Are you smitten by the orkut bug?

Orkut was a part of my life for three years and i was so much addicted to it that i ended up having my food in front of the computer. My study timings were exchanged for the time i spent on orkut. Even i stopped going out and meeting friends. The addiction was so deep that I started using orkutian terms in my day to day language.In offiicial meetings, I would tell my boss that I would leave him a scrap about my work-status.

My experience with the un-avoidable devil, "Orkut" even made me to send a friend request to Penelope Cruz. She even accepted my request and she started scrapping me in some unknown language. It must have been Spanish or Latin because I did not understand a single word.When I finally attained self-actualisation in orkut, i decided to write two important posts for Orkut users.
These two posts changed the lives of many DeSpErAtE souls. I am adding the two posts yet again , because I want to change the life of some more DeSpErAtE souls.

1.Orkut for Men

2.Orkut for women

I also take this opportunity to announce that I joined orkut again this week and I stayed there for 3 days. I re-lived some of my old moments and then quit from the scene for-ever.Yes! I deactivated my orkut account for eternal bondage.As I intended to pen this post as an inspirational post, i'd like to end it with a piece of advice.Well it gives me great happiness and pleasure in knowing that even a nutty person like me can start giving advices through blogs.If Darkha-Butt can say what ever she wants in her TV-channel, even I can give advices through my blog. Don't you agree with me people?

"Run away from an addiction before the addiction addicts you". I did not get it right this time. Let me rephrase this sentence for the benefit of my readers. " Run away from addiction after the addiction addicts you".Now I am confused about one thing. I guess the first trial statement was right.
Let me make an operational definition for the term Addiction before I come back to the advice part.Addiction- " It is like a vegetarian having Chicken pox. He has chicken in him;but still he is a vegetarian".Now I forgot the subject on which I originally intended to advice you all. Can you please advice me?