Wednesday, April 22, 2009

318. Poor man's world

Now i know that i have your attention. So let me get to the point. The point is that this post of mine doesn't talk about any specific point. I hope that you are still not ogling at the girl in the picture. Are you not ashamed? When i saw her picture, i cried. I felt sorry for her poor condition. I have made it a habit to empathise every day for poor girls like this.

For every page visit, UNIZEF(please don't ask me what it stands for. I really don't have any idea) has promised to donate ten cents to me. In turn i would give all the money to poor girls like the one in the above picture and also to girls like this[link]. I request my readers to send pictures of such poor girls, so that i can empathise with you.

When i was doing my engineering in Pondicherry, an ad-firm approached me and asked my advice to help them promote Indian made products. I immediately called the chief minister and asked him to stop all foreign-goods-imports. But he didn't listen to my advice. So i gave an idea to the ad firm. They executed the plan and it instantly had a great effect. The tag line i coined caught every one's attention as it was written in all buses in Pondicherry. [link]

Now you would have realised that this post is going no where. So i take this opportunity to talk about my neighbour's dog. He has named it tiger. Tiger is a very ferocious dog and everyone in our neighbourhood knows about it. He is the classic example of how a security dog should be [link]

I have heard about boys-only school, girls-only school and co-education school too. Recently students from a college in my place conducted a major strike demanding their democratic right. They conducted the strike demanding for a co-loo. Where is the world heading to? I was really surprised to hear about such a strike and that's when i came across this picture [link]

This is the type of posts that Chronicwriter comes up with, when he is drunk. The subject line has nothing to do with the post. Should he write another post in a drunken state?



  1. yeah pls go ahead and write how many ever posts u can in the drunken state dear!! Security dog looks very secured in the premises. Co-loo concept is still killing me with the co-person's peeping cum bending pose!

  2. LOL!
    it sure made me smile! :p
    so ..yes..go ahead... get drunk and write more! :)

    ps.. the co-loo strike..LMAO!!.. my question is... WHY??!!

  3. pls forward those pics that generous people will be contributing of 'poor' girls in dire need of 'assistance'

    (wipes drool)

    Pass me that bottle(hic!)

  4. Ohh it's so nice to hear about tiger and you are so sweet to put up his pics..I enjoyed this entire post about tiger and his dressing sense and his preferences for a loo...Does tiger drink too?? What a dog tiger is and he is an undercover UNIZEF agent too? My my what a mutt he is..

    Yup drink as much as you want and write as long as you don't end up like me...I mean am sure this post was not just about tiger when I started to drink...

  5. You are not drunk , i did not see even a single typo in the post .

    Try to write one when you are really really drunk , it would be fun to read it the next day . (Dont publish it though)

  6. ur posts are really cool when u write it while being drunk ;-)
    i remember a hilarious earlier post u wrote while having 3 bottles of beer..
    u rock, whether ur drunk or not :-)

  7. omg chriz!!ur drunk posts are amazing...atleast they pull one out from the boring dull life. :P lol!!

  8. Drinking is injurious to health :P

    don't u know that??

    and u say u're a PhD candidate??

  9. well i forgot to say it that I say it was such an inspiring and insightful post :P:P

  10. Which reminds me, our favicons look similar!! :P

  11. *Fawns-in-respect*

    Fav: Co-ed one!

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! TOOOOOOOO GOOOD.. Make sure u r always drunk... I love Drunk Chriz, he's so much more fun than the regular Chriz I know...

  13. guess i shall have to come over to your place with a crate of beer!!

    :Dhilarious mate! by the way, how long did you ogle at the first picture? be honest now!

  14. Yeah, it is mandatory that you remain in drunken state while writing :P
    he he
    ha ha
    ho ho
    hi hi... sorry, just could not stop laughing :P And I too sympathize with such poor girls... May God Bless Them... ahem! :P

  15. yeah.. u really should get drunk and write more posts like this!
    totally LOVED it!
    there is no one i know except u.. who has SUCH pictures and can post them with his witty comments!
    I still control my laughter after seeing the loo sign picture!

