Monday, January 19, 2009

280. The number-10 jersey

Gary Linekar, Pele, Zidane, Maradona, Dennis Berkamp, Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio, Francesco , Ronaldinho, Alessandro Del Piero, Gheorghe Hagi, Cesc Fabrigas and Baichung Bhutia have worn the number 10 jersey in the soccer centre stage. I am just taking this opportunity to announce that I had the privilege of wearing the number 10 jersey too.

This incident happened a year ago.I started working in the ad field. The very first day at work, I was told that I would be taking part in the Inter-media-firms Soccer tournament in Chennai.

80% of my workmates were from the fairer sex and only 20% belonged to the male species of the human community.The firm had only 10 men. Including the delivery boy, we had a full fledged soccer team. But we did not have any reserve player in the team.The main reason for me being selected was that I was the youngest of all ( and obviously we had to field in 11 players). None of the rest were under 30 years of age.

The captain of our team was the creative director of our firm. He was in his mid forties. He had a big pout.He told us that we would have practise sessions from the very next morning. Most of us had never played soccer before. I had played it in the street with my neighbour kids. But that was some ten years back.

The very next morning at 6 am, we all gathered in the near-by playground. We all did some warm up. There wasn't any coach.So we did our very own exercises. Soon everyone realised that i was the most flexible and energetic soul in that ground.Why would not I be? 3 of my team mates were in their early 50s. The rest all in their mid forties and two in their 30s. No wonder!!! I was given the centre forward position.I was happy because it meant that I would be wearing the number-10 jersey

We even bought jerseys for us. Our team looked very professional. I was happy because I would be the one who would be leading the offence charge for my team.The babes in my firm formed a cheergroup team and they even practised some choreo-steps. Another creative bunch of girls even prepared some posters and banners. We indeed felt like super-sportstars that whole week.

The night before the game, the jerseys arrived. They had ordered for free-size jerseys.When i tried it i found it too long and it went till my knees and considering the way it clung on to me, I was pretty sure that I never needed shorts.But still the rules stated that I should wear a trouser. The whole night I was dreaming about the goals i would be scoring in the matches. Free kicks, super dribbles, bicycle kicks.. Indeed I had great skills in my dream.

Morning dawned and we assembled in the soccer stadium. To our surprise we got a direct entry into the second round because the opponents did not turn up. so the next game for us was scheduled later that evening. We just sat there and had fun cracking jokes and talking about all the greatest soccer games we had seen so far.

Finally the much awaited time came. We were up against the team from Vijay-TV ( a popular media house in Tamilnadu). We won the toss and we knew that it was a great start for us. We chose our end and the game started. The cheer girls started their performance and they were indeed great in their act. The game also became intense.

In the second minute of the game, an opposition player made a rough tackle on me and I fell on the ground. I did some serious acting and the babes gave a sympathetic look on me. The medical staff tried rushing to the scene to help me, but the referee did not allow them into the ground. He came to me and said," If you do not get up now, I would be flashing an yellow card for you". The very next minute I was on my feet full of energy. I understood that the referee was such an inspirational speaker.

Ten minutes into the game, the opposition team scored their first goal. But we knew that we could easily get back on level terms and even score more. We played like true champions. At half time the score read 11-0.At half time, the cheer girls were not cheering for us anymore.(They might have forgotten their steps) That is when I decided that I was not gonna let my team down.I gave a pep talk to my team-mates and I knew that they were raring to go.

The second half saw us struggling even more. The opposition team scored another 9 goals and the scoreline read 20-0. Only five minutes remained and now we were playing for our pride. Our captain told us that we should at least score one goal and avoid a big humiliation.
The opposition midfielders controlled the ball very well and passed with great ease. I gave them a good chase and with my great tackling skills, i got the ball and dribbled past two men and kicked it towards the goal.It took a deflection from my team mate and went inside the net. Even though it took a deflection from his leg, everyone knew that I was the one who was responsible for that wonderful goal. The referee blew the final whistle.

