Vastu Sastra [link] is the art of designing and re-engineering architectural constructions.
Numerology [link] is an art mainly used by astrologers to re-design a person's name.
Chronicwriter embarked on a mystic journey and mastered these two great art forms and in the process invented a new art form and he has named it VasNum. That makes the author of this page as the only human being in the world who knows the secrets behind this new art form VasNum.To start the proceedings, he changed his name to Kroanik-ryTer. If the name is closely analysed, we can see that only two alphabets are written in uppercase (K & T). This new strategic adaptation has two reasons
  1. K is in uppercase to denote that such a change would make the author a King in the future
  2. T is also in uppercase because the King is the Top-most person in a Kingdom
Kroanik-ryTer is not only the first VasNum expert in the world; he is also the first ever VasNum expert to implement his strategies in the WWW (wourld- Wyde- Webb). Yes! He has altered the spelling of WWW for the betterment of internet usage across the globe. In this post Kroanik-ryTer would give bloggers around the globe, ten valuable VasNum rules to improve their Blog performance.If all the bloggers obediently abide by the ten rules, they would reap great benefits from their blog.
Kroanik-ryTer's VasNum rules
1. The Template color and the Font color should be the same. If a blogger uses a Black background, then the font colour should also be black. 23% increase in blog viewership is guaranteed.
2. The Publish Post button should be clicked only inside the loo. So Bloggers should take their laptops/ desktops inside the toilet while clicking the Publish Post button. Bloggers who Blog while travelling are requested to go inside the train toilet/Airplane restroom/Public toilet while clicking the Publish Post button. Failing to abide by this rule would result in decrease of page viewership by 9 %
3. All the seven vowels should be used in the subject line. For those who do not know what the seven vowels are, I am adding them here. ( a,e,i,m,o,u,y). The VasNum expert has made a great discovery that the alphabets m and y are actually vowels. Usage of all the seven vowels would result in an exponential growth in the readership base, especially readers from the opposite gender.
4. Suspense story writers are requested to reveal the suspense in the first line itself. This saves time and energy for the readers and they do not have to read the whole article to comment.The author of this blog has a few readers of this category who comment without reading the content of the post. The author wrote a post about he Quitting Orkut [link] and a few readers commented "Welcome to Orkut Chriz, Have a wonderful stay and so on...". There are lot of people who come under this category of commenting without reading the post properly. So this 4th rule would help such people in a bigger way.
5. Bloggers whose birth month falls on the publishing month, should post the entire blog post in the subject line. For example if a blogger's birthday falls in April, then the entire posts published by the blogger in the month of April should be restricted inside the Subject line.
6. The year 2009 is a very bad year for bloggers with more than 100 published posts. So any blogger who has more than 100 posts in their blogs should delete as many posts as possible and should keep the number below 100. Following this rule will result in losing few regular readers. But as this is a rule, it should also be followed strictly by the bloggers because in business there will be profits and there will be loss.Bloggers should learn to tackle losses.
7. Wash the laptop with water before publishing a post. Such posts are called as Wet-posts. One wet-post per month is a mandatory requirement for all bloggers.
9. Send an e-mail to the author of this page thanking him for the VasNum expert advice he is showering here for all the bloggers. For every mail received by the author, the WLO (Women Liberation Organisation) would pay him 10 cents. Using this money, he would be able to buy a shirt for this poor girl [link].
10. If you are a male blogger, your blog name should end with the alphabet R. If you are a female blogger your blog name should end with the alphabet X. Failing to comply by this rule will result in you having confusions regarding your orientation.
The above ten rules would enable a blogger to improve their blog performance by multiple-folds. Don't try to find fault in this post by pointing out that there are only 9 rules stated here. The number 8 is removed from the number system by our VasNum expert.Following a great success and universal acceptance of this new art form VasNum , the founders of Google "Sergey Brin and Larry Page" approached our VasNum expert to give them some tips of bolstering the performance of Google's search engine project. Our author carefully analysed the search engine page of Google and he made some prominent changes to the site. The founders of Google are very happy with the changes made by our expert to Google. We can find these changes incorporated in Google search engine site, very soon. Click the picture below to see the wonderful changes made by our VasNum expert to Google.

Please Note: The author will invent a new art form "VasNumBody" in the month of may this year.This new art form is the art of redesigning and restructuring the human body parts. Eyes of a person can be placed on his back. The readers are requested not to allow their minds to travel wildly.