Disclaimer: Yes! I was drunk while typing this post

That's my room. This is where i sit and type most of my blog-posts. My under-wears are on the floor and one of my socks is on the ceiling fan (You couldn't see this in the picture). I am looking for a room mate (Preferably females). You can sleep on my bed. You can also use the computer. But please stay away from my guitars and my red underwear.

My previous room mate was a guy. His name is Andrew. He had this bad habit of cracking a silent fart inside this already messed-up room. When his intake of garlic increased everyday, i couldn't take it any longer. Now he is not my room-mate anymore. Me, being a trekking fanatic, I would go for a trek in some forest area almost every month along with my friends. Once we decided to go to a dangerous forest for our trek-adventures. We did not take Andrew along with us because of this [link]

Now coming back to the topic, I also promise to cook food for my new room-mate (females are welcome to apply for this post). The new room-mate will also be taken along with me for all my trekking adventures. I once had a female room-mate and i took her along with me for one of my trek adventures. It was a memorable day. We took lot of photos and we even pitched a tent in the forest.

She: Hey Chriz! The tent is big enough. Can I also sleep inside the tent?

Me: No!

She left my room without even telling me after we came back from our trekking adventure.This is the picture of me sleeping inside the tent[link].

Care to be my roomie?