  16. indha post e thanga mudiyala.. idhula innum onnaa... podhum daa saaami...

    u r true india kudimagan

  17. the title does have direct co relation to the content..
    This made better sense than most of ur regular posts...hehehe...u betr drink more;)

  18. well chronic writer is funnier when he is drunk.. and he also comes up with the most incredible pictures and news.. loo..that would be new..!!

  19. LOL. u want people to send you porn?? Great way of putting it!! :D :P

    The co-loo pic is hilarious!! hehehe

  20. CHRIZ!!!
    pls pls pleeeeeeeeease write more when you are drunk!!... i was shit upset and pissed and this post made me laugh so much! thanks a lot buddy :)

  21. Do write when you are drunk. It's so nice to be here. And about the girl in the first picture... OOooooh....

    I remember reading in one of your posts. 'Mom, do you know what Chriz uncle is doing with his laptop.....'


  22. i love everything u write.i save ur posts to read in night b4 going to bed...( u r d reason for those horrifying dreams)

    and btw what does this tag from s has to do wid the post??
    batao batao?

  23. I chuckled at every link that you provided :D :D

    U shud write more when u drink with your 3 year old neighbour's dog :P :P

  24. You want those photos so that you can sympathize?? Hahaha!

  25. Dude, I remem readin one post of yours, you saying that you stopped how many times have you stopped like that?
    Well yea..even I have a soft corner for those deprived off..:D

  26. each para was a lughter riot in itself.. the dog was super.. and the poor girl..i am gonna be donating charity for her too.. will run a campaign for her support.!!

    drink more write more - awaiting another drunken post..:P

  27. sure yu are drunk dude!! heh heh.. shud hav put up a pic of yurself as

  28. Plzzzzzzzz keep up your drinking skills ..... good posts on a roll

  29. keep writing in drunken state if this is anything to go by:D
    just amazing mate as usual...ohh n me sympathies with the poor gals too, a lot actually:D

  30. Chriz,

    Here's one whose attention you demand - pictures or no pictures.:P

    Drunken state-laye ivlo clear-a? "gangaarulasons!" Naangalaam coke kudichaale over-aa aaduvom:P

    Enjoyed reading this as usual. Neenga kudutha tagline-a? Woygays!

  31. poor gals man...they are distracting me so much :(..:P..i cant comment good looking at the poor gals :P...drinking is not good to health :P..u said u stopped drinking :P..


  32. Vaa'l'ga Tami'l' quartter sangam.
    va'l'arga thanga'l' thondu.
    kudi arivai va'l'arkum.
    tasmac vaalga.
    phoereign sarakkum vaa'l'ga.

  33. Yeah! you are most welcome to write such posts... which start frm something... end on something else and mean something entirely different...hehe

    :) Poor man's world... FUNNY!!

  34. u din invite me for a drink bro? :(

  35. tears rolling out for those two gals..
    really sad to knw abt this...

    i dont think i can help thm..

    but chriz u do help! i knw u r very generous.. plz help the poor gals and save ur tears!

    poor man is drunk! need one more bottle??


  36. Haa haa... nice one.links are too good. I wish there is a miss.chronic writer... that way we can have our laugh too :)

  37. OMG... where did you get the pics from... Hats off to the people who made/clicked those...

    You've woven the entire thing nicely around the pics... cool... :)

  38. Chriz, man you write as much as you like when you are drunk. just make sure you tell me in advance so that i get drunk to before i read...

  39. yes u shud continue writing like that ;)

    P.S: Even though i have seen that toilet wala pic like a zillion times ..i LOL'ed for the story u made up :)

  40. First off... that babe is some fashion lunatic of some sorts... LOL...

    u cried for her??? if you really did, then it must be cos you were not there in person to observe her 'poor conditions' :P

    as for the Dog, he is the best one cos I know he keeps you away from ur hot neighbour :)

    stay drunk dude :)

  41. hahaha!
    and yes..u should write ALL your posts in drunken state fact i have already sent you some beer cans with some whisky bottles..and no soda dont bother the delivery boy..
    i want you to drink it neat and come up with even better posts!;)

    whats sarakku samiyaar btw?

