Saturday, May 30, 2009

335. How do you deal with Competition?

When Steve Jobs presented the Apple Macbook series to the world, I fell in love with the Apple notebook series too. I presently use an outdated IBM thinkpad for my personal use.All my blogs are typed, edited and posted from my IBM laptop. My short term plan was to own an Apple Macbook and Blog using it. But when I came across the price-tag of an Apple computer,it gave me a shiver down my spine that ended up as a silent fart.

In order to buy my own Apple laptop, I started saving money. But I could not save enough money in a short span of time. Hence I decided to earn through my blog. But again that did not give me enough returns. So I started the Red-Chaddi campaign. More public display of red underwears would result in me getting more money from the DCSW (Dubakoor Council for Social Welfare).The campaign was one of its kind because it gave a great vision to the google-generation youngsters.Soon many youngsters started wearing red underwears over their trousers and made a strong fashion statement to the entire world.A friend of mine, Anu also wanted to join this campaign and she asked me to take a picture of her in the red underwear.

She was very angry with me because she wanted her face to appear in the photo. I told her that it would not make much of a difference; be it her face or her back. She is not picking up my calls for the past one week . Is she angry with me? I don't know. How ever the American Government could not tolerate the growing popularity of the Red-Chaddi movement across the world. So, in order to curb the red-chaddi movement, Bush introduced the Black-Chaddi movement. In the below picture, Bush is seen promoting the Black Chaddi movement.

When, even the powerful Oil rich countries could not stand Tall against the Bush Force, how could one expect the small Chronicwriter to fight such a competition? Thus red-chaddi movement came to an end. When the red-chaddi movement came to an end, I even thought that I could never own an Apple laptop. As a last ditch effort, I made up my mind to sell one of my Red underwears. So I tried selling my red underwear on e-Bay and Boy-O-Boy,the girls were just crazy to bid for my red underwear. Click the picture to get a better view of the bid process.

Soon my friends came to know that I sold my red underwear for $ 10000/- and i was asked to throw a party for them. I had to shell out more than $ 10000/- for the party and hence again, I was left with no money to buy an Apple macbook. My inner thought told me not to give up. Hence I decided to upgrade my IBM laptop into an Apple macbook with my own effort. If you do not believe me, please check this picture [link]
Moral : Where there is a will, there is a way


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

334. The Unrevealed Secret

A secret confided is no longer a Secret

I am troubled beyond explanation. I am hiding a secret for almost ten years. Now, it is the right time to reveal my secret.I have many secrets to tell my readers. But the secret that i am going to reveal now, tops the list of secrets that are stacked-up in my brain cells.

This is a ten year long secret that was between me and my friend,Ridley. His full name is Ridley Scott. I call him Ridsco. The incident happened in the year 1999. I had just completed my schooling and was waiting for my exam results. Ridsco was British and when ever i visit London, he took me around in his car. He was such a funny guy and even though he was old, he had a very pretty young girlfriend. He knew that I liked her.He never allowed me to talk to her freely. He was the possessive boyfriend types.It was the summer of 1999 and I went to England. Ridsco and I painted the streets of London in all possible colors. He used to talk about all his ex-girlfriends and I used to tell him about Renu. On one such occasion I was so sad and in order to cheer me up, he took me to a drink- joint. We ordered a couple of beers and started drowning our sorrows in alcohol. Even after a couple of mugs, I was uncontrollably sad. So he jokingly quipped,"Hey Chriz! Cheer up man. Why don't you act in a movie? I will direct the movie". Though it was just a joke, that one line cheered me up and I said," Ridsco! If you are really gonna make a movie with me as the Hero, I will be Happy".

