Friday, May 08, 2009

326. An angel turns two

My niece and my God-child ,"Jolena" is turning two years old today. So I have given her the opportunity to write a post on my blog today. As she doesnt talk much, she will narrate this post with her pictures. Over to Jolena

Hi everyone. I am Jolena and I am turning two, today. I do not know all the 26 alphabets in the English language. But I know all the cartoon characters that appear in Disney channel. My house is a very calm place when i sleep.

But that is not the case when I wake up every morning. I make my Momma, Dada and my brother to run around the house all day.

I love my brother, "Jeremy" very much. He is my hero. He is the beshtest brother in the world. He sings for me and he performs stunts for me too.

Sometimes, out of affection and love, i bite him and he starts crying. To confuse my momma, i start crying too .I learnt this trait from my uncle. But when ever my momma, tries to take a picture of us, we put up the best possible smile. I call my brother using a tamil term,"Anna". Anna is a very good guitarist. He is a leftie. But he never allows me to touch the guitar. I don't like rules. So when he is not around, i play the guitar too.

My anna is a very good dancer too. He spins like a hip-hop artist and it is fun to watch him dance.

His dance moves act as a source of inspiration for me and I try to spin too.

But i always end up falling flat on the ground. I will succeed one day and i know that failures always leads to success.

On a very few occasions, me and my anna would sit like this and stare at the ceiling. Lot of thoughts run in our heads. I can't share all the thoughts here. They are my secrets.

When my momma cooks for me and my anna, we sit in kitchen and make faces at her. I am pretty sure that she admires our funny facial exhibits. But she acts as if she is a strict momma.

My brother is a very good artist. He has wonderful drawing skills.My uncle has already written an article about his famous art-work here[link]. When he is not around, i take his colour pencils, sketch pens and have my own fun time with them

My momma is a magician. When ever i have my fun time, she catches me red handed. This picture is an example of my momma catching me in one of my fun-moments.

But I know how to react on such occasions. I smile at her like this and that would ease away the situation.

My Dada was very angry with me one day because he did not like my table manners. So he taught me how to eat with a fork and spoon.

I learn things very fast. So i told my Dada, that i can eat on my own. He was happy. The next day, i tried eating curd rice with a fork and spoon. But i dint find it comfortable. So i threw the accessories away and tried eating with my own hands. It is an enjoyable experience to eat curd rice with your hands. My momma was very cross with me but she did not show it out too much because she knows that i know three numbers by-heart. The three numbers are 9-1-1.

Jokes apart, I am turning two and I am a big girl now. I love my folks so much. That is my Dada, Momma, Jeremy anna and Me.

My Uncle will call me to wish me on my birthday. Should I talk to him or should I throw attitude?


  1. so cute bro... Happy Birthday to her...

    do talk to ur uncle dude... family is family :)

    u know wat am saying...

    take care... cheers...

  2. pictures do tell a story...U need not have added ur own subtitles bro, Jolena conveyed more through just pics:)
    two of them r cute:)
    n happyz buddayz 2 Jolena!!!!

  3. Aww...Jolena is soooo cute! Her pictures surely made me understand all her traits! She is indeed an Angel.

    Happy Birthday Jolena...God bless you! Stay cute forever! :)

    Loved the section where she is talking about the 9-1-1...

    P.S.: When your uncle calls, throw attitude!



  4. happpy b'day to dearest jolena....
    u r a big gal....u hav a lot of w:P:P

    lol poor Jeremy :P

    and yeha i forget to attitude wen ur uncle calls :P:P

  5. Happy Birthday dear Jolena... :))

  6. :)
    this is d cutest story i have ever read.
    happy bday,jolena.....

    to jolena's uncle...
    this is one of those treasurable gifts u cld ever give to ur niece...
    am sure she will love to come back to it often as she celebrates all the years that make up her long life...

  7. awweee I love her little bed.. and jeremy's dance skills are amazing...high five to jeremy for being lefty..i am lefty too.. :)

    Jolena is an angel.. :) a big big hug to her... happy birthday dear Jolena.. :) may all your starry dreams leave your eyes twinkling forever... :)

    Chriz, you are the cutest uncle ever... I am sure jolena and jeremy love you so so so much...but on a second thought I think jolena should throw a little attitude while talking to you, after all she is an angel, and you a mere chronicwriter.. ;)

    BIG HUG!!

  8. Hey Happy Birthday to her...A taurean ....Good Going girl...

    Cuteness personified post ....
    Nice pics too :)

  9. Happy Birthday Jolena !! you dont know how lucky u r to have a Mama(mother's brother) as indulgent as Chriz:)

  10. awwww she's iss soooo cutteee...

    wish u many many happy returns of the day jolena.. u r a cutiiee piee.. muaaaahhhh..

    and i think u should do both.. hehe talk to him n throw a bit of attitude.. :P lol..

  11. Your sweetest post... cutest and most lightly enjoyable as well deeply touching. Jolena should be fortunate to have an uncle like yourself!:-).

