Now i know that i have your attention. So let me get to the point. The point is that this post of mine doesn't talk about any specific point. I hope that you are still not ogling at the girl in the picture. Are you not ashamed? When i saw her picture, i cried. I felt sorry for her poor condition. I have made it a habit to empathise every day for poor girls like this.

For every page visit, UNIZEF(please don't ask me what it stands for. I really don't have any idea) has promised to donate ten cents to me. In turn i would give all the money to poor girls like the one in the above picture and also to girls like this[link]. I request my readers to send pictures of such poor girls, so that i can empathise with you.

When i was doing my engineering in Pondicherry, an ad-firm approached me and asked my advice to help them promote Indian made products. I immediately called the chief minister and asked him to stop all foreign-goods-imports. But he didn't listen to my advice. So i gave an idea to the ad firm. They executed the plan and it instantly had a great effect. The tag line i coined caught every one's attention as it was written in all buses in Pondicherry. [link]

Now you would have realised that this post is going no where. So i take this opportunity to talk about my neighbour's dog. He has named it tiger. Tiger is a very ferocious dog and everyone in our neighbourhood knows about it. He is the classic example of how a security dog should be [link]

I have heard about boys-only school, girls-only school and co-education school too. Recently students from a college in my place conducted a major strike demanding their democratic right. They conducted the strike demanding for a co-loo. Where is the world heading to? I was really surprised to hear about such a strike and that's when i came across this picture [link]

This is the type of posts that Chronicwriter comes up with, when he is drunk. The subject line has nothing to do with the post. Should he write another post in a drunken state?