He never expected me to take his joke very seriously. But when he realised that I was indeed serious he had no other option but to direct a movie with me.(Note to my readers: This is a true incident and I am not making this up).The next day, he invited a few of his friends and we had a discussion on the movie.The whole incident was like a dream for me. I called my parents and told them that I am gonna act in an English Movie. They were surprised indeed.But my dream was short lived because my exam results were announced and that meant I had to rush back to India to attend interviews to get a Engineering seat in some college in India. Ridsco was very sad that I had to go back to India. I still remember his words when he came to see me off at the airport,"Chriz! Only you could act in this movie. But now I have to find some one else to fill your shoes".
I came back to India and got an Engineering seat in Pondicherry. (The above picture is the map of Pondicherry).Days went by and I got immersed in my studies. Very soon I completed one year of Engineering. I had a few friends; we were greatly involved in music and movies. We formed our college Rock Band and started performing in all the inter-college competitions. When ever a movie was released in the city, we would be the first ones to watch the movie. Some movies that I watched with my friends are still in my memory. Some of the movies were Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Cast Away,Erin Brockovich,Gladiator and Traffic. I seldom cry in a movie hall. But I had tears in my eyes when I watched the movie Gladiator. My friends laughed at me and made fun of me saying that I was a cry baby. I wiped my tears and smiled with them.
Before you start calling me a cry baby, I have a confession to make. I cried that day because when I was watching the movie Gladiator, the parting words that Ridsco said played hide and seek with my thoughts.
"Chriz! Only you could act in this movie. But now I have to find some one else to fill your shoes"
This morning I was going through my old photo collection and a particular photo that was mailed to me by Ridsco welled up my eyelids with tears. Check the photo here [link]. For the past ten years, only Ridsco and I knew this secret. Now I have revealed it to you. Will you keep this as a secret?


Monday, May 25, 2009

333.Somewhere over the Rainbow

I would like to confess that Renu was the first Y of my life. I still love her. But every time I think of Renu, her hubby's huge frame also comes into the picture.On such occasions I would immediately stop thinking about her. Sometimes I wish that I had a girlfriend; but I have to admit that I am indeed happy to be Single. Quite recently, I read an article about Alfie - The thirteen year old Dad[link]. Now a days Alfie's face appears in my dream and he gives me a great complex for being single.

In February 2009, I moved in with a very Hot girl, Keshi . It was a perfect setting because I became her flatmate in the romantic month of February. Temperatures always soared high in the flat because of the two Hot souls inside the room. If you want to know what happened between me and Keshi, please check this article in Keshi's page[link].

Recently, I met her again. We went to a quiet place to have dinner. After dinner, she came close to me and whispered in my ears," Chriz!, I want you to sing the song-Somewhere over the rainbow for me". She even touched my ears with her little finger and rubbed my left cheek (face) gently. Before we parted she said," If you don't sing the song, I would cry". I was moved.She also said,"Chriz! Next time, please do not wear this same 4-inch ladies heels. I know you wouldn't get such high-heel men footwear". I came home and started listening to "Somewhere over the rainbow". The song was originally written and sung by, the late Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. It is a very meaningful song. The man in the picture below is Israel. He died because of Severe Obesity. But he has left this wonderful song for us.

I first saw 6 year old Connie Talbot singing this song in Britain's Got Talent show. I admired that little beauty. When I tried playing my guitar and sing this song, I realised that this song is not as easy as it sounds. With extreme pitch variations, this song is surely a challenge for singers. Here I present to all my readers, the first two lines of this soul touching song. Do watch this video and tell me whether it touched you.

Check the original version sung by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. His rendition is a million times better than mine. No wonder he lives in the hearts of millions of people.


Friday, May 22, 2009

332. The second chance.

If you are a first time visitor to this page, i would like tell you one thing- " This post is gonna change your life forever".If you are not a first time visitor, please bear with my lie about the first statement.

India went through elections this time and the country has given a second Chance to Manmohan Singh and co. Bush got a second chance too and we all know what he has done to the world. Hope Mr. Singh doesn't follow Bush's path. Is Singh the real king? We have to wait and see.