    But was it Chriz uncle she was referring to when she says she learned the art of confusing her mom with tears from her uncle? Frankly, yendendhu dhaan yellaathulayum healthy comedy konduvareengalo theryala. lol.

    A posse of a very very fine pictures...


    PS: couple of structural gaps I observed. Will email you!

  12. Jolena you should throw attitude and then may be let him talk to you for 2 min and talk at him for 45 min :D :D

    Happy birthday dear and did you know you are a gilma? :D :D

  13. Happy Birthday Jolema...

    Yeah obviously it is your birthright, throw an attitude and don't talk to him till he gives you a nice BIG birthday present... ;)

    And it's such a cool collection of pics... :D

  14. C'mon girlie.. throw attitude first and ten talk.. :D Happy Birthday cutie !!! Damn cute pics Chriz !!

  15. happy b'day cutie!!!
    ur bro's dance moves r cool..!nd wat a cute collection of photos u have thr!!:)

  16. happy buddday to her :D
    and wow that was sucha cool narration :D

  17. Jolena is very cute. :-)
    your sister seems to be addicted with her children. The photographs are the proof. Me and my sister dream some silly things, and my 8 month old nephew has to fulfill our dreams in front of camera always. Till now, we have made him wear "mundu", all possible gold we can collect, shades and girl's apparel and taken pics.
    It seems that there is no nee to do all that for Jolena. She herself is nautanki.
    It will be fun to see my nephew when he is of her age. :-)

  18. Jolena readin dis post wud say "Cha Chrissy uncle too much a pugazhadeenga... I kno am a star aweady" :)
    Happy Burthday Kiddo

  19. Cute pics Chriz... !! Happy B'day to her..

  20. happy birthday to our very own li'l Jolena who is a big girl now :D may god grants her the choicest of his blessings :)

    and this post, Chriz, reminded me of the book "to kill a mocking bird" :)


  21. happy birthday cutie!

    btw, was jeremy really doing a head spin was he falling off something?!

  22. I think Jolena write very well :)

    Happy yappy budday to the lil angel :)

  23. Aww the kids are so sweet.

    Happy birthday to her. :)

    N do let us know if she threw a tantrum.

  24. Awww. :)

    Hsppy Birthday to Jolena!!! :)

    She is ADORABLE :D

  25. Happy Birthday Jolena..and show all the attitude to your god-father..i am sure he will still pamper you even more..

  26. :D :D
    filled with smiles..

    wishing Jolena a very happy bday!
    yes, do call ur uncle and scold him.. :)


  27. hey thats so sweet......!!
    happy birthday jolena....!

  28. Hey cutie pie sweety pie angel... My big and tight hugs fa you :)
    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Love you Jolena :)

    Chriz, cutest post I've ever read. I really feel sad for not getting a vaalu, humorous uncle who writes a cutest post on my birthday :( :(

  29. Hey Jolena, this is for you...
    Call your uncle and talk.
    No. of posts written in drunk state increasing since you din talk to hime...... so talk to him sweety pie... He'll be alright :)

  30. Happy Returns Of The Day to that very very pretty kiddo:-)

    Its nice to read posts like these Chriz. A lot of bonding pictured alive:-)

  31. happy 2nd birthday Jolena :)

  32. awwww... that was soooo cute...

    wish you a very happy birthday jolena :)

  33. this was very sweet

    Happy birthday Jolena.... have a blast at ur b'day party :)


  34. wow ! the pic with the basket is the bestest !

    oh, sorry, i almost forgot i didnt have to comment here.

    im still angry. grrr !!

  35. Happy Birthday Jolna.. the hip hop and curd rice pics were amazing!! :)

  36. such a sweet post!and the pics r jus so cute. happy b'day Jolena!! :)

  37. i love you jolena...will meet u once.....

    //jolena wen u sleep ur house is calm

    happy budday dearie...god bless you :-)

  38. aww i loved the pics.. and jolena looks such a cutiepie... better than her uncle for sure..

    here's wishing you a very happy birthday jolena... wishing you all the luck and smiles to last u a lifetime...


  39. lovely pics and the angel looks a real cuteeeeeeeeeeeeepie, big gal already!!!!! My b'day wishes to her, hugs n kisses too!

  40. Happy Birthday to the diva!!

  41. One of the most adorable babies I have seen ! Happy b'day little girlie !

  42. haha
    happy birthday sweetheart!!

    okay..this is serious..dude ur niece is soo damn good..make sure you either enter a collaboration with her future blog..or never tell her abt blogger at all!or else ur title of "asia's funniest blog" will no longer be yours..
    u know what i mean..

  43. Happy Birthday Jolena :) You're a sweetheart :) Showing a little attitude to your uncle shouldn't hurt ;)

    And Jeremy, way to go, you've got amazing dancing skills :)

    And last but not the least, Chriz, you're a really nice uncle :)
    May I call you Chriz uncle, henceforth???

  44. 15 years later, to this day, she will link to this very page and wonder what a wonderful uncle she has...