  42. I'm thinking of donating all my old jeans to her... Just tell me where I can find her... he he

  43. Bravo,...Topknotch...!!!
    I wish u should ve tried ur clicks from pondy....
    And only when we are immersed in "Water" our social concerns are going high,.....

    Proud to be from Pondy,...and happy to see that fellow Pondian writing his Thathuvams....

    Drink,Dine,Dance,....for one reason, We are from PONDY...


  44. You write better when you are drunk.. ! :D

  45. ur too good ......i like to read more posts...Since Alcholoh is not good for health so i cant suggest u...but i will w8 for such posts occasionally...gr8 writting....

  46. :)
    u drink..
    u tunn..
    u write....
    we read...
    we get drunk by our own smiles...
    coz they r overflowing..and in abundance....

  47. Lol...And I wish the chronic keeps his drinking going if he comes up with posts like these....

    Hilarious stuff .... :D

  48. you could still wield magic even when ur drunk!! :) God bless ya chrizzy..loved the co-loo thing.. :p

    Take care bro.. :)


  49. Are u really drunk? LOL, very bad i say. Girls like that are the dregs of society.

  50. No you should get drunk....have some sensitiveness towards such poor girls.... they need clothes not your posts..... :P :P

    BTW I liked your post a should get drunked

  51. lolz..
    you are right, this post is going nowhere but it is funny:)
    Sorry for missing so many of your posts.Will be reading them all soon..:)Sach bol rahi hoon.Comment bhi karoongi-I must have missed about 10-12 of them seeing the regularity of your posts!

  52. This is one of your best posts Chriz (although the list of best posts is rather too long) :)
    Do more drunken posts. I want to do one too :)

  53. ur post made a lot of sense :)
    u must drink often :P


  54. Ha...what were u thinking...i mean drinking? This is ur posts usually are!
    U are now officially on my blogroll!!

  55. y did u waste so many words on this post dude...

    ok goin back to d pic

  56. lol...
    bring it on... lets have some more!!

  57. Reality is an illusion created by deficiency of alcohol... :P

    And oh yeah - drinking is injurious to health. Not the readers. ;)

    Good one, bro'... :D

    Peace. Be well.

  58. hehe..nice pics! maybe i will try writing sometime while drunk!

  59. hehhe...
    drinking is not at all..injurious to publish a post :P..i can sense that :D:D
    the co-loo pic was hilarious...hahahaha

  60. lol.. what was it? Vodka? Whisky? Brandy? or just Beer

  61. Will send some good whisky, and send poor girls photos??!!photos only or you want them to consel those girls personaly??!!!

  62. well everyone!

    i would like to comment on one common aspect.. i was not drunk because of alcohol.. i was drunk because of the pain in my heart..

    taking the suggestion give by sri, i would like to personally console the poor ladies..

    thanks for the support

  63. Be Indian, Bye Indian !!

    LOLZ !!!
    reading blogs after looong time .. sorry been busy n now going fr a vacation for 15 days !!

    Keep writing !!

  64. Good to know that u are not too much of a radical. U seem to write more sense when u r drunk ;)
    Abt the co-loo...........the world is a crzy place.

  65. Unnayellam thookila poda sattam illiye nu ninaikum pothu nan satta vallunar aahal am nu thonuthu... But u r fortunate!!! i dont take decisions wen i m drunk

  66. from where do you get such snaps huh???? And I loved your idea about the charity work...hehehe ;)

  67. Oh so you didnt do Medical in Madras? Oh that cat scratched its own back?! :D The comment need not having anything to do with the post too na?? especially with u having our attention fixed with that transparent pic there!! ;)
    I just drank...water! :)

  68. LOL LOL....
    How do you manage to come up with posts like these and more the pics.. where do you get those from??????????

    Thank god my chair has supports or else I would have fallen laughing and the office would have wondered what I am upto;)


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