Friday, January 23, 2009

282. Strip tease

Two girls wanted me to be their valentine for this year. So they approached me and shared with me about why they are crazy about me. I was in a fix. The valentine rule book says that I should not two-time with girls.

Hence I told them to take their decision after they ask me 15 questions each. They prepared 15 questions each and approached me. By the way their names are Anusha and Archana respectively and dis-respectively.

These two girls first had a pillow fight to decide who will go ahead and ask the first 15 questions. Anusha muscled her way and defeated Archana in the pillow fight and hence got ready to ask her 15 questions to me. She looked into my eyes and these are her questions. I have added my answers too

Anusha's question

1. What is your occupation Chriz?Bed wetting (When I was a kid)
2. What color are your socks right now?Barefooted now. So all I can see is my hairy feet.I think I have real sexy legs. What do you say?
3. Can you drive a stick shift?
Would love to drive an automated version. But am not that rich
4. Do you like me?I love you. You are five inches taller than me. If you wear a two inch heel and stand next to me, we would look like Amitabh Bachan and Sachin Tendulkar.
5. How old are you today?
26 years and 9 months. O M G. In another three months I would be 27 and that means I am just three years away from becoming 30. Boy I still look like an 18 year old boy.
6. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?
Hide and seek
Ice-ball (A south Indian version of Scotland yard)
Dikkilona (The south Indian version of Rugby).
7. What are your favorite drinks?
Salpeitaa (Its again a South Indian version of Tequila)
8. Have you ever dyed your hair?
No. But I perm it regularly.
9. Favorite food?The food that is served at home. (People who stay far away from their home would agree with me)
10. Favorite day of the year?
April 13th every year. That was the day I was born. I am very surprised at the co-incidence because it is my birthday too
11. Do you want your friends to e-mail you ?I prefer a female to an email.
12. What is on the floor of your closet?
My underwear. It is a Ellen underwear.
13. What did you do last night?Wrote a letter to Renu. Then her hubby's strong frame came across my mind. I tore the letter.
14. How many states have you lived in?
Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Singapore, Kerala, Guangdong (China) and Beijing (China)
15. What is your wish for this new year?
To spread more smiles on the faces of those with whom I interact with.
The 15 questions got over and Anusha was all happy with the answers she got. She left the scene and Archana approached me next with her list of 15 questions

Archana's Questions
1) If your Lover betrayed you, what would your reaction be?Don't irritate me. First get me a lady love.
2. If you have one dream which could come true,it would be?Have my own talk show on TV
3.What would you do with a billion dollars ?Buy millions of underwears
4.Who is more blessed-loving someone or being loved by someone ?Giving and taking and sharing and loving.I wanted to sound philosophical in this answer.I know that i failed miserably
5.If the person you like is secretly attached,what would you do?I would make it sure that, that person doesnt come to know about the secret attachments that I have with other babes
6.If you could root for one social cause,what would it be?Voice against Child abuse
7.What takes you down fastest?Arrogance and Artificial attitude
8.What according to you is blogger in denial?Those who can copy but cannot paste properly.
9.What’s your fear?
Female mosquitoes
10.Your opinion about me?If you were only as strong as Anusha, you can save me from the baddie girls if they try to molest me
11.What is the first thing you do when you wake up?I drink 1.5 litres of water and then head directly to the loo to drain my bladder
12.If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, whom would you pick?The lighter one. If I cant pick her up, i'll ask her to pick me up.
13.Would you give all in a relationship ?Yes I would give my all. But I won't share my underwear
14.Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?Man. 30 is just around the corner. I have been single all this while.
15. Ok bye Chriz
By the way .. is that a question?
Archana also left the scene. The girls are yet to call me. Sometimes I think that two-timing is not at all a big sin.
Note:Guess no one will tag me from now on...


  1. I sure never will:P Never again.

    You seem to be a master with exaggerating things even those that never really happened. Why not try politics?! Dude, great great scope for thyself:P

    You know what? I ve actually truly never met Anusha to be having a pillow fight:O Ah. And thirty-clOse is not for me, dude:P

    Witty answers, the tag:-)

  2. Chriz, You are the man... 2lady loves! lol lol!!

    Oh and the Underwear pic.. HMMM! is that a bit of Chriz?lol

    I loved your answers, I just hope you have only one on V-day! or all Hell is going to break loose!


