Monday, March 16, 2009

298. Why God doesn't answer some prayers?

My first prayer was taught by my Mother. The prayer was very simple. It just had four words. It was "Thank You, Jesus. Amen".When I woke up in the morning, I used to say this prayer.The same prayer was said before every meal also.This prayer taught me to Thank God for each and every single thing in life.

When I was Three years old, I had my first meeting with Santa Claus.I had never seen him before that. A group of people came home during Christmas season and started singing Carol songs. Suddenly a peculiar Big creature emerged from behind and started dancing with balloons. I started crying out loud and my parents couldn't control me. My dad told that it was Santa Claus and he loved Children. But that did not stop me from crying.The Santa came closer to me and scooped me up and gave me a chocolate. Not knowing what to do, I ended up biting his shoulder. Apparently, he happened to be the priest of the Church.

Next Christmas, I prayed to God that Santa should not come along with the carol group to my house. God answered my prayers. When the group came home to sing songs, the priest was not wearing his Santa suit. He had not forgotten the Love-bite yet.

God answered my prayers...

In fact when I wrote my higher secondary board examination, I prayed to God that I should get a centum in at least one of the subjects. I had six subjects in my board examination.When the results came, I looked with eager eyes at my marks in the school notice board.
  1. Physics - I didn't score a centum
  2. Chemistry - Great marks. But not a centum
  3. Mathematics- Good marks. But not a centum
  4. Computer Science - Missed centum by one mark 199 out of 200
  5. English - It was 190 out of 200
Till now I was pretty disappointed . But When I saw the last subject, tear drops welled up my eye lids. God had indeed answered my prayers. I looked around. No one saw it.

6. Tamil - Centum. Yes I had scored a centum at last.

Joy and happiness knew no bounds. I ran around the school premises and yelled out in Joy. Suddenly I stopped running. Some thing in my mind said that I had to take yet another look at the notice board. I came back to the notice board and saw my marks again. It read , Tamil - 100 out of 200.

God had answered my prayers. I had scored a centum in one of the subjects. I realised that I should be very clear when I pray. Talking about unanswered prayers,I prayed continuously for 20 years that Renu should fall in love with me. She fell in love with every Tom, Rooster and Harry in town. Finally She got married too. God never answered that prayer of mine.The same God who answered my prayers more than once did not answer this prayer of mine.


This question was in my mind for many years and I was contemplating on it this weekend, when my sister sent me a video. In the Video, my sister is teaching her daughter,"Jolena" (My niece and God-child) to pray.Jolena is just a one and half year old baby. Just watch what Jolena prays for... No wonder God does not answer certain prayers...



  1. //#
    Computer Science - Missed centum by one mark 199 out of 200
    English - It was 190 out of 200//

    Intha marks pakkathulla utkarnthu iruntha payanodathaa ungalthu mathiri illayae???

    and santa va kuda vittu vaikalaya??? enna koduma sir ithu...

    Renu voda prayersukku god answer pannittu ungalluku bow koduthutaaru - god also fall for girls u see...

    i have no speakers here to hear the kutti's prayer..will do it back home...

    P.S: I pray before I have my meal :))

  2. sari thaan... god listen's only to cute prayers it seems.. my number is never to appear in his list... booohooo

  3. god is funny. he doesn't know which prayers mean more to us.. i think! ;)

  4. hahaha...Funny ..Nw i remembr my first was " Thank you Lord, bless my fud in Jesus Name , Amen...:) ...BYw Jolena is damn cute(unable to hear her pryr frm office).Tamil -centum -

  5. tell the truth .. u were telling ur marks or someone else marks.. nly tamil marls was urs na.. !!

    jolena is so cute .. bad boy.. goo girl.. awww... !

  6. u got 100 in tamil :O wow.. genius only... i just passed :P .... and ran far far away to french..

    and jolena is the cutest! awwwwww... especially the hug at the end.. too cute...

    only one doubt.. how come they're ur neice n nephew.. they deserve better :P

  7. machi semma prayer...sathyama naamallum ippadi thaan pray panni iruppom...I am a good boy rest are bad boys and girls nu :P

  8. hehe ...dude sometimes it does happen...but god does listen to us ....and cute video

    Did u pray like that when you were young ??

  9. lol... U bit Santa... he hee... kewl... I punched him, when I was a kid, cos he tried to hug me... lol...

    lol @ ur tamil marks dude, it was exactly wat I got in 10th, so I switched to French in +1... lol...

    @Thoorika - I agree.. he posted only one true subject mark... :)

    @Wolfy... Il a été une bonne décision...

    The lil ones rock dude... dont mess with them :P

    talk to ya soon... when I get home... cheers...

  10. i always get the answering machine whenever i pray. and so the effects too are delayed...i prayed for the teacher to be sick when i missed out on homework in 3rd grade. she came threw me out, used my ears as tweaking practice and then decided she wasn't feeling too well and left!

    i prayed for a teddy when i was 5 and instead i got a sister! who is as mean as a pissed off grizzly most of the times.

    ...they always told me, be careful for what you wish for! now i know! i simply pray for world peace!


  11. *sigh*

    ...see my comment above is the 13th!

  12. English - It was 190 out of 200
    thts amazing :)

    ur post is so simple, yet so profound.. so thought provoking

    God has been very very kind to me and my family. Most of my prayers have been answered..

