Rock and Roll - Elvis Presley
Pop - MJ
Latin - Enrique
Reggae-Rap- Lou Bega
Opera- Lesley Garrett
Hindustani-Bhimsen Joshi
Carnatic- Balamurali Krishna
Ghazhal- Hariharan

The different genres of music and the big names associated with each. You might disagree with me on the names I have stated here. Every one has their own views. If you had not known these big names in the different streams of music, i am sure the above list would have surely helped you.

Even if you know all these music genres, if you do not know the stream of music called, "Shazhal", then all your knowledge about music is of no use at all. Even my three year old neighbour knows about Shazhal form of singing. In this post, i take the opportunity to enlighten everyone who read this post with in-depth information about Shazhal form of singing.

Shazhal is a combination of three forms of music namely Ghazal, Hindustani and Mallika Sherawat. Shazhal was invented by yours truly, yours faithfully, yours obediently, "The Chronicwriter" himself. The speciality of this form of music is that once someone listens to this form of music he/she need not listen to the same form music yet again; rather he/she would not listen to Shazhal again. The versatility of Shazhal is such that it helps the listener to attain karma the moment he/ she listens to it.

Another important feature of this form of singing is the kind of introduction that the singer gives to the listener/audience either

1) through gyrations of vocal chords or

2) through magical appearances on stage that could be done only by warriors who have undergone guerilla-warfare training.

I have attatched a special Shazhal performance video exclusively for those who read this post. After seeing the video, if you are interested to take Shazhal training from me, you can notify me of your desire by shooting an e-mail to me. But please refrain from telling about your desires on me in the e-mail.Please send the e-mail as soon as possible because the Shazhal classes will start very soon and I can accomodate only 500 seats per class.

Watch the only Shazhal singer in the world performing Shazhal form of singing in this video. It is just a 30 seconds video. Those who use a slow connection, please allow sometime for the video to buffer.

Note: My three year old neighbour starts crying whenever he sees me now.