Wednesday, April 08, 2009

308. The Father of the Son.

  • It is never easy to handle a son who tests the depth of the water with both feet.
  • It is very tough to be the father of a son who breaks all the windows in the neighbourhood
  • It is almost impossible to put up with a son who asks the weirdest questions one could ever imagine
I know a certain father who has been patient with his son over the years. I remember one incident that happened in their dining room. The father, mother and son were having dinner. Suddenly

Son: Daddy, are insects good to eat?
Father: Have I not told you never to mention such things during meals!
Mother: Why did you say that, Son? Why did you ask the question?
Son: It's because I saw one on daddy's meal, but now it's gone.

The son used to create trouble in school always. His teacher wrote a note to his father. It read "Your son has a Fantastic imagination! Unmatched in his capacity for blending fact with fiction.He's definitely one of the biggest liars I have ever met". The father got angry and told the son," Use your lies (SO CALLED CREATIVITY) in some art form and not in real life".

Once the son was 8 years old, fell ill and his father took him to a doctor. They were waiting for their turn to meet the doctor. The father decided to educate his son with some medical terms and asked him few questions

Father:Do you know what an artery is?
Son: Study of art forms
Father:No son. That is wrong. (He went on explaining it for a while and the son fixes his eyes on a certain man lying unconscious in a bed)
Son: Dad! Why is that man lying down like that?
Father: He is in a state of coma
Son: Does that mean that he can also be in semicolon, colon, full stop and other punctuation marks too?

The father just ignored his question. He does that on many occasions. Even today he ignores most of questions. He is celebrating his birthday today. For the world he might be just yet another person; but for me, he is my world. [link]

"Happy birthday Papa". Yes! I call him Papa!!!

The characters in the picture are:[L-R] The son, The mother, The father, The daughter, X-Mas tree.



  1. first one to comment !!woopie!!!
    now wait lemme read the post!:)

  2. hey!!
    wish him a very happy birthday from my side too!!:)
    cute post..

  3. My greetings to your father on his birth anniversary... Hope he has a wonderful day/year/life ahead!

    A scientist too, right? :)

    Tc, bro'.

    Peace. Have a nice day.

  4. mama convey my b'day wishes to ur dad

  5. hey Chriz.....pls convey my b'day wishes to ur dad. Picture of the son, mother, father and daughter is superb.....did i leave anyone!! Oh yeah the tree looks cool too!

  6. Happy B'day to ur dad .... Convey my regards & stay blessed !! :)

  7. Awwwww!!! Thats so sweet! Show it to your father.. he would be so proud of you!

    And happy budday Unkil!!

  8. Happy Berthday to your dad:-)

    Let him smile all the way to long life and living:-)


  9. Happy Birthday to dad!

    Hopefully you do not mention that there is a fly in the soup and wonder aloud what punctuation mark it is now that it's in someone's tummy.

    I hope you don't tell him that his birthday present is a brand new.. grandchild!

    Have a crazy free day (Wishful thinking!)

    - Archie

  10. sweetly done!

    but i cannot agree to this one lie of urs :p

    tht u knew "art forms" at 8

  11. Happy Birthday to the man who has managed to life through such torturous moments in his life. may you have a peaceful year this year n in the years to come! hahahha

  12. wat a nice post da :) I simply loved it.

    a very happy birthday to ur daddy :)


  13. aww happy bday to ur dad!

    **Son: Study of art forms


    did u make these convos up or did u get them from somewhere? really funny ones :)

    u must be quite a MINDful *instead of handful* to hv as a son haha!


  14. sweet post man Happy Birthday to ur dad :)..have a gr8 day :)..


  15. Appavukku pirandhanaal vanakkangal, piranaal ahamskkal (I do not know if the Mal version is respectful)!

    Nice one Chriz... My dad means the world to me too and except for the humour and our qualifications - the former where I suck - we seem to have quite a bit in common.

    Hope the notorious son (;)) has a good day on his father's birthday. After all, for ageing parents there's nothing like seeing their children happy. And the Chronicwriter being one helluva source of happiness on this sphere should be happy too.

    PS: Post-avid perisa comment yezhudhardhu yen pazhakkam. Kandukaadheenga! lol

  16. Good one man..Happy birthday to ur papa.. :) stay blessed!! :)


  17. :D

    say happy b'day to your father from my side too.

  18. happy birthday to ur papa..:):)
    and a very :)

    enjoy n tc..

  19. wow!tht was such a sweet family pic. And hey wish him a very happy b'day!!!

