Tuesday, June 02, 2009

336. The Kick - Poetry

My first day in the football field
I did not have a proper shield

Like a lightening came a boy so small
And kicked the wrong Ball

Harleys, Planes and Racing Cars
I even saw some twinkling Stars

Agony and pain was in a Tangle
I thought I was in Bermuda Triangle

I limped,then I fell and I crawled a mile
Painful memory; But now it just leaves a smile


We all have painful memories. Some memories would have been so painful when we encountered it. But when we turn back and look back at those painful moments, we might end up having a smile in our faces. Everyone would have painful memories - be it emotional or physical.

But do we cling on to the painful memories?
Do we have the strength to look at such moments and Smile

Note: Painful memories that you have come across,can be shared in the comment section. Please note that the aim is not to vent or crib in the comment box, but to convey your positive take on painful memories. It might be soothening for many pained souls.


  1. well :P lol @ the poem....i hope u were the only one to return from bermuda triangle then :P..

    painful memories are some which sometimes give more exp for how to face similar things...like the next time u must have taken care of the guard :P....

    there are some moments which i always go back in memories to look at them and have a big smile :)....well will ahsre them directly through a post some time this week :)...so keep waiting :P...


  2. well... one ended my career in sports :P

    take care mate.. cheers...

  3. Well painful memories.. hmm.. saying good bye to people I loved.. but i grew from it.. well I think.. i was growing up anyways..
    your poem made me smile..:)

  4. beautiful post Chriz. Very true. One delayed my academic dreams a little... but it has made me miss academics so much that now I know I "want" it more than anything else :)

  5. Chriz!! I couldnt get to ur blog yday at all...I mean the Comment section. It's fixed now. ty! :)

    o well, I take all the 'kicks' I've received and turn em into 'punches' going out to the other side. LOL!


    btw I will link ur post vid in my remaining flatmate posts (Jay's Amit's and Ria's posts that r coming up soon). I got an idea later on, so I didnt link ur post yet. :)



  6. And hey when did u get all senti? :) Very nice post from ya Chriz the nut!


  7. ahem! what a poetry talent! what a talent!

    yes painful experiences must be shared.. but not at the expense of others.. so i will not share mine :P

  8. LOL! I can imagine your situation :P

    For me, I fell down numerous times while practicing this move with my partner in group dance competition during school days. He had to pick me up and put me down, but he picked me up and threw me down! It was so painful back then, but now all I can do is smile, looking back at those days.

    Oh and what a coincidence, I recently found my long lost diary in which there is a paragraph about my first ever fall in my flight training days of Canada :D let me paste it here :

    4th April 2006
    4th April... 0800 hrs.. I was going for a flight, and before the flight we students have to go for a walk around the airplane to make sure everything is in place and the plane is good for flying... so i grabbed my headset and keys for the aircraft and started walking towards it..

    The snow had started melting, so there was water on the ground.. I was walking at a normal pace and I stepped on to the taxiway and there was a patch of black ice, which i thought was water, and i slipped over it and the very next moment I was lying flat on the ground!!! It was so embarrasing.. I looked around and could see no one. So I felt bit relaxed and somehow managed to get up, when I heard this voice of an instructor, who was watching me from the airplane parked right next to me, he asked me if I needed help.. And I felt so embarassed, but I still managed to go till the aircraft... and guess what, I hurt my ass so bad I wasnt able to fly for the next 4 days...!!

  9. that brings back all the painful football memories bro... :D

    and yeah, I have had my painful days though have been lucky enough to avoid my balls getting hit... :D

    and i nevr knew that you had a poet in you bro....

    ROFL 2 the poem-


  10. Hey Chriz,

    Loved the poem, nejamma!

    And... painful memories uh? Let it be da...
    Yup, after the sermons I received from St.Chriz, I know how to laugh 'em off! :)

  11. Ah! oh-my-god! when I look back, I see that I dont have such bizarre incidents in my life!

  12. Reminds me of the times.. I tried to learn how to ride bicycle.. the first time I landed up in the 'saakade' and second time hit the truck.. the truck was not in the motion .. lucky for me..
    And the last time I fell from an incline ripped my pants.. and had a near death exp... the other side of the road was a huge dip with loads of rocks.. now dont ask me what i was doing there learning in such a dangerous location.. That in itself is post worthy :D

  13. hehehe...hit the wrong ball :P

    OO...painful memory when i got fracture..in my leg...while playing volley ball..and more painful was when ppl commented....."what is relationship of leg with volley ball :P"

  14. that pic made me think of one word: YEEAAOUUUCH!!! that poor guy at the receiving end :-(

    painful memories?? hmm i guess parting is always painful. but eventually i learnt to celebrate the wonderful memories before that and that i had a chance to know that person before parting, rather the pain of the separation itself. my maternal grandfather passed away some months back and i applied the same rule there also. its very healing when u change the perspective of looking at something...

