When I was young, i was a major fan of Michael Jackson. I used to do the moon walk in classrooms, playground and even in the shower. One such moon walk had its toll on my leg. I lost my Achilles tendon while practising the moon walk in the loo [link]. After one year in bed, I started walking again. Mean while Michael Jackson went through 13 plastic surgeries and he just turned into a white man and became the first trans-color human being in the entire world.

Later when I started working, I realised that Michael Jackson was not the only trans-color guy in the planet. 90% of the women in my firm were trans-colored too. A thick one inch layer of white coating would cover their face. It was very tough for me to identify them without their make-up. Coming back to Michael Jackson, i still can't believe that he was involved in child molestation cases. I am hundred percent sure that he would never ever harm a child. In technical terms, I'd rather say," MJ never abused any child. He just made love to them"

MJ literally played magic with words in his songs,"Heal the world, Black or white". I still impersonate most of his dance moves and there are many dancers around the globe who try the same. But there can be only one MJ.

Can he still weave the same old magic in his forthcoming tours? I remember buying a red color shirt for a dance competition in college. MJ wore a red shirt for his song"Beat it". Talking about the colour red, how could one forget the TV series, Baywatch?[link].

Baywatch was every teen-age boy's dream series. In India, it was banned by parents in many homes. The boys would strive hard to watch the show on TV. It was indeed great to see the beach beauties in Red. I was also an eager viewer of Baywatch. The color red, sure has some pulling power indeed. Vijay Mallya might not know much about the game of Cricket. But he sure knows the power of the color Red. Please do not come to any conclusion regarding my articles on the red underwear.
I watched Baywatch because i was a great fan of Carmen electra and Pamela Anderson.

Later when Pamela enhanced her image with some silicon implants, i was disappointed. But the disappointment flew away like an eagle when i heard the news that Rakhi Sawant also followed suit and enhanced her image too.

When environmentalists are striving hard to remove plastics from the face of the earth, some human beings like Michael Jackson and Pamela take some additional steps and start implanting these plastics on their bodies rather than dumping them on earth. I salute such people who do such great deed for the world.

By the way, do you guys know that Michael Jackson is now dating Pamela Anderson? [link]. Is this what they call plastic love?