  45. awww... jolena is a biggg girl now huh...

    happy birthday dear.. do talk to ur
    uncle... :P

  46. Happy Birthay Jolena:)

    n congrats on ur first post!

  47. Not only are 'u' lucky to have ur niece and nephew, 'they' are lucky (to hv u) as well :)

    U r such a doting mamu (sister's brother)..They r really lucky to have u, Chriz.. Ur blog posts speak volumes abt ur love for them..

    Happy birthday to dearest Jolena :)

  48. Oops I am late in wishing Many Many Happy Returns of the day to "Jolena "-the sweetest girl I have ever seen .This post shall be remembered as the sweetest thing that an uncle has ever done . ..and I am sure every year she would return to this post to remember how much her uncle loves her.
    P.S:- How can you show attitude to your uncle who loves you so much .So do talk to him . . . . and talk so much that he writes another post . . . . ..

  49. That is so so cute. Haooy b'day to the innocent angel

  50. LOL tat was so funny. I used to do that thing wid my brother too. hit him and start crying so Amma wont' know who was the culprit LOL. Happy b'day to Jolena!

  51. Greetings to Jolena on her birth anniversary. God bless her with the best that life has on offer.

    ... And what was her uncle greeted on? ;D


  52. happy bday to jolena ... :)
    and man!,..looks like Jeremy s dancin his ass off there..:D

  53. OMG i am so very happy and lucky to share my b'day with this super adorable god child jolena. :)

    jolena i dnt have words for u. u r just soooooo cute and adorable.

    i wish u a very happy b'day and all the happiness and success in life.

    may god bless u alwayssssssss :)

  54. jolena is a better blogger than u dude...shez gonna rock d literary world...

    wishin her a vy happy birthday :)

    n look at jeremy dancin...woohoo...u r surrounded by talented kids...u mite b feelin outta place

  55. macha jolena is damn pretty...

    man jeremy doing a head spin... That kid got some skillz...

  56. So So So cute.... that kid is so cute

  57. lol...
    cute n funny post!!
    happy birthday to the lil angel :)

  58. Your niece and nephew both are chooo chweet!!!

    Loved the post.. Nice narration..

  59. Jolena's awesome. :P hahaha.
    Happy birthday to her :D

  60. Very cute bro... ur humor & kids made it fantastic... Wish on my behalf too :)

  61. Aww...she's damn cute! The pictures are hilarious...her trying the spin, black mustache...ha ha!

    Happy Birthday Jolena!!!

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you like the next post better. Cheers...

  62. beautiful post Chriz :)
    my birthday wishes to Jolena..
    nice pics.. They will be proud of their uncle for writing such beautiful posts.. this will surely be a good memories.. good work Chriz..

  63. very nice construction intermingling photos with captions/commentary!
    ur blog is truly creative :-)
    blogrolling u btw ...

  64. Such a cute cute cute cute cute cute cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee post !!!!

    Happy Happy Happy birthday Sweetheart ... You have a wonderful uncle ... just the kind a little angel like you deserves ..


    ps - Uncle, save this post forever so that she knows how she was :D

  65. Chriz... Where are you???

  66. awww that is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute :) and nice narration :P she told her story well...

    P.s: She won't appreciate her uncle after she reads this post 20 yrs later :P

  67. Jo's true colors coming to life thru ur blog! Keep up the good work Prason! We enjoy reading it!

  68. Haha..that was cute...!! Happy (belated) birthday to Jolena!! :)

    Did she talk to her uncle?

  69. Belated birthday wishes to the little angel. God Bless :)

  70. This is suuuucccch a cute post :-)

    Did she throw her weight around when her uncle called??

  71. WOW..both the kids are really cute..those funny facial exhibits were really beautiful :D..
    Wishing jolena a very happy birthday :)

  72. Awwwwwwwwww Bless her heart I am late but I wish her a Very Happy belated Birthday!!

    Love Ya Jolena! you are the cutie I love to see on Video and in pictures!

    Big Bro look after her she is slowly but surely growing up!


  73. That's sooo cute.

    Happy b'day jolena!!

  74. damn cute post...throw attitude baby...always throw attitude

  75. better late then never happy happy happy b'day jolena :)

  76. Belated Birthday Wishes Jolena..u r damn cute!!!!.God Bless!!:-)

  77. Wish you a happy bday Jolena... and hey! show some attitude to your dear uncle...he has loads of it himself...LOL

    and you look so cute in all the pics... :)

  78. Dai Jollena Thaan Super VS Jermy :) Last Line Sema Cute

  79. Jolena, Failures always leads to success. May you be successful in your life. Belated b'day wishes honey.

    Bless U my child.
    Cute post.

  80. Yo Happy Birthday Sweetie and isn't it nice to have a lovely brother to play with? You are so cute and let's see, if Uncle called, gave him your two-year-old attitude ;) I'm sure he'll understand :D

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. You are so cute Jolena and so is your baby language :-)

  83. You are so cute Jolena and so is your baby language :-)

  84. awwww so so so so cute :)

  85. a beautiful motley of memories...:)


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