There are different types of hubbies around the Globe. The nagging types, Bossy types,Chicken types, Slave types, Chauvinistic types etc... This post is about six different types of hubbies.After reading the post the readers have three options. All you got to tell me is

  • Which type of hubby among these six guys would you want to be like? (If you are a male)
  • Which type of hubby would you like to have as your man ( If you are a woman)
  • If you are married, you can just give a detailed lecture.

1. The cry baby

He might have the best cross court winner, the best return of serves and the best volley in grass court tennis. But when it comes to relationships he is the emotional baby. He cries all the time and his girl-friend Mirka gives her shoulder all the time. BTW Federer is expecting a baby soon.

2. The two timer

He is the kind of guy who gives equal importance to work and home. Apparently Bill now does the dishes at home and washes Hillary's clothes. He is the action star of the STARR report.

3. The Little Master

He might be younger to his wife by five years. Millions of girls in the country dream about him. But this guy perfectly balances hos work life with personal life.

4. The creative type

Chronicwriter is attracted to girls. This phenomenon is called as being-straight. Chronicwriter has also proposed more than 100 girls in his life. Not even a single girl reciprocated in a positive manner. They all should either dislike Chronicwriter or they should fall under the category of the creative types. Ellen married Portia and Ellen becomes the husband for her wife Portia. There is a sect of such people who think out of the box when it comes to relationships.

5. The immature Kid

The perfect example of what fame and money can do to some people with low IQ and EQ levels. Some fall under this category too. K-Fed is a loser. I don't even feel like mentioning anything about Britney.

6. The Comforter

There is something about this photograph. It speaks volumes for itself. When the Srilankan team arrived in Colombo following terrorist attacks on their team bus in Karachi, a scared and worried wife of Sangakkara came to meet him at the airport. The way he looks at her and his Hug has the answers to all her questions

Now which among the six are you?

Note: Those who comment ,"nice post, good one, inspired"; Please read what is written here and comment accordingly. In other words please read the post before you comment.