Feb 4, 2009

288. Complications in relationships

When i first fell in love with Renu, i found that she was in love with Shabir.

I, Renu and Shabir were in Kindergarten then. I tried my level best to get Renu's attention for 14 years and all through she was in love with Shabir. Those were precious memories from school life. Apparently Renu is presently married to Santosh. Poor Shabir. Hahaha...

This post is about relationships. Two-timers often end up getting beaten up big time by their partners. Remember Bill clinton and Monica.I am hundred percent sure that Hillary would have kicked the brains out of Bill when she came to know about the affair. Bill would have ended up sleeping on the couch for probably months on a stretch. I don't even know the various other punishments he would have gone through.

Hope everyone knows about the legendary comedy artist, Woody Allen. He has been a source of inspiration for me and for everyone in the media field for his creative thought-flows. But he did the unthinkable by marrying his step-daughter. Guys like them complicate the whole concept behind the word,"relationships"

I know a couple of friends who fall under the same category. I came across this wonderful song and it had me in splits. This song would sure make us all think. Check this video. If you are using a slow connection, please wait for sometime till the video buffers. (Please pause the song in the bottom of the page to listen to the video)




  1. my url is http://hydrogenpops.blogspot.com/

    will read the posts later. cya !

  2. Chriz saar !!!
    i'm damn sure that video inspired this post :):) happy for Renu & Santosh .... hehehheheeehaaaaaaa

  3. a neat template ....i liked this better:) sky blue is my favorite shade of blue !!!

  4. Relations are the complicated things and the songs have surely inspired you for the post. BTW software engineers will say pointers in C works the same way..

  5. lol! yeah i've heard this song before.. damn funny..
    and yeah the new look is nice.. neat, simple.. and thankfully blue and not pink :P

  6. coool template friend....!!!

    simple post....lots of thouhgts immersed..!!!

  7. the moment i came here I was looking for signs to make myself sure that I have come to the right place...

    the blog looks great chriz..and post had me smiling.. woody allen married his step daughter.. OMG!! :O

    relations dont get more complicated than this.. :)

  8. Chriz Kadaisila Neeyum Relationship pa pathi elluthitya !!

    Any ways cool Post i Liked it !! Consult Joseph if u need furthur help....

  9. bro i have decided to being the best blogger again!

    woody allen is a jerk!

    i was expecting a more detailed analysis on relationships! like how pythons mate...

  10. I think a Kentuckian inspired this song.. in the backwoods here.. There are a lot of people being their own Grandpa!!! lol


  11. Oh Chriz! Oh my gaad!

    *Musings* indeed.

    Good day to you!

  12. aaaaaaaaaaaahhh..this post is totally 4m ur heart inne? ;P

  13. thaaaaaaaaaaruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu maaaaaaaaaaaaruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  14. hot n romantic affair? LOL Chriz! No wonder some ppl emailed ya...cos they'd hv thought we included God in it too!

    ** But he did the unthinkable by marrying his step-daughter.

    HAHA I know...I read abt him. Wait a min, thats not so bad...cos d u know in Bold & the Beautiful (TV soap), even granma's marry their grandsons! *YUIKKKZ*


  15. What a criss cross of relationships:) Even I stopped watching Bold and beautiful when isaw the father dating her son's girlfriend and mother her SIL..disgusting for me.

  16. Wonderful video...also checkout the "Little london" to see some funny relationships!!!

  17. Nice Theme bro...i luv ur tag line too!! super!! :)

  18. thats what spices up a relationship ;)..
    u like someone... that someone likes likes someone else ... and gets married to someones else :) ....
    but Woody allen is really crazy.. such a old hag and still gets married to his step daughter.. gosh ...

  19. heheh..poor shabir....n pure chriz :P :D
    btw nice video :)

  20. nice change in the template....and yeah woody allen deed does confuses relationships

  21. lolz complicated relations after all.....marrying stepdaughter!! BTW...i preferred the old template and read your interview, you rock dude!!

  22. I am happy for renu since she escaped!!! i didn't wanted to pass my condolences to her!!! :P

  23. heyaaa chriz!! i'm backkk..
    loved your joint post with keshikins :)
    n haaaa, yeahhhh, two timing, marrying your step daughter--> wohoooo, those are sure-shockers..
    woody is old news, but yeahhhh - my comment on that-->
    woody's 'wood' has gone limp
    but the old dood got his daughter as his personal pimp!

