Tuesday, March 24, 2009

302. One among the 72

The false-propaganda made by certain terrorist organisations that " When you die for our motto, God will reward you in heaven by giving you 72 virgins" has made baby faced immature kids to take the gun and shoot at innocent victims. This post is not about the terror-plots or about the wreck caused by the heartless souls which include this boy,"Kasab"

Kasab is the lone survivor of the terrorist group which attacked Mumbai in late 2008. He is also the only unfortunate soul who has not lost his life yet and he is still waiting to meet his 72 virgins. Sooner or later, his wish will come true. Let me come to the point. I just thought about the condition of the 72 virgins given to those terrorists who were killed.Will those 72 virgins be happy?When ever i have lot of questions in my mind, i end up dreaming and i always get answers to my questions in my dream.

I happened to go to heaven too (in my dream) and watched the terrorists entering heaven. Each terrorist got their 72 virgins and a luxury bungalow too. I sneaked my way to each luxury bungalow and listened to various romantic lines between the terrorists and the 72 virgins. I am posting a few conversations that i overheard in a few bungalows.

Overheard romantic lines

$) Promise me that you would marry me. I can't unless i get committed to you

$) I even have an up-to-date health certificate. Do you have one?

$) Yes I am 79 years old. So what? I am still a virgin.

$) Hurry up. My husband will be here any moment.

$) Do you love me more than the other 71?

$) First say your prayers.

$) I am actually not a virgin. But due to recession, God has asked me to join the gang

$) I can fly and I have wings too. You can call me Kiki

$) I am a virgin because i am very ugly

$) No.. You can't kiss me on my lips. I have saved it for my boyfriend

I overheard many other conversations too. The last bungalow, i visited gave me the biggest shock. All virgins in that bungalow were Men and they are waiting for Kasab. The terrorist organisations failed to mention the gender of the virgins.That is when i realised that it is really dangerous to remain a virgin.

Anyways! All the very best Kasab!

NB:This post is not to bash terrorism or its after effects. A lot of people have blogged about it. The topic is only focussed on the 72 virgins



  1. Applause
    That was a sooper post and it had nothing to do with terrorism.

  2. Yaay! I'm the first to comment!

  3. *Claps..

    U too will be blessed wid 72 of them wen ur 82.. :p though,y put his pic?? :(

    Take cAre bro.. :)


  4. whn i saw the pic i got scared thinking tht u r reminding again abt tht terrorist attack!!
    bt later was laughing reading ur Overheard romantic lines!
    ur ears r quite sharp to hear those.. :P


  5. Ayyyyoooooooo Chriz! What else can I say?! Another heart-reliever that!

  6. good one buddy - hope the terrorists read this and get a life first...

  7. LOL
    :D :D
    gender specification is must !!
    good one :D

    I am a virgin because i am very ugly
    ROFL !

  8. hahaha,...!!!

    72.....do they need????

  9. ROFLMAO..72 ..how come have they reached this number....and Clinton will go to heaven ,are you sure :P

    terrorist :Will you marry me?
    virgin :no.
    terrorist : then I will suicide bomb you and your family :)

    terrorist: let's go somewhere else,away from this hellish(heavenish) place.

    virgin :Sorry, I am part of the Virgin group, Richard(Branson) won't leave me :P

  10. Hahaha ....I was laughing throughout the post dude espcially the conversations were hilarious ....The recession thing was roflmao :D

    I like the "NB" too....Focus is only on the Virgins....Lol :D

  11. Lol...
    Lovely post...
    Nice read yaa...


  12. chii kasab is a gay ehh

    yeah and hw poor terrorist ...even they r a victim of recession...lol

  13. lol....:)Chriz..how do u manage this...do tell me...
    im laughing....harder than u can imagine!!!!

  14. heheheheh!!

    now,i love posts on terrorism...:-D
    but y dis figure of 72??


  15. pls describe what possibly would be kasab's reaction after seeing those 72 male virgins...in detail..i mean you can go to sleep againg naah...

    incredible imagination...

  16. hahahahaha!! roflarious mate!


    ...sheesh, you sure have been sleeping a lot eh, Chriz? but considering how productive you have been asleep, i say we make it compulsory for you to sleep for 20 hours minimum each day...

  17. "I can fly and I have wings too. You can call me Kiki"

    this was the best ! hahahhaaha !

  18. Yes I am 79 years old. So what? I am still a virgin....

    and did i just hear another version of that dialogue somewhere? ;)

  19. Yes I am 79 years old. So what? I am still a virgin....

    and did i just hear another version of that dialogue somewhere? ;)

  20. tht was an amazing post!!i m sure no one thought of this when they wrote abt terrorists.

  21. You'll be blessed with 92..I promise you! :P
    (Age no bar! =D)
    And as always..your sense of humour never fails to amuse me =D

  22. 72 vrigins...hehheee...wish all of those terrorists get similar 72 virgins:P

  23. clap clap clap.

    tell me from whr do u get this ideas :p

  24. 72 virgins???? i didnt kno thr were that many left

  25. 79 year old V... lol that T dude must have died again....

    we must catch some of these guys, promise them 114 virgins and make them work on some good deeds... free labour for a good cause and at least the world would be a much better place :)

    take care bro... cheers...

  26. nice take on a very serious issue

  27. "I am actually not a virgin. But due to recession, God has asked me to join the gang "

    LOLs !

  28. super!!
    virgin men waiting!!


  29. you have been awarded.. :)

    please visit..


  30. hah! superb funny take on Kasab!

  31. from where do you get such crazy ideas ??? too good !!!!

  32. This was 'gethu' post, in local slang. How easily you tickle that funny bone!

    Great going.
    72 virginlam romba oover aana:O

  33. instead of 72 virgins, why don't they provide 72 sluts, who know what the hell they are doing??

  34. adhu epdi unaku matum ipdi ellam dream varudhu ... ?

  35. funny.. 72 virgins. first time i heard abt it was in ur last post. rem. i asked u abt it.
    Can we have pic of all the 72 virgins?? :P

  36. First time here....this was hilarious!!! LOL on Clinton & Sheikh Mohammed :D :D

  37. Hojeez... ;D Inimitably Chriz! Period!


  38. Hahah Chris! Too good man! Im back to reading your blog after quite some time :)...Poor Kasab...could he read this?...his hopes would be dashed but he wont try to kill himself (or others) ever again hahah...Keep writing!


  39. Haha...man I pity those 72 men too...they wait this long to get a kid? God must be crazy..!! ;)
    And 72?? why that number.??

  40. wonderfull man.. good writing
    happy blogging

  41. Chriz... ROFTL..
    gender issue, recession are the highlight of this post..

    fantastic post!!!


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