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I just found that any article on the fake ipl player draws great attention and this article would be apt to rake-in many page hits. The fake ipl player is creating a great havoc in the cricketing world with his creative writing that has a great touche of humor which is accompanied by a smooth flow of language.

What has the fake ipl player done so far?

1) Fake IPL player is the real hero of the second edition of IPL that is currently taking place in South Africa.
2) Fake IPL player has exposed the inefficiency of the so called world cup winning coach "John Buchanan". John Buchanan won world cups for Australia with the greatest ever team he had with him . But now he could not do anything with the Kolkatta Knight Riders team which has many Indian players. He is also showing his true colours with his racial outbursts and his comical theories and has become the rear-end of all jokes.
3) Fake IPL player has also made Shahrukh Khan look like a complete Joker in no time. Shahrukh Khan finally ran back to India like a chicken and has made a vow that he would not return to South Africa again.
4) Fake IPL player has drawn a very clear picture and he and has helped the readers to differentiate between the real cricket players and the Jokers ( Cine stars/Money Mongrels/Chronicwriter) who crave for attention.
5) Fake IPL player has even made a few of my girlfriends (who never had any interest in cricket) to follow cricket with great interest.
Last Saturday, Chronicwriter and the fake IPL player went to the cricket ground to play some practise shots. While the fake IPL player was exposing his vital statistical equipments, I (chronicwriter) took a picture of him. Fake IPL player pleaded with me not to reveal his identity to the world. But being a categorically- imperative person, i decided to reveal his identity to the entire world.

Fake IPL player Exposed

Please excuse me for my poor photography skills. On second thoughts, I would advice the fake IPL player to operate under his masked identity and not reveal his identity. We need you to provide the same entertainment for next IPL too.


Note:I am working on a post on my ICON. When i tried uploading his picture, my computer crashed. That is the reason for this post on fake IPL player. My next post is on the ICON who has changed my life.