How ever, down south; in a little continent SriLanka, the LTTE were not given a second chance and after 30 years of terror and bloodbath the Tamil Tigers were finally wiped out by the brave Srilankan Forces. Hope peace prevails there.Now your mood must be sad and disturbed. So let me take you to a lighter topic. I am gonna talk about sports. The man in this picture is Lance Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong has come back.I always admire this man. The seven time Tour-de-France winner retired from competitive cycling in 2005. But he has come back. It would be a treat to watch him in the yellow jersey again. I hope that my readers know that Lance Armstrong has bravely fought cancer. Doctor's almost lost all hope but the conviction of Armstrong was so strong that he fought all odds and is now a living testimony for bravery, patience and waiting on God. He lost one of his testicles to Cancer. On a lighter side he can be the apt brand ambassador for the Uni-ball pen brand. (A note to Uniball: If you are going to select Lance as your brand ambassador, please don't tell the world that i was the brain behind the idea. I don't like publicity)

Now let us move to yet another sport.If there is one sport where 1000 men chase a Black Man's dream, it has to be Golf. Tiger Woods is a phenomenon in the sport. But Tiger is facing a stiff competition from the girl-golfers these days. The fan following for girlie golfers has reached newer heights . When ever a girl-golfer takes position to putt a hole, the fans take position to see the butt.[link]

Now let me deviate totally to a National issue. If you are a part of any Indian Retail chain(Reliance, Spencers etc...) it is high time that you re-design your marketing efforts because Walmart has finally entered India. Walmart is opening its first store in Amristar [link]. Walmart has kicked each and every retail chain out of competition in all the countries they have stepped foot in. So if the Indian retail chains doesn't react soon and improve their Customer Relationship Management, they might never get a second chance to recoup.

If you had read this post carefully, the point was basically on second chances. A second chance is given to people to change their course of action or to improve their performance. If you had been a regular reader of this page, you would have known that all the pictures on the left sidebar correspond to a certain topic. Chronicwriter has planned to include two new topics to this series.

  • 1)Red Underwear series (What started as a simple joke has made the readers to come to a conclusion that Chronicwriter is a red underwear fetish. So this new series is entirely focused on reader satisfaction)
  • 2)Chef diaries (Chronicwriter is also planning to educate everyone around the globe with his gyaan on the intricacies of cooking)
Not everyone deserves a second chance.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

331. Ass-Hole

i StOpPeD UsInG fOwl lAnGuAgE a FeW YeArS AgO.

If you think that i am gonna start using fowl language again, you are absolutely wrong. I still believe that foul words are not necessary to convey the message in a conversation. A wise person is one who has the ability to carry on a conversation without using foul language. No offence meant for those who use bad words. But if you can control your tongue, you can definitely succeed in curbing the production of lousy words from your mouth.

I have seen stand-up comedians using filthy language in their performances. They have great presentation skills and they have humor to back them up and they really don't have to use such words to make people laugh.

You might ask me," Hey Chrony! Why this lecture when you have such a lousy subject line?".

I have heard people using the term-AssHole. I really don't have any idea about the origin of that word. Words like this make me to conclude that English is indeed a funny language. I never thought that I would ever see an AssHole in my entire life; but i was proved wrong when i saw this [link]

Moral : You don't have to use filthy language to make people laugh


Sunday, May 17, 2009

330. A very touching moment

Pre-note: I thank my friend Beekay for sending a very precious picture to me. This post is built on the picture he mailed me.
Note: This is the most touching post that I have ever written. I am very sure that this post will move your body, soul and mind.

A very touching moment
(Dedicated to a wonderful feeling called-FRIENDSHIP)
Year : 1975
Situation : Last day of school

Arjun Singh and Pargat Singh are very close friends. The whole school talked about their friendship. They had been friends right from their kindergarten days. They have studied together, roamed around together, sat together in school, ate together. They both wanted to become Police officials and serve the country.But today was a day they always dreaded. It was their last day together.

On their way back from School Arjun started talking

Arjun : Bro! I am moving to a different city to study. I will miss you man
Pargat: I will miss you too mate. But nothing can break our friendship. We will at least meet once every year.
Arjun: Yes that is a deal

and they parted with tears in their eyes...

As time went by, both got busy with their work life. They kept their promise for two years and after that they moved on with their own lives and in the process Arjun lost his contact with Pargat. Time went by and both became Police Officers.

Year: 2009
Venue: The Police station where Arjun works

Tring... Tring...

Arjun picks up the call and he gets a pleasant surprise...