  24. template change huh!..:P..omg relations soo bad :(...eewww..


  25. woody allen can do such things. anyway nice read, especially about shabeer.

  26. nicely written !! and the video waqs fun :)

    check here : http://creatingnewblog.blogspot.com/2009/02/awarded-to-you.html

  27. Nice template. Neat and chic. Poor Shabir. :D What Woody Allen did was sick! Ewwww! :\

  28. Hahaha....funny clip. yup relationships are complicated indeed. Nice new look!


  29. hah ! love that video .. i remeber it from when i was verrry young... had made me roll with laughter..in full circles..clockwise.
    downloaded it ;)

    woody allen married his step daughter .... really ?? like really??

    and ...WHY are making me look like an idiot? i'm the only one to send you my blog url!! looks like i want cheap (free) publicity..! damnit! :P

    ...and talking of cheap publicity...!! you are trying to rope in people who search for "sex" to you blog ?? ... and i thought humans couldnt sink any lower...!!

    (aye... this comment is sounding so hyper.. and rude types.. :-\ )

  30. U should really get a gf Chriz! LOL. And also, is Woody Allen's marriage even legal? Eww.

  31. corrections ..

    1. remember*

    2. why are YOU* making me look like...

  32. oh .. and we'll change the end of the movie to u you finding renu at the beach .. and walking into the light with her and bubbly .. and tinni n me smiling for you ..
    its going to be a super-blockbuster!! :D :D

  33. i never know if i ever would be in a relationship...even i feel they r so complicated...huh..yet i feel the scarcity...i am so confused...

  34. relationships r reely complicated...but yeh 2 timers reely fail...trust+Loyalty is the formula tats all


  35. Haha...brilliant post! :)
    Two timers need a lot of stamina bro!
    Ah! Renu was spared of both u fellas! :D

  36. His STEP daughter? EWWWW. :O

  37. lol!the song was so funny...and Renu is so cute. :P Nice post buddy. :) I can never think of two timing simply coz its requires a lot of time and energy!! :D ;)

  38. Two timers often getting beaten up? True, but let's look at the positive side.. :)

    Got lost in the middle of video.. Complicated to even comprehend.. :)

  39. Woody married his step-daughter?
    This is news to me!

    Btw, ur new temp is sexy!

  40. And the funny man does it again...

    Now... if Woody and his step-daughter married... I pity their kids - they'll have a tough time making out who is who in their family tree. :D

    Awesome video too... ;)


    Oh yeah, slick template bro'!

  41. hahahha... i've heard this sort of story, but this is d 1st time i saw d video. i had to watch it 3 times to get a grip of wat was going on.. but i lost it towards to end! hahahha

    try watching Spanish dramas... more dramas than the Bold and Beautiful! LOL

  42. Amazing Video ..... Good one ....
    288+ complications in a relationship ..... ;-)

  43. Am back!! :) Tatatatatatatatatattatatatta (BILLA musiq) Ennappa chinna post?? Ovoru post la ovoru love ah?? :P Thaangalaye!!! Video was funny!!! Lemme pray BILL read this blog and share his experiences on the topic!!

  44. ah!!! talk abt double timing... my friend of mine maintains 4 gfs and all 4 still dont have no clue abt other 3s... But thats also a trump card for me to get things done from him.. he knows, one word from me and he is a be-gonner...

    Rmbr this Austrian guy who kept his own daughter in captivity for 24 years and even beget children thru her?? Making relationships Complicated are we??

  45. hahaha...

    Wat a song!! and what a post. :)

    BTW the template is really good.

  46. hahahaha....dude whr do u get stuff like this from...mannn!!! talk abt complications in relationships!!!

    btw u have a dedication waitin for ya

  47. This blog is mind blowing boss :)

  48. Marrying a step daughter !!!yuck..

  49. lol mate... now I know why we laugh so much... hah aa...

    anyways... that woody guy is a nutta :P

    take care mate.. cheers...

  50. I have always found "Woody" to be a sleazy name.... so it is proved...

  51. OMG...that video!

    I have liked Woody Allen's movies but not his lifestyle.

    Take care, Chriz!
    Your blog is awesome!


  52. what a renu-shabir story!
    didnt you have love quadrangles and pentagons?


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