• In the Bible, the New Testament has 27 books.
  • Jimmy Hendrix and Kurt Kobain died when they were 27 years of age.
  • The Indian cricket Captain, Dhoni is 27 years old.
  • On April 13th, Jallian wallah Bagh massacre took place.
  • On April 13th, Chess legend Gary Kasporav was born
  • On April 13th, Lou Bega was also born
Chronicwriter turns 27 on April 13th this year!!!

One month back


Chronicwriter also received the two greatest gifts in his life on this birthday.

1. A message from Jeremy

Jeremy is 4 years old and he drew this portrait for his uncle. In the picture (L-R) Jeremy,Chronicwriter and Jolena. Chronicwriter's fingers can also be seen in the picture.

2. A message from Jolena

Jolena is just under two years of age and she is Chronicwriter's niece. A special team of 10 intelligent officials have been appointed to decode the message conveyed here. Anyone care to help?