"Is this Arjun?"
"Yes. Who is on the line?"
" Bro. Its Pargat! I just found out that you are posted in this station"

Tear drops welled up Arjun's eyes

Arjun: Where are you?
Pargat: I am standing outside the Police station. Come Out
Arjun: Is it? I am coming right away.

Arjun rushed out of the Police station and saw Pargat standing outside. They were seeing each other for the first time after thirty years. He wanted to go and hug his friend. But he could not hug his friend. It was a very touching moment for both of them [link]. Have you ever seen a touching moment like this?

Friday, May 15, 2009

329. Terror Romeo Rajendar

Disclaimer: The author is not responsible for any fatal injuries attained by the reader while reading (viewing any pictures in) this post.
Note: If the reader is still alive even after reading the whole post, he/she has attained the strength to tolerate any form of physical/mental torture.
Additional Note: Please do not blame the Chronicwriter for this post. Mr-X is the author of this post

A recent survey was conducted by HSBC - Hot Sexy Babes Committee to find the sexiest man in the world. The result of this survey is posted here

Best Hair -Tom Cruise
Best Eyes - Brad Pitt
Best Dancer - George Clooney
Best Jaw -Patrick Swayze
Best Nose - Hugh Jackman
Best Voice - Sylvestor Stallone
Best Body - Arnie
Best Calf Muscle - Jean Claude Van Damm
Best Butt -David Hasselhoff

The Hero of this post is an amalgam of all the above mentioned men. He is the heart-throb of all the girls around the globe. Right from my young age I have admired his talents and i grew up memorizing his poems. Many among us would have read his poem," Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in our kindergarten days. Still when I think about my kindergarten days i have a broiling sensation in the lower part of my tummy.

Did I mention his name? Those who took pains in checking the subject line would have known his name by now. But for the sake of the uninitiated, i take this opportunity to introduce to all my readers; "The one and only"," Glamorous", " Sexy", "The man with six bags", " The multifaceted" - TERROR ROMEO RAJENDAR


If you are still alive even after seeing the Drop Dead photo, continue reading...
His birth is a mystery to the greatest scientists everywhere. The reason behind the unsolved mystery can be understood, if you see the above picture continuously for more than 2 seconds. World's leading scientists joined hands with archaeologists, gynecologists,geo-morphologists and Navjot Singh Siddhu to find the answer to the mystery behind Terror Romeo's birth.

Their quest to explore the answer behind the mystery suffered a severe jolt when a Monkey(chimpanzee) committed suicide. Apparently Darwin's theory evoked the scientists to compare Terror Romeo's DNA structure with that of a Monkey. Author's Note to Andrew Symmonds: I am not referring to you and I am not Bhajji. So you can Concentrate on your cricket now. Coming back to the topic, the monkey came to know about what the scientists were about to do to it. It couldn't digest such a shame and hence committed suicide by glancing at the above picture.

Just when the scientists were about to lose all hopes in finding the truth behind Terror Romeo's evolution, they happened to watch a program on TV. The program was about the evolution of the Universe. The atheism theories (i) Inflation Universe Theories (ii) Big Bang Theory, made them to approach the mystery from a completely different angle. Finally afters years of hard work and research, they found the answer to the mystery and a new name was given to the theory -"Gang Bang Theory".

Only a few people in the world have had the privilege to come out of a movie hall alive after watching a Terror Romeo movie. The author of this post is one among the very few such brave souls. Such is the intensity of all his movies. In almost all his movies, the heroines would crave for our Terror Romeo. They would chase him like a dog chasing a car and finally out of sympathy, Terror Romeo would accept their love proposals. I request my readers to take a look at the following pictures of Terror Romeo. Each picture stands a testimony to his dedication to the art world and also exemplifies his versatility.