  3. ha ha ha

    funny answers chriz...!!!!

  4. @ arc

    exactly.. the guy exaggerates too too too much.. he thinks he's some romeo.. or italian stud.. he's just a dud.. :P

    @ chriz

    wat a build up u gave for dis.. i'll never tag u again... ever.. !!!

  5. dude u have an underwear fetishness- need to check a doc...and poor girls...

  6. Haha! Good good. I learnt my lesson, was thinking I'll tag you! ;)

    "That was the day I was born. I am very surprised at the co-incidence because it is my birthday too "

    Hehe! Classic. Very funny! :D

  7. @archana

    haha.. i told ya that this is a blog full of lies.. read it at your own risk..

    thanks a bunch girl for the compliment.. if you can fund my party i will definitely jump into politics

    you are gonna be my valentine for sure


    which one?

  8. i second sir lancelot...waz wid ur obsession wid underwears ur childhood were u in one that disnt fit u??

  9. Nanba Onnukee Valiya Kaanom .. Ethula 2 .... Anyways cool Posy hope ur dad doesnt read it hehheheh

  10. Adding to it : ennku kuda neriya offers vanthathu etha mathiri nambu da

  11. @anusha

    haha... dont try all the mushy stuff in chat!!! :)

    why should i check a doctor's underwear? did a doctor steal my underwear?

  12. Lol!..I was soo laughing when I saw the title..your one brat guy!..and btw..don't worry..someone as insane as you will definitely fall for you!..(or for some 13 years..m young! :P)

  13. @tara
    thanks a bunch lady.. haha.. no no,, you can tag me.. dont worry

    now i have my suspicions on everyone .. was it you? the cat is out of the well now!

    dad reads this.. it will be a fun read for him... hehe.. offer vandhuchaa? naammala maareeyaa? haha

  14. Chriz! I am so going to be your Valentines!!

  15. @crystal
    most of my batchmates have kids ... and those kids are your age... am not michael jackson!!!

    sure.. hop in.. if i cant two-time, ill surely three time... no one ever said that three timing is a sin

  16. Chriz, I don't share! Sorry! it is a sin for me! hahaha So I guess I'll be lonely on Valentines Day! *pouting in corner* I think you broke my heart!

  17. "8.What according to you is blogger in denial?
    Those who can copy but cannot paste properly."

    --- ROFLMAO !!

    this is awesome !!! heheehahahahaha!!

    next time i do a tag... i'll tag YOU!!!

  18. u r such a moron.... u never mentioned... i had asked you to be my valentine too>!!hmmph!! chris u r gonna pay for this!! :X

  19. @nehya

    ok ill ditch the other two for you

    To chriz->
    MrX(mY ALTER EGO) : Hey chriz! Haha now you have made nehya to believe you.. dont you tell her about the other two babes.. keep that a secret

  20. @HP
    please tag me before valentines day

    ill be more than happy to take it.. but only if you are ready to face the way the tag is taken...

    i am all yours.. you are my valentine

  21. chriz : i have a red g-string i stole a few days that urs??

  22. Thank You Mayz! I am Happy to be your Valentines!!!! and glad that you are mine also!

  23. @mayz

    No.. dont use G strings.. but if there is a thong.. do let me know

  24. @nehya &mayz
    so nE is two timing now? man spielber should take a movie from this theme.. he will get confused.. sure to rock box office

  25. Haha...I am now wondering what would happen if these 2 girls meet you person!! You stabbed the tags bro! Brilliant! :D

    There were millions of Underwear in the post though...phew! Never wear a worn one eh?

    And on this valentines, break the rulz dude! :)

  26. now thts quite an interesting way of making sure no one ever tags u again:D

  27. chirz i realized that it is a tag post only after realizing that i have read these questions somewhr before also :p

    funny..funnny n funnyyyyyyyyy

    yes definately u r spreading more n more smiles and definitely i would love to watch ur talk show on tv

  28. answer to the question 15 of Anusha i think u do it every time u re making a new post Criz, I got my smile when i read the answer of the question n9 of Archana :)
    now what s wrong wid ya and ur undies? do u have some kind of obsession wid it or what? cz u speak about them a lot!!!!!
    tc Crizzz

  29. hahah i should also ask some questions to u :)..


