P:P

  8. Trust is important, but trust alone can not keep the relationship going..

    There got to be compatibility between the persons in a relationships.. Trust can probably keep the relationship going but there are many other factors that could decide the strength of the relationship..

  9. complete truth! :D

    chriz, i luvd the deception in 5 senses! never thot about it before..
    especially the deception in smell! its actually a gud idea :P

  10. Well written. :)

  11. You either have 100 percent Trust or No Trust !

    thats the first lesson my very good friend taught me in love !! and its a good thing to remember :)
    i really liked this post !!

  12. :) hmm quite serious but humor leaks through somehow :P :P

    Without trust no relationship is worth having.. and yes we shud value the relationship.. else trust can never be built :)

  13. Nice post! Very intense and I agree completely. I like "there is nothing in-between in trust". Very wise Chriz. :D

  14. haha.....Loved it..!!
    Especially the 5 senses one....never thought of it before....Interesting..!

  15. loved the 5 senses...and the deceptions.

    self realization is very much important in every relationship..if i hadn't had that self realization then i wouldn't be taught me to move on with my life when i got hurt in love...decided to write my take after reading ur post!

  16. Funny one......

    I got another couple in my blog....clarke and Lara......

  17. Stumbled onto your blog from a certain "Supernut" post.
    I really liked this post. Made a lot of sense.
    Didn't get to see any red underwear (which is what I was fearing this site would be plastered with)...
    Maybe if I read some of your earlier posts. Later... :)

  18. Actually..tis science which decieves the deception in sight is actually refraction of light..light deviates frm its path!..
    2nd one..its got something to do with sweetbuds..whatever!
    and our ears can't pick up radio frequencies because they aint designed for tht..dogs,bats etc pick up radiations..
    Deception in touch is true..
    and the deception in smell is js a freaky thing to do n means you're unhygienic :P

  19. ok ..
    but you got the deception in touch experiment wrong. after putting one hand in cold and the other in hot water .. we put both hands in water of normal temperature. so the cold hand will feel hot and the hot one will feel cold.


    compitition !! wooohooo!!!

  20. Chriz... I loved this post! I would advice you to get drunk quite often then.

    There is nothing in-between trust, its either 100 percent Trust or No Trust... so very well said.

    Loved this post! :)

  21. Bro... I must say that it was a neat post :)


    take care da... cheers...

  22. to have such post frm ur obviously diff ..
    "Self realisation is needed to strengthen a relationship. You either have 100 percent Trust or No Trust. There is nothing in-between in Trust...
    wonderful lines.:)

  23. like honesty can't be diluted.It's the thing that can keep a relationship going.
    It was a very different post,coming from you.Loved it ner'theless [:)]

  24. did anyone say that you are too bad at me now!

  25. very educative posts. I dint know about those sense organs, how wrong i was. Thnaks for enlightening thee!!!!!!:)))

  26. Good Chriz Nalla Post

    I liked it

    Unnai Arintha ellam unnaku Puriyum - Babaji

    Honest one keep up

  27. my o my....didnt know Calvin n Hobbes had that kinda effect on u...
    but know made sense...people fall out of relationships ...coz they dont know the value of it....!!!
    Rightly said!

  28. Indeed. Trust is the key to any relationship, and yes there is definitely no in-between trust! Made for a good read! :)

  29. Awesome, awesome post Chriz! U should post stuff like this more often...Everybody has every emotion. Its just that some people pretend they don't have a certain emotion. Glad that u came out with this at the risk of sounding a bit more serious than usual!! W2G!

  30. i completely loved it...
    and yea,u either take d plunge and trust completely..or u just refrain...
    no way between...
    do write more of such stuff...
    though,i have to say..u talk a lot of sense in a subtle way thru ur comedy....

  31. completely loved your deception funds... its so very true...

  32. I wonder if our beloved Chrony has fallen in love?? I mean humour goes out of the door only when you are in a relationship no?? btw still liked the post...

  33. This is quite a change from your usual write-up.

    I completely agree with what you said.

  34. Thats a wonderful post chriz..loved it..never thought abt sense in that way :)

  35. Correct. You cannot trust your wife to the extent of 60%. You cannot trust your father in law to the extent of 40.56% when he says he'd help you come out of a problem. Its either 100% or 0. It not even 0, its actually in the negative quadrant.

  36. Correct. You cannot trust your wife to the extent of 60%. You cannot trust your father in law to the extent of 40.56% when he says he'd help you come out of a problem. Its either 100% or 0. It not even 0, its actually in the negative quadrant.

  37. Correct. You cannot trust your wife to the extent of 60%. You cannot trust your father in law to the extent of 40.56% when he says he'd help you come out of a problem. Its either 100% or 0. It not even 0, its actually in the negative quadrant.

  38. Adhu edho correct dha.. the question tat if it took 10 yrs to realize tat !?! They themselves wont hav any ans for it.. !Even I hav seen ppl like tat around me !!!

