January is drawing to an end and as promised I am gonna give the best post award to the post that I liked the most this month. The winner of this award is Shiv. His posts are really informative for Business management students;especially those who pursue a marketing dream.The Chronic-Award for January goes for his innovative post on Tissue-pack marketing. Click his picture to read this award winning post.

I just realised that it has been more than a year since I posted my so called poetic interludes. Inspired by the the winning post I decided to just go along with the flow and dedicate a poem for my future wife. The funnel poetry style is adapted by the author (Funnel poetry style gives a funnel structure to the poetic-flow)

Because I love you

I am standing near the gate of your life
Will you open it?
I am knocking at the door of your soul
Can you hear me?
I am near the window of your mind
Can you read me?

All I want is a passage
To see you
To feel your thoughts
To know how you act
To find how you look at me
All I want is a Vision
To picturise you
Just a little peep
A small crack
A keyhole
A window
A door

The truth is I dont know you
But I want to know you
Because I love you