My first day in the football field
I did not have a proper shield

Like a lightening came a boy so small
And kicked the wrong Ball

Harleys, Planes and Racing Cars
I even saw some twinkling Stars

Agony and pain was in a Tangle
I thought I was in Bermuda Triangle

I limped,then I fell and I crawled a mile
Painful memory; But now it just leaves a smile


We all have painful memories. Some memories would have been so painful when we encountered it. But when we turn back and look back at those painful moments, we might end up having a smile in our faces. Everyone would have painful memories - be it emotional or physical.

But do we cling on to the painful memories?
Do we have the strength to look at such moments and Smile

Note: Painful memories that you have come across,can be shared in the comment section. Please note that the aim is not to vent or crib in the comment box, but to convey your positive take on painful memories. It might be soothening for many pained souls.