  39. Chriz. I have to say I like this side of you also!

    You raised some great points..
    What is a relationship that has no trust? It is a complete train wreck waiting to happen!!

    This is a great post!! I cannot wait to see your serious side once more! Now I am going to go and attempt to think!! lol


  40. can i say something? i think u r better when you talk seriously. not that your jokes dont make us laugh but i have read almost all your inspirational posts ..they are AMAZING!
    even in this post i liked your perspective on the senses.

  41. Good to know you're not just Humor :-)

    You're right about the fact that our senses deceive. It happens to all of us. After all we were created the same way.

    What makes us different from others then? The capability to understand the difference between what is real and what is simply an illusion.

    If one knows that difference, they'll forever prosper in all their relationships.

    I would love see more of these posts.

  42. wow!
    deception of the senses has been proven very well!!

    so u r a scientist too:) n i trust u....:-)

  43. wow!!tht was a gr8 post on the most important ingredient to make a relationship work!!yes its trust thts the most important factor tht makes or breaks a relationship.

  44. didn't expect this from u. In a good way. :)

    I like the in b/w trust factor. Sounds convenient.

  45. if u cant trust ur own senses then how can u trust sumone elses sensibilities....? tht calls for sum serious thinkin..i mean its so true...kinda depressin...but true..

  46. I cant say that relationships break only because of lack of trust but yes for making a realtionship strong, trust is very much required.

  47. i loved the way u summed it up... backing it up with theory of the five senses. think ur last sentence says it all. there is either 100% trust or none at all... there is no in-between. i guess the same goes for faith too...

  48. great one dude... loved how ur analysis on the deceptions of the senses and on time...
    and yup...correct as always as u r... nothing in between in trust...

  49. Xactly, Chriz. To have trust, you first need to realise the value of a relationship.Let Renu be bygone, your future girl is in for a great romnantic life with you. :)
    Great examples on getting deceived by senses. !

  50. A very good eye-opener for sure!

    Our 5 main Senses may be limiting, but the 6th sense it what really counts :) INTUITION. ur Instincts r never wrong and it applies to a r'ship too. When ur in love with someone and trust them fully, u either know it 100% or not at all. Like u said, there r no in-betweens.

    **You could even survive without a bath for one whole week. No one around you will know it if you spray perfume all over your body.


    I liked the post alot. There's a great philosopher inside of that nutty Chriz. Not that I never knew that b4 ;-)

    btw come n check out the tenors themselves in my current music video. They r just amazing!

    d u think u can do this one (in a song vid) too for me? ;-)


  51. Whoa.. that was truly insightful.. I have a friend who is having trust issues right now, and she was asking what could she trust.. and I was thinking hmm nothing.. cos even the truth can be deceptive. at times. and sometimes what we trust is not what really is.. I like your post, chriz.. it made me think..

  52. Wow !!! beautifully put. Either you trust or you don't . There's no in between .... :)

    Truly well put ...


  53. thats a nice post chriz! very true..ppl do fall outta trust n relatioshipz wiout the foundation of trust juz crumple... liked de way u expressed it with actual examples n de like.. :)

  54. A good post Chriz :) Trust and relationships... this topic runs so so deep!

    A nice change, but we want the humor back soon :)

  55. lovely chain of thoughts mate:)
    ohh n am not joking:D

  56. well said criz,
    our senses deceive us and they do it more often then we know.
    Yes partial trust thing doesn't work.

  57. those examples..were superb :)

    well though u took the funnier side..wat u tried to say is completely true...

    I agree..completely wth wat u said abt trust in the last lines :)

  58. Great post indeed. I agree either there is complete trust or nothing at all!!

  59. Great analysis yaar, i completly, fully agree with you, but in some cases it just not the trust, its much more that that but the analysis sums it up,

    great one again

    take care and keep writing........

  60. Very un-chriz kinda post but very astute analysis.

  61. You either have 100 percent Trust or No Trust ! How true... :)

    Loved the post :)

    Waiting for the competition...

  62. i know m getting a bit demanding here... but was hoping to see a new post :)

  63. good insight dude.
    You either have 100 percent Trust or No Trust. There is nothing in-between in Trust.
    thats very true

  64. Quite thought provoking I must say..

    And looks like you have a hell lot of experience on using perfumes for a whole week instead of a bath.... :-D

  65. Hey I go 100% with ur conclusion

    its either u trust sum1 or u dont :)

    hi5, chronic eluthalare :P

  66. tats so true prason..a tear from my eye is sign to show hw i feel after readin it :-)..

  67. So this was a surprise!!! A pleasant one at that. :)

    I agree completely, it's either 100% or NO trust at all.

    Very well brought out.


  68. i agree...the in between situtaion dosent let last the r'ship much!!

    pian in any case is unavoidable!!

    great post..hats off!!

    P.S. 'sorry for being irregular, missing ur blog'

  69. Wonderfully put across Chriz!! :)

  70. Ithulla palla matter involved maama... Niyum sariya than ba solikara...


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