Monday, February 02, 2009

287. Modeling tips from an Ace-Model

Becoming a world class model is not an easy joke.A few necessities to become a top class model are

  1. Good looks
  2. Attitude
  3. Smile
  4. Confidence
  5. Dressing sense
  6. The knowledge of posing in front of the camera.

My niece Jolena (She is just a one and a half year old baby) is already all set to become a model for the next generation. If she finds any camera in her visibility, she knows what to do in front of it. Her mother (My sister) is her costume designer and official photographer.

Jolena's brother Jeremy is her hairstylist. To become one top notch model, you need to have all the specialists around you. When Jolena wanted a Public Relations Officer, i volunteered for the role and i was indeed lucky to get my job. This blog-post is a portfolio of some of her modeling poses. Below each photograph, Jolena has her own comments.

I call this, "The relaxed traditional Indian girl pose".All you need to do is sit in a slanting position and make sure that you rest your hands on a slightly raised platform. In the above photo, i pulled down the mattress and removed the bed spread. My brother is sleeping on the couch behind me. The dress i am wearing is called "pattu-paavadai". It is a south Indian dress.

In this photo, I added a glint of smile and you can also see me throwing a little bit of attitude. The whole idea is not to look at the photographer during the photo shoot. This gives a natural effect and you can see the difference from the first photo.

This is a simple, casual all-smile pose that i do with ease.My mom troubles me by making me wear these gold bangles. Can you see that my ears are also pierced. These old people do all sorts of crazy things on us.

Some times I intimidate the photographer by looking right into the lens. My brother was my hairstylist for this snap. I am infact hiding my brother's pencil box behind my back.

Yea! Girls rock!! That is the message I want to convey here through my T-shirt.Guys! Did you hear me or should I say it again? and finally...

I leave it for you to comment on this one...



  1. i am the first one to comment yeah yeah yeah! :D the last pic is the show stopper.. :D jolena is an angel.. :) such beauty.. any vacancies for a personal manager?? :)

  2. Haha...very cute! :)

  3. awwwww
    so cute she is

    i loved the last pics bro....beautiful and cute she is ...

  4. You understood the fact that girls are not gonna pay you any attention any more so started using jolena pics huh?! seria illai.. btw she is cho cute!!!!!

  5. Real cute post thr Chriz ....yup she is all set to become a model....Find a producer :P

  6. awww i have seen her video. i knw she is amzing. and most amazing it the wrk of editorial, the way u lip sync her dialog.

    she is for sure upcoming model in coming yrs. :)

  7. Neeng athaan PRO ahhh ?? Super fun and Jolena Rocks As usual !!! Guess all new snaps !!

  8. Jolena is a ROCKSTAR!!! d last pic was veryyyyyyyy cute! :)

  9. RIN SUPREME: Safedi ki Chamkar Zyada

    "I am already the brand ambassador of so many products..The Bollywood babes had better beware."

  10. Nice post, must be proud of your niece

  11. jolena is just soo cute... i think i love her and that traditional south indian dress is rather nice... get me one too.. u knwo my birthday is on september, you knwo you can gift one to me then. right?

  12. that is one girl who sure knows what she is doing. ;)

    you guys are blessed.

  13. I dont know whats with the new generation, either they're very photogenic or they have very quick reflexes to relax and pose when the camera come in the radius of 10 meters. I mean really!

    She's breathtaking adorable. But then kids always are :)

    sad fact: they grow up.

  14. aweeeeeeee

    cho chweeeeet

    kuchi kuchi bam bam :D :D

  15. awww she is soooooooo cute and i must confess stylish too with oodles of self confidence and attitude :)

    god bless this angel :)

  16. "The relaxed traditional Indian girl pose'

    LOVE IT MAN....

  17. She is sure going from cute to cuter. and PR like you will surely go some places

  18. Chriz, great PR job buddy!
    Jolena is already going places...

  19. *ahem* *ahem*

    Will watch out for her on TV!

    God bless.