  30. Some of ur answers crack me up big time Chriz!

    **1. What is your occupation Chriz?
    Bed wetting

    so how many of ur mum's mattresses did ya wreck as a kid?


  31. chriz!!!!! arent u supposed to be my valentine??????????

  32. btw Chriz come n read my prehistoric Update.


  33. nice! real fun! nutty fun too :)

  34. well i still think its fair to share underwear in love

  35. Lucky Guy u are :) ...
    Looking at the comments..looks like many more girls want to be your valentine ;) !
    Sheesh Chriz.. if had had been not sooo new to your blog.. I would also ask you to be my valentine ;) ...

  36. very funny way of doing tags, but enjoable, but i am so scared that i wud never tag u:)

  37. @sree
    underwears bro.. they give you relief... you would agree on that..
    and yes! when these two girls meet me, they would kill me for sure

    @comfortable numb
    haha bro.. have seen this tag taken in the same old way everywhere.. wanted to do it quite differently and more personally too

  38. @preetilata

    doing the ground work for the talk show.. one day! ill be there

    nothing wrong with the underwear obsession.. just that you miss them when you lose them...

    haha.. questions from men would be answered in a decent sedate manner... the brotherhood way

  39. @keshi
    many mattresses were damaged.. the history is a wet history kesh

    @ vaisakh
    thanks for reading this post.. coming to your page..

    yes coming to your page..

  40. @trinaa
    yes! i took the decision of making my valentine when those two girls never called me up.. i realised my folly.. i am faithful to you now..

  41. @sneha

    is it fair to share underwear in love? but doesnt dirty underwear stink?

    @charmed one
    haha lucky guy? it all feels good in the virtual world.. but on the real life, ill end up getting all bashed up.. you wanna join the bashing party too?

  42. @renu aunty

    haha.. when you tag me, ill take it in a more different way.. why dont you try tagging me with one!!!

  43. Dude A tag ...i thought u wd never do one hope this one was a last u ever did :P

    btw don't ya think that the "tags" only existed in underwears :D

  44. lol Chriz!

    ok is the email addy given here ur current one? if so, I'll send u an email in the next coupla days.

    The post that ur gonna co-host with me will be published next dun stress out, take it easy, wait til I email u the topic and then we'll discuss. Kapish? Beautiful! :)

    Now just pack ur bags and drive down to the following addy:

    7 Sunshine Street

    just dun park in the driveway ;-)

    Hv a good one!


  45. wonderfully funny ripostes. I laughed my way throughout.

    In an era of heartaches, some stomach ache is always welcome;)!!!

  46. Hi Chriz
    I came over from Keshi's to say congrats the win....look forward to ur post with her.

    Oh, funny answers!


  47. @anurag

    yes .. i used to do tags once.. but i quit doing them .. but these two tags.. i had to do and dint wanna do the usual way.. and hence adopted this method..

    have yet another two tags to take soon.. am taking them up... and now every clothings comes up with a tag!

    i walked all the way.. so no prob of the driveway getting blocked

  48. @srini

    thanks bro.. keep coming...

    thanks.. yes.. would come up with a nutty one with keshi

    I really hope u host a talk show soon..I am sure it'll b a huge hit..

  50. Oh wow.. :D

    dat was funny.. :) a talk show wid u as the host wud be a blockbuster beyond doubt..ur obsession with underwears is never ending le?? :p

  51. I am sure no one would tag you after this!! And would really like to see you on TV show. Like otherz, even i have the same question, do you have some obsession regarding your underwear???

  52. Maybe next valentine il join the bashing party Chriz :).. Can collect more girls by then too :) ...
    this year il go bash someone else :)!

  53. AHHHHH!!...

    i always arrive late...
    Chriz y is that u r picking tags from girls alone..

    and u still remember Dikkilona.. Sema Game pa.. i remember some more games too :P

  54. Hey.. A very funny post.. Enjoyed reading OMG.. But cant imagine how the girl who tagged you must be feeling right now.. Lol..