  15. hi, i would need thousands of comment boxes, to fully write, but thanks for reading my story. i have posted again, did like the font in my early attempt to publish the story. looked funny with muddles fonts in between, so had to publish again. you can read it now. Regards.

  16. aweeeeeeeeeee....so sweet...was that you who was described in there?

  17. hahahahaha!!! you bet he got the wrong ball!!

    anyways, here's my poetic take on pain (suun zaalim duniya!)there was a boy,
    he wanted a new toy.
    and went and he told his mommy so.

    he said, "i want a teddy so brown
    or a cop car that goes round and round.
    so get me something to play & push around."

    they got him a toy,
    oh boy they did!
    and they called it a kid!
    that's how the boy got kicked!!.

    but what a toy,
    that sister of his
    cause she bites and spits.
    and our poor boy,
    for once feels lost with 'this' toy
    cause he can't figure out anything.
    ...now then, i just hope she never finds out about this little poem...


  18. for me my most painful memory is departing from my parents....its been 2 yrs since i saw my mom-dad but only after being so distant from them i realised what they really mean to me!!!
    My love for them has grown strong over the yrs....i loved them b4 also, but now its a diff feeling!

  19. LOL !

    Now this is smth I cant do ever. And you wanted me to write one for you !!!!

    This is brava !

    My most painful memoir would be the walkin away of my best friends.We'd shared a frenship of about 15 yrs.

    But now in retrospect, I feel its all good. Things happen. All we gotta do is take a pill n move on.

  20. "got the wrong ball" Lol...!!

    when I was in dance class my partner dropped me real hard on the ground. I had a sore leg for two days. The truth is that I had actually let go of him coz he was losing his balance. If i had not, he would have fallen over me and that wouldn't have left me only with a sore leg...Lol..!

  21. haha did that really happen?? :D

  22. i have a painful memory too...i was cutting onions and cut my finger too..it was quite painful and the thus i have a painful memory... lol

  23. oh so even chriz gets senti shenti haan?
    and yes i think after a certain time period has elapsed, when u completely get over the painful component of that memory u look back at it with a perspective that 'everything happens for a reason":)
    lol@wrong ball!:D

  24. Got the wrong ball?

    Errrrrgh.Are you okay?
    I hope there was'nt any Bermuda Triangle shapd wound anywhre :-S
    And me doesn't have painful memories..I kickass! :)

  25. "got the wrong ball" lol...
    i have had a similar incident while playing cricket.. n that was when i learned you have to pay attention to the bowler while keeping wickets.

  26. Thats a good poem..i guess we all share a smile on our painful memories..first time here..you have got a grt blog

  27. hey chriz

    its a fun poem..so true..painful memories can be converted to make one feel better. I have had such embarrassing moments in my life, but now it's jus a wonderful memory.heheh



  28. great post..lovely poetry..ouch!! there are quite a few painful memories..but I have realised that what gave me joy once only had the power to give me pain later..so wudnt want to delete any of them coz if i erased the pain the pleasure associated wud go too right?

  29. Like giving DVD's, will you give PAIN BOMB if one says his most painful moment?? :P

  30. lol on this painful memory of urs ;)


    my painful memories..are a li'l too many ...the best one is..:P

    the most painful one is wen..I fell down from my cycle...and had to take Tetanus injection :(:(


  31. One painful memory would be one where I had fallen in an open drain while playing as a kid..My friends got repelled by the stench.So I'd to climb out all by myself and walk all the way back home.I had to clean up in the garden..and only then I was allowed to enter home :(

    I learnt to keep my eyes open henceforth.. :P

  32. Ugh! Painful!
    Fantastic piece of poetry :P
    And exactly how did the Bermuda Triangle look in your thoughts? I'm mighty curious.

  33. How sweet. Big heart wrapped in humour :)

  34. The poem was great, well i too have such(read Same) painful memory, but i dont wanna discuss it here lol

    take care you wouldnt want to be hit again on the wrong ball,

    dude you are awesomely funny :D

    take care and keep writing.......