  20. she's such a darling!

    i'd bug the sanity out of my little cousins n nieces all the time by taking pics like these! hahahha

    oh, n one word for ur valentine pics.. classic! LOL

    have a great day mate! :)


    yes yes.. i've finally been jolted from slumber, i have realized being called a lazy bum (by you :P) can be a darned shameful thing, and so here i am :D

    ooooohhh... i see Deepika Padukone has some stiff competition now! lol, and neat tips! spoken like a true professional! *clap clap*

  22. cute....Jolena is an angel of beauty and smiles.....a star of charm...!!!

    i loved her pics...!!!

  23. Trust me Chriz, you KNOW how to make people laugh! And yes, you have called your blog 'humorous blog' not for nothing I can sense!!!

    Of course, the captions allied with the photographs were cute and 'hitting' in a humorous way.

    Aside: Making people laugh and smile is a deed I put higher than any act of charity. Cheers!

  24. Step aside people, THE SUPERMODEL is here! And Chriz, get me her autograph, before the line becomes too long! Such a cutie pie she is! An angel there! :)

  25. Beautiful niece n nephew ! They are in for their modelling furture already !

  26. She smiles so so so angelic:-) More pics pls:-)

  27. beautiful little girl< and I am sure with auncle like Chriz for PR and management , she is going to be a helluva model:)
    and I love Pattu paavadai:)

  28. Here goes another Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Chooooooooo Chweeet :)

  29. oooo... thats so photogenic.. cute celeb :)
    and the last that her latest summer costume? ver cute!

  30. Hey.. She is cute.. Loved the first pic... and yeh.. Girls rock..

  31. btw btw... what was the 1st ever joke u cracked from ur infancy? dinno u had this 'funny humorous nutty blog' from the very 1st day u were born(since 1982);)

  32. A cute lil dahlin!

    I love pic #3 the best...such a sweetie lol!


  33. she indeed is a worthy muse !!! :)

  34. Thank you mama. You Did a gr8 Job. (Last pic than konjam vekkam)

  35. cute indeed!!! :) and yes for the last snap, comment would be ...."Best cheeesee smile"

  36. D Rat looks left and right.. hides the white towel bundle under arms which is kicking her mercilessly... runs into the dark alley leading to her place... ouch gets a huge kick on her tummy... Jolena free s herself from the towel bundle and says "Ippo theriyudha naanga Robin soap en use panrom nu.. fresh and energetic!!"
    :-D so much for trying to kidnap Jolena!!!

  37. She will for sure become an amazing model if she wants to

  38. Good one Chriz! The humour hitting hard as ever!!!

    And, I left a comment earlier where I had said lofty things about humour as being more touching and significant than any act of noble charity. Somebody has swallowed it maybe ;)



  39. A cute model in making :) ...
    she's damn cute .. her brother vl surely have to quit the job of hair stylist and take up the permanent job of keeping her admirers away in future :)..

  40. she is sooo cute .....3rd pic was nice :)...


  41. i bet she ll give those super models a run for their money...

    cute pics dude... :D

  42. Awww...!!! :-D

    She is so cute..lovely pics... :-)

    and yaa....!She is absolutely right...Girls rocks!!!

  43. She is all set to rule the world of modelling. :P

    Indeed a beautiful and cute kid :)

  44. Sigh! I suddenly wish I was as small as her, and a guy.
    I would suuurely take this cuteheart model on a date, and take all the tips possible for a photography session! :-D

    Can I please have Joleeenaaa?
    And yez..I agree with the Charmed one. Jeremy will soon be made to quit hairstyling and bash away Jolie's admirers! :P

  45. awwww...she can beat those supermodels anyday :D
    bery bery cute!

    hugzz to her

  46. The caption for the last pic shud say: "Babe outta the bath-tub!"
    she looks adorable! I like the first pic a lot.. looking like a demure lady..

  47. AAwwww....cho chweet. I am sure she is going to rule the ramp soon! Comment for the last one - 'Just bathed beauty!'


  48. hehehe...too good..
    wish all those supermodels listened to atleast one of her

  49. @pink
    ill ask jolena and inform you soon

    yes true..