Terror Romeo's Jurassic Portfolio (Otherwise called as Navaratan Poses)-Image feed from Indiaglitz

1.Cool Formal dressing

    2.Furious Casual dressing

    3.Calm Traditional dressing

4.Angry Traditional dressing

    5.The dude

    6.Handsome Bridegroom

    7.Romantic Bridegroom

    8.Surrounded by babes

9.Bath Tub Romance

By the way, News about the Chimpanzee's suicide reached M.Gandhi's ears and she couldn't tolerate such an insult to the monkey community. (Author's Note to Symmonds: Again, I am not speaking about you). Hence she had a one hour phone talk with Terror Romeo and poured her heart out. Terror Romeo promised her that he would wipe away the shame caused by him to the monkey family by naming his son after a monkey. The very next year he had a baby boy and he named him Chimpu. Chimpu is now following in his father's footsteps and is now the heart-throb of all the babes in town [link]. Let us not waste our time by talking about Chimpu. Let us go back to Terror Romeo Rajendar.

Recently, Terror Romeo Rajendar went to Mexico for a film shoot. I assure my readers that his Mexican visit has nothing to do with the Swine flu outbreak in Mexico that has spread across the world. Terror Romeo recently entered the Guinness Book of World Records by becoming the only person in this world who could perform a 69 to himself. Answering to reporters about his achievement, he showed his simplicity and his Nationalistic feelings. He also explained the gang bang theory. The gang bang theory is a phenomenon in which a person is delivered via C-section delivery mode where the delivery is done by the person himself.

The iconic figure of Terror Romeo cannot be encapsulated in an ordinary post like this. He is an institution by himself (Please do not ask for any seats in that institution). When I watch his movies I always sit at the edge of the seat because his performances can captivate anyone. He sure leaves a lasting impression in our hearts with his performances. For many, those are the Last impressions in their lives. The one accolade that is still eluding Terror Romeo is the Oscars. I am adding a video of his soul-crunching romantic performance in one of his super-hit movies. (It includes a bath tub romance sequence). Please watch this video. It brought tear drops to my eyes. If love like this still exist, I sure want to be a part of it. If this performance doesn't get him an Oscar, i don't know what will?

A dedication from the Numero Uno fan of Terror Romeo


Thursday, May 14, 2009

328. Fake IPL player Exposed

Fake IPL player Exposed. Fake IPL player Exposed. Fake IPL player Exposed. Fake IPL player Exposed. Fake IPL player Exposed. Fake IPL player Exposed.

I just found that any article on the fake ipl player draws great attention and this article would be apt to rake-in many page hits. The fake ipl player is creating a great havoc in the cricketing world with his creative writing that has a great touche of humor which is accompanied by a smooth flow of language.

What has the fake ipl player done so far?

1) Fake IPL player is the real hero of the second edition of IPL that is currently taking place in South Africa.
2) Fake IPL player has exposed the inefficiency of the so called world cup winning coach "John Buchanan". John Buchanan won world cups for Australia with the greatest ever team he had with him . But now he could not do anything with the Kolkatta Knight Riders team which has many Indian players. He is also showing his true colours with his racial outbursts and his comical theories and has become the rear-end of all jokes.
3) Fake IPL player has also made Shahrukh Khan look like a complete Joker in no time. Shahrukh Khan finally ran back to India like a chicken and has made a vow that he would not return to South Africa again.
4) Fake IPL player has drawn a very clear picture and he and has helped the readers to differentiate between the real cricket players and the Jokers ( Cine stars/Money Mongrels/Chronicwriter) who crave for attention.
5) Fake IPL player has even made a few of my girlfriends (who never had any interest in cricket) to follow cricket with great interest.
Last Saturday, Chronicwriter and the fake IPL player went to the cricket ground to play some practise shots. While the fake IPL player was exposing his vital statistical equipments, I (chronicwriter) took a picture of him. Fake IPL player pleaded with me not to reveal his identity to the world. But being a categorically- imperative person, i decided to reveal his identity to the entire world.

Fake IPL player Exposed

Please excuse me for my poor photography skills. On second thoughts, I would advice the fake IPL player to operate under his masked identity and not reveal his identity. We need you to provide the same entertainment for next IPL too.


Note:I am working on a post on my ICON. When i tried uploading his picture, my computer crashed. That is the reason for this post on fake IPL player. My next post is on the ICON who has changed my life.