  55. Wow.. it was truly a gr8 one..
    I did njoy it reading!
    keep rocking...

  56. Though I have read only a couple of your posts, your blog DOES live to its tag of a 'humor blog'.

    Just drop by mine if you can... but it is all grey and all. And I thought I hated publicity:P

  57. Outrageous... :D

    Yep, I don't do tags either. Ve done 2 over the past yr and a half. :P

    Oh btw, were *you* the referee at their pillow-fight? ;)


  58. Chriz... is this an idea of Mr.X to catch a girl for valentine ?? but I'm not sure if he is going to succeed ;)

  59. @swats

    thats one big dream i have now... :)

    hehe thanks bro.. the obsession has come to an end with this post.. but you never know when it starts getting on my head again

    check thee answers i gave for the obsession...

    and yes i would love to have my own tv show..

  60. @charmed one
    yes.. come again next year for bashing and do come here regularly for some smiles

    dont forget that i am taking yourtag girl!!

    dikilona.. wow nice game!

    haha.. they wont tag me again.. do you wanna tag me ?

  61. @swetha
    thanks for coming here.. docome again.. and thanks a lot for the mention in your page..

    yea bro.. everyone advertises. why else would eacch one of us have a blog then :)

    ill come to your page ...

    i dint go in as the referee.. those girls would have banged me then

    haha.. na na.. not any mr.X ideas for sure.. really not having any ideas of any valentine party for sure..

  62. u big fat liar! its not just those two gals..there's raka n nehya too! so ur sitting there 4-timin me while i write love poems?? huuuuuuunh.. u baaad baaad man! :P

  63. are we having some competition here .. about who is gonna propose chriz??

  64. @trinaa

    you know that nehya is taken and samik will kill me if its raka...

    and the other two are disquaalified.. so itz you...

    hehe... hope i dont get beaten up

  65. good good! i dont like competition in such matters..i prefer being d queen bee! :P ;D

  66. sometimes even queen bees can have competition... :)

  67. @vaishak
    trinaa has been the only one who has stayed through thick and thin

    king bee tells you not to worry

  68. @vaishakh...see d magic of perseverance!

    @chriz...thanks hun!!!

    muhahahahaha this entire thread is so entertaining! ;P

  69. can't argue with that....
    So no commentz :)

  70. This post holds a 'No Tags Allowed' board...

  71. haha some of those answers really had me in splits :D

    cool going and i have a feeling u not going to hear from those babes in a long time..heehee (atleast until 14th feb) ;)

  72. master of witty statements as usual ;)

  73. he he those were some really funny and witty answers. :) U surely do justify ur blog title. :P

  74. i was so sure that you would give your all but would not share your underwear in a
    you have lost all the forthcoming tags chriz.. :D

  75. You keep waiting for girls to call you all the time.


  76. You are very much correct !! I will never ever tag you in my life!!

  77. goodness!!! haha!! that's really funny!!.. poor girls.... but da post made me wanna go have a pillow fight :P. lol!!

  78. haha Chriz no worries!

    tnxx for the email addy. will send u an email soon :)

    hv a good one!


  79. LMAO.... hilarious stuff mate... and lol @ Anusha's reply :)


  80. LOL.. wats wid the underwear obsession

  81. hehehe.. Nice way to do a tag.. N thats precisely the reason i will tag u the next time around :P :)

  82. lol

    u want females to email u.... haha sounds like fun naaa

    sapeita is tamil version of tequila really :p
    never knew this yaa

    will wish u on april 13th


    nicelydone bro

  83. @akansha

    haha you got it right bud

    i got a date but... not from these two.. another one...

    haha.. thanks bro

    welcome to my page girl..

    @pink orchid
    and thats what the intention is :)

  84. @jean
    and they never call me... but its worth the wait.. dont ya think so...

    hahaha.. people learn from mistakes...

    pillow fight with whom? i will be the referree this time


    looking forward to it girl...

    thanks bro

    i am over with it now

    haha.. wow.. that sounds good. welcome back

    ellaaam arasiyala sagajamdhaan sagodhiraa

  85. pick the lighter of the two girls????


  86. Uh-oh this shows that you are not a multi-tasker. Had you known some multi-tasking you could have taken both the girls for date on the same day. Dekha isiliye kehti hoon...dont go by rules.

    -sermon by: gayathri.V

  87. Now I know what I need for my sickness, a dose of ur blog-posts everyday :) Anyways my doc is not able to cure me, am sure the funny n happy posts will do it ;)


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