Disclaimer: Everything that is mentioned here is true to the best of my knowledge and any sarcasm levied on any VIP is made with sound judgement by a human being with an IQ score of 142. Commenting without careful analysis and without sound judgement will be treated as a joke

Year 1990

"Mommy! I have finished studying. Can I watch TV now?" - An 8 year old Chriz pleads with his mother to allow him to watch his favorite serial on TV, Fauji. Fauji was my favorite serial during my pre-teen years. My sister (Akka) and I would sit in front of the TV and wait for Abhimanyu Rai to appear on the screen. Abhimanyu was a naughty trainee in the Indian army.[link]

Chriz: Abhimanyu acts well. Doesn't he?
Akka: Yes he does! He is smart
Chriz: He will be a star one day

Three years later when I was doing my homework on a wednesday night, my sister started shouting Abhimanyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. I rushed to the drawing room and saw my sister watching Chitrahaar ( A connoisseur of Hindi filmi songs)

Akka: Hey look! That is Abhimanyu
Chriz: Yes! That's him. Is he acting in a movie?
Akka: Yes.His original name is Shahrukh Khan.The name of the movie is Baazigar.He has already acted in some other movies too
Chriz: Is it? The song is nice. I will also wear a black dress like that and ride in a horse one day. (That dream of wearing a black dress and riding a horse came true when I went to Kodaikanal hill station in 1995)

I became the biggest fan of Shahrukh khan. I even tried acting like him in school.

Teacher: What is your name?
Chriz: Ki Ki Ki Ki Kriz!
Teacher: Are you trying to mock in my class? Go and kneel down

As a young boy, I liked watching beauty soap advertisements. The Lyril soap ad and the Lux ad were my favorites. The ad-makers of these two brands selected the right personalities and the right storyboard to create wonderful ads. Liril ads always presented the beauty taking a bath in a waterfall. Lux, on the other hand chose a different technique. They made the model to take a bath in a bath-tub. Taking a bath in a bath-tub was treated as a style statement for the elite section of the society in India in 1990s. It still is. Hence Lux soap was treated as a brand in the luxury beauty soap segment.

Madhubala, Mala Sinha, Hema Malini, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla, Karisma Kapoor, Rani Mukerji, Aishwarya Rai, Amisha Patel, Kareena Kapoor and Tabu were the brand ambassadors for Lux soap. Over the years it was a pleasant site to see all these beauties plunge into the water tub with soap bubble formations on their lovely smooth skin.

But Lux chose a very beautiful brand-promoter for its' 75th anniversary and when I saw the ad on TV, I expected to see another beauty inside the bath tub. But I ended up seeing this [link] and this [link]. The sale of Lux soaps declined in a bigger way in India and the Luxury-beauty soap ended up being called as a toilet-soap.

SRK has excelled in many roles as a TV presenter, stunt director, producer, singer in some movies and also as a great actor. But sometimes trying to be a jack of all trades he tries silly stunts like entering into the bath tub for a beauty soap, breaking a bottle with his head (Yes he was a stuntman in the beginning of his career) .His latest silly stunt is his role in Indian Cricket.
The author of this blog is weird and has done many silly stunts too, like trying his hand in drawing and trying to sing like Britney Spears. But we all know that the author of this page is a crazy weirdo. So stunts like this doesn't harm him in any way. But when a personality like SRK indulges in silly stunts, then it raises a few eyebrows. ( I typed this line with a raised eyebrow)

SRK is a good football player and he also plays cricket. So he has basic understanding of the game and because he is rich, he even bought a franchisee - Kolkata Knight Riders. He payed huge money and made some disastrous player selection and made the biggest mistake of making John Buchanan (An Australian) as the coach of the team which fields in at least 7 Indian players in the team in every match.

John Buchanan's 4 captain theory (Chris Gayle, Ganguly, Mccullum, Hodge) is similar to the coalition ruling game in the centre. I pity poor Ganguly who finds himself amidst problems where ever he goes. One captain per game concept is a total mockery of leadership skill management. John has totally misunderstood the concept of "The art of war by Sun Tzu".

Just Imagine this case.
Gayle is the captain in the first match and KKR ends up winning. Ganguly becomes the captain in the second match and KKR loses. The media will start blaming Ganguly for the loss and totally forget Buchanan's lousy idea.

Buchanan already had a bad time with McGrath and Warne ( The two great bowlers of our era). The funny thing on this subject is that SRK supports such an idea. Ganguly was right in telling "As a captain , I can also demand four coaches for the team". If Buchanan is right, then Ganguly is right too. I was just imagining such a scenario - Buchanan along with three other coaches. I imagined Navjot Singh Siddhu as one of the three coaches. His Siddhuisms would send Buchanan packing.

In the first edition of IPL, Shane Warne handled the role of a playing captain cum coach for the Rajasthan Royals. They were successful. Even Chennai Super kings were a great success until their coach "Kepler Wessels" poked his nose in the finals and eventually CSK lost the match. Skipper Dhoni wanted Badrinath to bat at the fall of a wicket. But Kepler Wessels took his own decision and sent Kapugadera ahead of Badrinath and that cost them the match.
Kepler Wessels is now sacked and Stephen Fleming has become the player cum coach of the team. This is the importance given to players of winning teams. A coach should be a leader and not a dictator. Hope SRK understands this and makes the right decision tomorrow.At the end of the day, I would not want anyone to come and advice me on how to wear my underwear. Similarly SRK doesn't need to be advised on making the right choice. As a number-one fan of SRK, I have every right to comment on him. (Would I make a good politician?)