Monday, May 11, 2009

327. The ball is in your court

Note: This is an Adults only post
 Children below 18 years of age are requested to read this post without the knowledge of their parents

Additional Note: Chronicwriter's house maid "Golda J" gave lot of inputs for drafting this post

" The ball is in your court" is a very popular business terminology. Chronicwriter embarked on a mind-journey to write a post on this topic. He used his grey cells to the maximum limit and the output of the thinking process is posted here. Read on...

Disclaimer: All the characters mentioned in the post are real and any form of sarcasm targeted on a human being is purely intentional

The ball is in your court
When IPL-2 got shifted to South Africa, the IPL organisers started hunting for Cheerleaders from South Africa. Without knowing whats going around in the big wide world, Vijay TV (a popular TV channel in Tamilnadu) started a reality show to hunt for cheerleaders to cheer for the Chennai Super kings team. The contest is still on and the participants of the contest, still have dreams of travelling to South Africa. Bless their heart.

In a far away continent,"Africa", the organisers of IPL-2 conducted a cheer-leader hunt for cheering all the teams. Clara and Mandy are two babes who are an integral part of the Deccan Chargers-Cheer leading group. During one of their practise sessions, both Clara and Mandy saw something and got scared. They have lost their ability to speak. A photo of their practise session is added here [link]. Investigations are still going on to find the exact reason that has scarred the babes for life.

The investigators have asked Lalit Modi, the man behind IPL-2 to help them in solving the mystery. We all know that Lalit Modi is a Man of action. He immediately jumped inside the war zone and did a careful analysis of the situation [link] and produced a twenty page confidential report to the investigators. The fake-ipl-player got hold of that report and he passed on the information to Chronicwriter. But due to confidential reasons, I am not going to publish the report in this page.

But to create some interest for the readers, I would like to leak some important information from the report. An Umpire is involved in this case.Being a Cricket umpire is not an easy Job. The umpires have to stand in the hot sun for the entire day and sometimes they have to do this [link]. Even my four year old nephew has a clear idea on getting dressed up for the occasion. There are reports that a Srilankan cricketer is also involved in this case. The whole Srilankan team started having doubts on Jayasurya. In the picture below, Jayasurya is seen pleading with his team mates that he is innocent and that he has nothing to do with the shocking incident.
The shocking incident which has taken its toll on two pretty babes has caused a major commotion in the cricketing world. Fingers were even pointed at our very own "Appam Chappathi"- Gopumon @ Sreesanth . Sreesanth- the bad boy of Indian Cricket is not disturbed by this whole incident. Sreesanth who has shown his aggression against the opposition batsmen through his teeth biting expressions and his bum shaking movements has said that he is not involved in the case, but he sure knows the culprit.
After much coaxing through Laxmi Rai and Daisy Bopanna, Sreesanth revealed three words to the investigators. The three words were " Hand of God". This confession made by Sreesanth has made the investigators to look at this case from a different perspective. One investigator said that football legend Maradona might be behind this case. Maradona is known around the world for winning a world cup for Argentina by scoring a goal with his hand. However Maradona is not available for any comments on the clue given by Gopumon @ Sreesanth.

So the investigators again went back to Sreesanth to nab the culprit. Sreesanth finally agreed to reveal the name of the person behind this big calamity. He gave a photo to the investigators and said, " The hand that rocked the cradle is the culprit". The investigation is still on. I am adding the photo for my readers[link]. Can you tell me who the culprit is?
Now the ball is in your court!!!

Friday, May 08, 2009

326. An angel turns two

My niece and my God-child ,"Jolena" is turning two years old today. So I have given her the opportunity to write a post on my blog today. As she doesnt talk much, she will narrate this post with her pictures. Over to Jolena

Hi everyone. I am Jolena and I am turning two, today. I do not know all the 26 alphabets in the English language. But I know all the cartoon characters that appear in Disney channel. My house is a very calm place when i sleep.

But that is not the case when I wake up every morning. I make my Momma, Dada and my brother to run around the house all day.

I love my brother, "Jeremy" very much. He is my hero. He is the beshtest brother in the world. He sings for me and he performs stunts for me too.