  35. hey you write good poems... make it frequent though...

    "And kicked the wrong Ball" sorry I know its rude to laugh, but not able to stop..

  36. well painful memories...u knew i was in reminiscing those of late thru my blog....and here i see such a post of urs :P

    well my painful memories have been mostly about losing dear ones.....but then today i m glad i lost them because their going away always taught me great lessons about life....they taught me the real face of the false people at times....and sometimes made me more strong and aware....overall they helped me grow big time...painful was the time but outcomes were helpful in making me strong enough and the person i m today.....

    but indeed a retrospective and lovely post :D
    and i loved ur poem ...amazing :)

  37. Hey Chriz...fot funny and the rest senti ah? enanga achi ungalaku? ok ok ....chweet memoirs ya!

    Well painnful memories for me..hmm ya most of the times when i was/had forced to say a NO where it shud hav been a YES, which indeed changed my life 4vr!

    Tak care..god bles.


  38. hey that pic is painful!
    n what happened to u?? poem n all!

    well...i had fallen off the bike n rolled on the road with buses n trucks just inches away from me...i got up n walked away happy that my life got saved but later realised that i had hurt many parts in my body :(

  39. You can write a poem too?? ouch that hurts my ego.
    hmmm the most painful memories..well can say of one when I chanced to come up on your blog through a friend and since then every post of urs gives me a painful stomach and the hard part is that throughout the pain I giggle....

  40. My mom had taken away my all chocolates once... :(

    She did return them... But the memory of THAT day still pains me :(

  41. Hey Chriz, Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice post about painful memories. Well, everyone has to find a way out to face them :)

  42. Hmm..Painful at first and laughable later! Maybe the sweet 16 memories!
    Aana suddenly intha senti post edhukku? ;)

  43. i remember one which ended my tennis career :(

  44. Heyy you emo? Whassup? :O Everything allright?

  45. Painful memories help us grow.... A tear here, some pain there... but its' all good if you learn the lesson...

    And some are just painful earlier, but if you learn to laugh at yourself ( which is very important) then has a ton of experiences to talk about at parties :))

    I remember when we had gone to Poconos for snow tubing - the ice was so slippery and my boots weren't right I kept slipping and sliding and finally just fell down sliding a long way down , taking the next two three people with me ... lolzzz... Everyone in line was laughing at and with me and it was only later I saw that I was black and blue :)) Good fun !!


  46. Yeah what do you expect! You give the person three choices, and only one of them is right. Then there is more than 66% chance of kicking the wrong one!

    Do the math ;)

    Anyways, I played football only twice in my life. So no such painful memories to share!

    But I do know you had your fare share (older posts)

  47. wow !! if only people saw thier pain like this... as something to be laughed upon.

    haha! loved this !

  48. dunno abt the making me smile part of it but I definitely know abt the making me strong part of it!!!

  49. Dont ever want to remember anything painful:)

  50. And those painful memories have given shape to a nice poetry here ! :)

  51. Oh I have so many I just cannot name just one! lol

    But My l-rd You are so accident Prone Mr. lol!


  52. Why did you hit the right ball ??

  53. kicked the wrong ball!! :O

    lol.. my take on getting over painful memories is to write about them..and then laugh reading what i wrote.. simples things.. hahahaahaha :P

  54. Chriz I hope your painful memories did not leave a 'permanent' scar on any vital parts of your body hehehe...

    Yes, I have painful memories when I met with a car accident in NYC but through all the tears & pain, my family bonded together and we can smile at this incident every now and then.

  55. awww... :)

    chris the poet... what the revelation!! :)

  56. Wow.. very well written dude.. I guess recollecting these moments will always bring up a smile..

  57. ha ha!! i enjoyed this one .. its a good thing to know how to laugh on ur painful memories !!

  58. Aahaha. Very, very nice piece of poetry.
    1st part -- LMAO!

    And.. painful memories? Yeah. They were painful when they happend. But as time passes by, i feel it all fades away.

    So yah. Everything is superb in the end.

  59. It's definitely fun to think about the painful memories of childhood now, but what's even more satisfying is the smile we get on our face thinking about how we avenged that painful memory... all within the safety net of "being a kid" :D

  60. LOlz...super poem...compliments the pic too!! :)

  61. Painfull memories ahhh... Apdiyellam yaarum illa ba..


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