  20. Birthday Greetings from my side too!! :-)

  21. im sure ur dad will love this post:)
    wish him a happpy birthday:)

    very cute post Chriz:)

  22. I loved the pic of the two of u:)...
    very very sweeet:)

  23. a touching n witty post!
    Many happy returns of the day, Sir!
    May you find the strength n tolerance for ur ignorant son :)

  24. so u wer such a big liar from long b4.. :P

    wishing ur dad a wonderful bday!

    luks like most of our dads bdays r round up the corner this month!
    many of ma frnds dads and my papa's bday too fall in this very same month! :)


  25. That's a funny yet subtle post...

    Wish your dad a very happy bday and BTW ur sister is really beautiful and the family picture is PERFECT except ur moustache...hehehehehe

  26. I luurrvvved this post !!! Its so so cute !!!

    And hey I call my father papa too, but dad is convenient while writing or referrring to its like that.

    The doc scene here reminds me of one of my !!

    Many happy returns of the day to your father. God bless.

  27. Best wishes to your dad !! i celebrated my dad's bday last week !! waiting to go home n have a pary now !!!

  28. Happy Birthday to Daddy :)

    a lovely dedication with your stamp all over it :)

    aint nothing like a family bro... take care... cheers...

  29. first and foremost, a very happy birthday to your father Crizzy mate...

    ...secondly, whoa! that picture is a classic man!


  30. Awww! What a cute picture!!! Many many wishes to your dad. :)

  31. ultimate cute post :D
    very very happy budday to ur dad :D

  32. super appu!!! intha mathiri kelvi ketta , unga appave rombave much of patience he has!! my sincere wishes to him!

    i wonder if yu still keep askin him these kinda nuty questions :)

  33. It's sooo cute! :D

    Wish him a happy b'day... he needs ALL wishes... to endure some(thing)! :P

  34. Happy Birthday wishes to the Father of a Funny,brainny,naughty son!!

  35. wish your dad from my side chriz..
    i know 'ariens' rock..

    I am one too ;-D

  36. aww! Nice Post!
    One of your conversations reminded me of a short story by P.G. Wodehouse , "At Home"

  37. my birthday wishes to your dad.. fab post... your table manners are are worse than my son. whenever we sit down to eat, he always talks about lizards :(
    ur sis looks stunning:)

  38. oh m late :(

    belated bday wishes to ur dad...give him a big hug n tell him i said thnx for creatin u :)

  39. Give dad a bear hug..


  40. Hello Uncle,

    This is Sam, one of the many fans that your son Chriz has. Just pinged to say Happy Birthday! May God bestow upon you His choicest blessings.


    Good post!

  41. Great post....n am sure all the prospective fathers and Sons will keep this in thier mind n have to try new ways that could not be cracked by others!!!!


    tht was such cute dedication to ur dad, Chriz.

  43. awwwwwwwwwwww so cute... poor father.. very much like mine :P

    Happy budday to himmm :)

  44. Tell him happy Happy birthday! hope he had a nice day :) at least today dont trouble him !!

  45. lol.The insect scenario was funny bro...

    convey my bday wishes to your dad.

    and thats a great pic btw. :)

  46. wishing ur dad a very happy bday ...god bless him and a cute post bro

  47. Good one Chris . These are the moments that any father would cherish , when his famous son writes so proudly about him ! :)

  48. wish him a happy birthday from my side...
    nice post btw.

  49. did not observe the punctuations part yesterday. lol. was at office and reading fast.

    naa yerkaname sonna maadhiri, start a humour dept, fund it and be a Chair and Prof there Chriz!

  50. Nice post, wish ur dad from me

  51. Me a lil late in wishing.. But still happy happy budday to papa :)

    Loved the teacher's note.. and your line in the insect meal.. and the coma joke.. and the pic.. in fact loved the post :D

    btw, which place is that? in the pic? lovely beach :)

  52. So much for a responsible son :P ...and happy b'day to ur dad frm me

  53. prasen annan wish mama a happy b-day on my behalf.........

  54. were handful :P

    Belated Happy B'day to him :)

  55. bday wishes :D

    i think the most dangerous creature on planet are KIDS.

  56. Happy Birthday Uncle ..... Good one Chris!!!! Nice Post !!! Comma Semi Colan was too good ...

  57. $$ happy birthday to your dad $$... :)

    Kadaisila coma, full stop nu mokka pottuta machi...

  58. wat a tribute buddy!!!!
    your father shud get the best dad award for sure... :D

  59. hi,

    Funniest mom was watching one of your song, then she told me chriz's blog is the funniest that she came across.

    I read this post today. Belated Birthday wishes to your papa..

    the beach photo with your dad is wonderful. where was that picture taken?

    The first joke you said about insect in your dad's plate was hilarious.

    I like your blog.


  60. shades of the little master then, definitely:-) - by a long long way too. I have got no doubts on that.

  61. chronic writer...I have tagged you for a meme. Please visit my blog to participate. cheers!

  62. Convey My regards n wishes to him....Funny post as always


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