Being the girls' man is a very tough job for any man. I can see every man-reader agreeing to this statement. No man knows what a girl really expects from a man.. Is it emotional stability? or is it the Greek god looks? or is it the 6 pack body? or is it the chocolate boy look? or is it the leather belt whacker? It is a very tough problem to crack. I am Mr.X (Chronicwriter's alter ego). I am here to talk about my alter ego,"Chronicwriter" and how he tried to become the Girls' man.

The chronicwriter embarked on a journey to crack this mystery and made a very great discovery. From a very famous survey done by DCRDM (Dubakoor Council of Researches on Dubakoor Matters) surprising results sprung up. Every girl likes a Man's hair
  • 97 % of women loved men with nice hair and they loved ruffling them.
  • 2% of the women loved bald men
  • 1% were undecided ( Men should be very careful about these women)

This research findings made the chronicwriter to think a lot and finally he found the trick of becoming the girls' man. He was not interested in the 2% women because in another two years time, chronicwriter doesn't have any other option other than settling down with these 2% women.

In order to become the ultimate heart-throb of every woman, he decided to grow his hair. For this, he contacted DCRDM to conduct a personalised survey for him and they provided the results in no time. The top three hairstyles of all time (according to woman) are

1. David Beckham's Horse style

2.Josh Holloway's Lion style

3. Captain Dhoni's Bird-Wing style

The Chronicwriter tried a mixture of all these styles and spent a very huge sum of money for his hair-care and conditioning. After three months, his hair looks like this

What should he do now?

NB: Somebody has stolen the author's red underwear. He doubts a couple of his blogmates.When I had a talk with him after five shots of tequila, this is what he had to say to me...

I never ever thought in my wildest dreams that one of my blogmates would actually be my underwear fetish.

If you guys have it with you, please return it to the chronicwriter.Please mail it to him at

Chronicwriter is planning to add his latest picture soon.Which picture should he add?

  1. The picture in which he is wearing the red underwear (or)
  2. The picture of his present hairstyle

-Mr. X