Sometimes, out of affection and love, i bite him and he starts crying. To confuse my momma, i start crying too .I learnt this trait from my uncle. But when ever my momma, tries to take a picture of us, we put up the best possible smile. I call my brother using a tamil term,"Anna". Anna is a very good guitarist. He is a leftie. But he never allows me to touch the guitar. I don't like rules. So when he is not around, i play the guitar too.

My anna is a very good dancer too. He spins like a hip-hop artist and it is fun to watch him dance.

His dance moves act as a source of inspiration for me and I try to spin too.

But i always end up falling flat on the ground. I will succeed one day and i know that failures always leads to success.

On a very few occasions, me and my anna would sit like this and stare at the ceiling. Lot of thoughts run in our heads. I can't share all the thoughts here. They are my secrets.

When my momma cooks for me and my anna, we sit in kitchen and make faces at her. I am pretty sure that she admires our funny facial exhibits. But she acts as if she is a strict momma.

My brother is a very good artist. He has wonderful drawing skills.My uncle has already written an article about his famous art-work here[link]. When he is not around, i take his colour pencils, sketch pens and have my own fun time with them

My momma is a magician. When ever i have my fun time, she catches me red handed. This picture is an example of my momma catching me in one of my fun-moments.

But I know how to react on such occasions. I smile at her like this and that would ease away the situation.

My Dada was very angry with me one day because he did not like my table manners. So he taught me how to eat with a fork and spoon.

I learn things very fast. So i told my Dada, that i can eat on my own. He was happy. The next day, i tried eating curd rice with a fork and spoon. But i dint find it comfortable. So i threw the accessories away and tried eating with my own hands. It is an enjoyable experience to eat curd rice with your hands. My momma was very cross with me but she did not show it out too much because she knows that i know three numbers by-heart. The three numbers are 9-1-1.

Jokes apart, I am turning two and I am a big girl now. I love my folks so much. That is my Dada, Momma, Jeremy anna and Me.

My Uncle will call me to wish me on my birthday. Should I talk to him or should I throw attitude?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

325. Romance at its very best

Note:If you want to know more about the girl in the picture, you have to read this entire post.

This is a Romantic post.Talking about Romance, the term "Romance" is a Greek word. The night time in Rome is very dark and hence the Romans used to refer the night time as "THICK" night. In those days French fries were very famous in Rome. A young couple came to Rome to have their honeymoon and in one of their cozy moods, they played tongue-tennis with each other.

To cut the story short, Tongue tennis later came to be called as the French Kiss.[link] Because they played tongue tennis on a Roman Thick Night, the so called mood that induced their kiss, came to be known as RomanThick Mood. Just before registering the term "Romanthick" in the English dictionary, the English scholars decided to consult with the world famous VASNUM expert. (To know more about the Vasnum expert click here[link]). The Vasnum expert made some numerological changes to the word and renamed it to Romantic.

A friend of mine who works with the UN rang me up and informed me that the world-wide pregnancy rate has gone up by an alarming 45% this month (May 2009). He said that everyone were baffled by the sudden rage of hormones that has caused this mass loading factor in the tummies of various mummies. I called him to my place for a drink and after a couple of beers (He drank it and got drunk; I got high after just smelling it) we found the reason behind this sudden increase in the pregnancy rate across the globe. The actual culprit is "Earth day". The UN requested people around the Globe to switch off the lights for one hour between 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm on 20th march 2009.The author of this post is also experiencing a burning tummy. Reliable resources say that he is into his thirteenth month of pregnancy.

The previous post drew a wonderful response and everyone wore their romantic shoes and became so mushy that i felt so shy reading all the responses.I have selected a winner too. The winner is Urv. Yes that is a name of a person. His prize winning entry is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. I request Urv to send me his mailing address.He would get this prize for being the most romantic person around.

There is an Indian saying, "Just like a Garland in a monkey's hand". This saying crossed my mind when I saw the picture of the girl in the beginning of this post. Her name is Daisy Bopanna. I know that she is gorgeous. That is not the reason behind me, adding her picture in this post. The reason is that she is Sreesanth's girlfriend.Now I have second thoughts for the actual reason behind my burning tummy. Are you guys having burning tummies too?