Note: Wisdom comes from experience

1) Never ever indulge in self-cooking. Hotel food is the best food for bachelors who are bad in cooking

2)Never walk around the house continuously for more than 30 seconds. It is better to sit in one place. (preferably the loo) [link]

3)The loo becomes your bedroom,dining room and heaven too [link]

4)Farting is the most difficult thing to do when you have a bad tummy. You might attempt a silent fart, but what happens next is beyond your jurisdiction power.

5)For once you realise that giving birth to a baby would be a lot easier than having a bad tummy[link]

6)When a running tummy is accompanied by running-nose, please make it sure that Tissue paper and Toilet paper are with-in arm's reach [link]

7)It is irritating to receive phone calls while sitting like a kung-fu warrior

8)When some one advises you to eat bread/drink buttermilk to stop the outflow rate, never heed to such advices.The author ate a slice of bread and within 30 seconds it found its way out through the exit door

9)You feel like a rocket strapped on to a launch-pad. The propellants fail to launch you. Instead you launch the propellants [link]

10)You realise that you can even blog inside the loo (This post is the first ever post in the world that is conceived,devised,edited and implemented inside the loo)