    :) yup

  50. @solitary writer
    i loved the last picture so much too.. thats y opened it for the public comment

    valentines day seekiram varudhu. you have invited trouble girl

    yes.. she is still thinking whether to step into the modeling side or onto the singing arena

  51. @nidhi
    thanks.. have done some more videos also with her.will add soon

    yes maams. all new snaps only.. :)

    she is a popstaa..:)

  52. @HP
    :) JUST LIKE her uncle

    she has her sights on higher things

    ;) yes i am..

  53. @m.flowerr
    thats true..

    haha.. ill ask my wife if she is too possessive on me presenting a pattu pavadai to phoenix

    welkum back to my page.. been a long time girl

  54. @a
    thats y i never grew up


    swear words in baby language?

  55. @preetilata
    she is a bratty angel

    enakkum andha pattu paavadai pose romba likings

    will i? how many kilometers?

  56. @vinnie
    PR job becomes easy with acemodels like jolena

    :) hope she doesnt appear on tv


  57. @chumi
    thanks for that compliment

    yes she is..

    welcome back meow girl..

  58. @yamini

    thanks a bunch

    thanks for the comments. your comments made my charity day

    will appoint some bouncers to see that the line doesnt create any havoc

  59. @sandy
    hope they dont really get into the field

    will add more pictures for sure

    @renu aunty
    i love her in pattupavadai too.

  60. What a smile!!! This kid is adorable. Can I apply for her make-up artist?? :-)

  61. @muse

    @v archana
    summer costume.. in january?

    hehe.. yes girl rock the boys

  62. @v archana
    the first joke i cracked.. i still remember that day.. there were 12 nurses around me.. they were all laughing.. it was fun

    miss universe...

    pattu paavadi.. all the pix rocks...

  63. ohh come on... this must be the trial version ;) lol
    the final one wud b out then...

  64. Jo's a diva man! I so love her!!

  65. ohh u still remember that scene?
    what were they holding in their hands? :P

  66. @pretty

    @jolena baby
    you are famous here.. see all your fans..

    she has nice teeth yea

  67. @rat
    she uses johnson and johnson :)

    ippo lighta build up koduthutu she will stop

    yes true bro

  68. @srinivas
    oh that was you
    :)thanks bro... coming and checking

    @charmed one
    yes jeremy will soon have to change his role

    :) thanks for visiting this page.. do come for more laughs

  69. @ankita
    thanks for coming again. blogrolled ya.. do keep coming

    after a while you are back.. welkum :)

    no one is touching jolena.. she is mine.. jeremy will soon be the hit man

  70. Awww :)
    Give her a hug from my side. :)

  71. @pri
    ill pass the hugs

    baby outta the bath yea.. how is ur little brat..

    that was indeed after a fresh bath indeed..

  72. @praveen
    they should.. yes bro..

    yes you are welkum

    yes indeed she is one diva indeed

  73. @archana
    they were holding me in their hands

    yes.. she gets all the hugs..

  74. Jolena is cute and adorable :) She's quite funny with words :):)

  75. awww.. she's so cute!! Maybe she'll become a model some day!

  76. Awww.. Totally aborable :) Nice descriptions for the pics as well :)

  77. aww she's so cute and pretty!! :)

  78. shes so awfulllllly cute:)
    and man she so sure is going to be one hell of a model:)
    so u have a safe future dude:)
    congrats!!u got a permanent sort of job:)

  79. GOSH! I LOVE HER TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!

    She is so adorable.. Yes, She is soooooooo Model Material!!

  80. btw ur vals day special pics look more like a Jack-the-ripper day special LOL Chriz!


  81. She is sooooo adorable!
    I liked the 3rd pic the most!

    Oh, fantastic post with Keshi!
    I loved it...laughed a lot!!!!
    You & the beautiful & talented Keshi should go on the road together...Lol!
    Great comedy team!!!!!


  82. sho cute.. is she available for a date ?

  83. indha vishyam unga neice ku theryuma? :D

  84. her with advance for our next film...

  85. cute pics dude...

    and when she grows up, she is gonna kick ur butt for posting this :P



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