Does Humor and poetry gel well? The previous post was a clear indication that humor and poetry are indeed a deadly combination. This post doesn't have humor in it. I am just taking a little break from my forte -"Humor".

When a friend of mine approached me and said,"Chriz! Why don't you write an article on your favorite subject-Psychology", I gave much thought to it and finally decided to write one article on the same. After ploughing my brain for a while, i decided to pen an article on Relationships.

I chose this topic because everyone could relate to it. Though the subject line indicates that it is a philosophical post, this article is embedded with psycho-Analytical statements.I would refrain from using technical language to make this post reader-friendly.

Disclaimer: The author was not drunk while typing this post.

Relationships are built on Trust. So to understand the term-"Relationship", one should exactly have a very clear idea about TRUST.

A couple ended their relationship after loving each other for more than ten years . When a common friend approached them and asked the reason behind they splitting up their answer was,"we have never understood each other and we don't trust each other any more". So It took 10 years for them to realize it?

Doesn't that sound Strange?
Why do people fall out of trust?
Can we conclude "Lack of Trust" as the reason behind relationship failures?

When such questions arise, we should test our own Senses. Yes! The Five Senses. We all know that the five senses are

1) Sense of Sight
2) Sense of Taste
3) Sense of Hearing
4) Sense of Touch
5) Sense of Smell

These five senses play a very major role in the decision making process of any human being. But can we Trust these five sensory inputs of our physical form? The answer is No. Our senses deceive us every minute.

1. Deception in sight
Place a stick in a bucket of water. It appears to have a bend,but we know that there is no bend in it.Yes our eyes deceive us.
2.Deception in Taste
Eat a bar of chocolate or anything sweet & then drink milk or coffee with sugar in it.Our tongue will say that there is no sugar in it.
3.Deception in Hearing
If we think that we can at least trust our ears, we are complete fools because our ears doesn't pick up millions of radio frequencies.
4. Deception in Touch
In a physics laboratory we would have done the experiment with hot & cold water.Take two containers of water, one hot & another cold. Place one hand inside hot water and the other hand inside cold water.After 2 minutes reverse your hands.The cold water will appear hot & hot cold.
5.Deception in Smell
You could even survive without a bath for one whole week. No one around you will know it if you spray perfume all over your body.

Yes our senses are the greatest deceivers

People often say that Trust can be built over a period of Time. But again we can never Trust Time. People often fall out of relationships not because of lack of trust, but because they never understand the value of relationships. Yes! Self realisation is needed to strengthen a relationship. You either have 100 percent Trust or No Trust. There is nothing in-between in Trust.


Note: Humor posts will continue. An exciting competition is coming up.