    Sometimes, I feel vry guilty wen I pray half-heartedly..tht is if im running out of time or if im totally pissed such times, i feel i shud not pray at all.. it amounts to cheating n disrespecting God :(

  13. tamizh exam? how cool! I can't read or write! :(

  14. You gave santa uncle a love bite heheheheh, we had marathi here. And I scored more in Marathi, though sadly never scored a century in any...yaa i did 0 many times...but a 100??? NEVER :(

    perhaps one day...god will listen to me and let me score a century (atleast in gully cricket)

  15. hehehe :D as a kid i once blvd that santa kept chocolates under my pillow on one fine christmas. long after dat i realised my dad played the santa's role :)

    marks... tel me were u trying to tell us indirectly that u were such a genius:p

    n these two kids are simply sooooo adorable that they can wipe out all the pains just in a minute.

    tell her she is not a good girl but the bestest, cutest and the sweetest girl :)

  16. Wow what a cute kid she is!!
    And that Tamil Centum one was just too good. I actually missed it completely the first time I read it!!

  17. that innocent video..o sweet childhood:):)
    the centum thing is funny!
    Rooster, now who the hell is he? n what did he do to our dear D**K ?? :)

  18. good job Prason. the first pic is so cute. did u listen carefully to Jo's prayer. She says welcome when i say thank you Jesus. She prays like this " welcome Jesus Amen"

  19. er..i dont know why,but i can't view the video,it doesnt open.

  20. Chriz!

    You have a habit of making even touching stuff have a lilt of laughter about it. Of course, what is life without a dash of joy?

    Keep making laugh, and of course laughing and smiling!

  21. Kanna.. manam thalaraada

    aandavan kettavangalukku aayiram figure tharuvaan aana athanaiyum athu piecea tharuvaan

    kethavangalukku ore figure tharuvaan adhuvum salma hayek maadhiri sema figura tharuven


  22. Kanna.. manam thalaraada

    aandavan kettavangalukku aayiram figure tharuvaan aana athanaiyum athu piecea tharuvaan

    nallavangalukku ore figure tharuvaan adhuvum salma hayek maadhiri sema figura tharuven


  23. sorry machi.. first comment dialog tappu.. so take two!!

  24. /* Computer Science - Missed centum by one mark 199 out of 200 */

    goodness ... guess God got an urgent call .. so just forgot to add 1 more :) ..

    n the video is tooo cute :) ... awww such a adorable kid :) ....

  25. :D

    was reading this one from office and will see the vid when i get home :P

    love bite??? :D

    btw... read ur interview, pretty darn funny :D

  26. i knw it takes time to buffer..but this is not like that..for some reason the time it shows is 0:00/0:00 and there is a funny looking sign next to the play button,havent seen it on youtube videos. also it says the url is undefined. since no one else seemed to report the problem,it might be some problem with my computer..jambavan wasnt careful with it,apparantly. when i get a chance will check it from some other computer. and then will comment.

  27. you would have tried
    "Renu should fall in love with me..(Chriz)yeah me(Chriz)...plej plejj plejjjjjjj"
    and thoda mangtepane karke tha na...shayad ho jata fir..

  28. Probably God gets confused once in a while when so many of us pray to him...;)

    199/200 in computers!!!!sheesh...u were like a whiz kid...being an IT professional,im still as technically challenged when it comes to comps as I was back in my school days...
    I hated computers...and look at the irony of life..I am doing something I hate the most!!!
    God surely didnt answer my prayers on this!!!sigh!!!

  29. that was sooo cute:)...and lol....for some reason, jolena reminded me of myself :P

    Congos on ur centum btw;)

  30. hello friend....!!!

    that a cool video dear...!!! ur niece is pretty...!!!!

    and the mark....199/200.....oh my...!!! great yaar..!!!

  31. u are a born genius kya ?? such scores ??? did not play the video so will be back :)

  32. Aha... and you say you bash yourself on your blog,huh! :P

    Jolena is cute... :) wonder why she wants her brother to be a bad boy though!!!

  33. hey tht was a cute video!i guess god prioritizes the wishes according to his own sweet will!thts why some get granted and some dont!

  34. U scored a centum in Tamil???
    Unbelievable man...

  35. nice.. i always liked rhymes and corus .

    i like silent prayers. heart to heart talk with god.
    its been long i went to church. i m craving to go to church.
    i knw its not necessary to go to temple or church to pray but i feel nice, white candles, status. sound of bells.

  36. God knows better and hence is selective about answering prayers. When I was young, I prayed like you did, for certain guys (plural yeah!) and now I thank God for not answering those prayers. Those guys have grown up to be boring and not-so-good-looking men :D

  37. cho chweeeeeeeeet :D:D

    ' god help anna to be a bad boy' :D

    what a loving sister :P
    i wonder what she prayed for u :P 'god please kick some sense into mama ' loll (muahahahaha) :P

  38. So darn cute... :)

    And well... Wishes? Heh heh heh... God hath His ways...


  39. And sorry for this delayed wish - Hope u had a great birthday...

    Peace. Blessed be.

  40. i was watching curiously what Jolena has to say... I didn't have a clue and there when she said "bad boy" me and ani(my son) spurted out laughing... she takes up her uncle i guess:)nalla humour...

  41. congrats on getting 100/200 yaar in tamil :)


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