I am not a racist. I am gonna talk about my own people. My own Blood. My own country people and hence this is definitely not a racist post.Today I am gonna talk about Men and Women from India. The focal point of this post will revolve around a very common phenomenon that everyone around the globe aspires for... Yes! "The Looking-Good factor".. Let me begin with the ladies.

Indian Women are the most beautiful women in the world. I do not have to prove it to the world. We have our very own proof. Sushmita Sen, Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Katrina Kaif, Mandira Bedi and the list goes on... (Mandira Bedi was added to this list on a special recommendation by the author himself) People all over the whole will agree with me about the beauty about the babes of MY country.
But something happens at middle age.
It is very sudden.
There is no warning.
It is like a tsunami .
Unexpected like the 9/11
You never see that coming.
The beautiful Indian women suddenly become an aunty.
Oh My God. Why such a disaster?

Indian Men are not left behind. We have Arjun Rampal,Chronicwriter, John Abraham, Dhoni and the likes...(Chronicwriter added his name here cos this is his blog) With Greek Image looks and a body that every girl on earth would yearn for.

But there comes the season called Autumn and all hairs break loose. The Indian Cricketer Sehwag is one classic example of this early Autumn attack. If you are an Indian male reader and if you are not yet attacked by the autumn bug, don't you laugh now. You never know when that attacks you.I know it will attack me too and i am ready for it.. The weaving therapy is a solution for us.

Another strange phenomenon that is especially found in Indian men is excessive-body hair. We have hair everywhere. Chest, privates, legs, backs and even inside the ears. When I wear a short trouser and sit next to a human being from any other race, I get this severe complex because I look like a monkey from the stone age. Was this whole thing a practical joke?

If you are an Indian woman reading this, don't you laugh at Indian men, because I have seen women who have more hair in their legs than mine.