My captain frowned at me.I knew he was jealous that he was not the hero behind the goal.I turned towards my other team mates. They were staring at me too. Even the goal scorer wasn't delighted. The final score line read 21-0. What if it was an own goal? Atleast we scored one goal.That was the last time I ever played a soccer game.

I would like to make a comeback and score more goals.



  1. Haha...I'd love to play against you! :P
    Good one there buddy! :D

  2. Aww.. sheesh.. tht's sad... The last time I played was when my siblings and I played against a group of kids.. and they won.. they kicked dirt on us and our legs before we finally gave in and won for them..:P.. At least we say that to save our pride..:P.. lol..
    Great story!! :)

  3. He he he dude I used to play football for my school and I sported the most sought no. 10 jersey for my school, but never scored a same side goal---but I had a team mate who was bit pissed with the referee and in protest he kicked the ball in frustration and it just went straight into our own goal post...but that's frustration and yours is a comedy no no no tragedy for ya team :P :P :P

  4. nandri ayya for dropping by....good luck with the packs :P

  5. Good Luck with that!! :-)

    Have you ever played Soccer in Slush? That's fun :-)

  6. Muahahaha!!! You always miss the most interesting part Chriz!!! What happened to you after the game was over completely?! What did your captain and colleagues do?!

  7. HAHAHA the pics r too funny!

    especially where the Swami-Jis r playing footy! :):)


  8. lol...chriz...I hv scored several own goals...Zit happens mann ....btw what did u play as ....Defender :P
    No.10 suggests u were the best player mann :D

  9. i have never played football...but i think i wouldnt mind playin gaianst ya ;)

  10. lol...nice one...u guys sucked man!!

  11. This was fun. And Your win next time might make up for an other interesting post:-)!

  12. OWN GOAL !!!!
    o m g, thats way too generous da???
    hope ur company treated u well in office after that outlandish generosity :)

  13. ha ha ha..

    i was in our college football team too.. i scored a goal fortunately not a self goal.. but the match resulted in a sprained back for the poor rat.. that was my last match.. :(

    dunno y...but i felt my humor bone not so much tickled by this post of urs Chriz!!!

  14. u wer the youngest in the team?ur team musta ben full of octagenerians then.. :p

    enna sir??80% chicks and none of them fell in ur spell eh??che che.. :( and btw,21-0 even after a pep talk from uu??good tht u din do it before the game commenced.. :D

    Rotfl saar..superrrrr!!! :D :)

  15. Dai enna da maachi ethu pudhu sa iruku any ways good one da .. u keep Masaling ...??? Funny Chrizzzzz

  16. Good you've never played again... I'd hate to have you in my team! :P

    80% chicks, and you still left single!!!

  17. I play basketball and I'm always number 6.. its my roll number in college also... good goal

  18. we should catch a game in the park sometime... LOL...

  19. LOL :D

    Hope your comeback doesn't resemble that of M.Dixit & Karishma.K...

    Good luck :)

  20. I would love to play soccer with you :D .. Was a fun post , typical Chriz style :)

  21. hahhahahahahahaa
    u r the gr8est ever to wear the number 10 jersey

  22. Hojeez... Was all that for *real*..?? :D

    Here's something to 'comfort' you. Sachin's performance supposedly fell when he put on a number 10...,prtpage-1.cms



  23. @sree

    wow! i'd wear the number ten jersey again bro

    lost against kids...? man my goal was better i guess.. but you never know about the kids of the present generation


    enna vachu comedy keemadi pannalaiyae?

  24. @muse
    yes i have played it in the scool grounds.. yes those were fun days only

    you always explore the post mortem effect.. dontcha? btw its a new song now.. the godfather theme music

  25. @keshi

    yes i loved tat picture too.. got it in a mail.. thought it would be apt for this post


    i was a forward.. but all my teammates spent our entire time inside our own box.. not even our own half.. but the box

  26. @mayz
    now i am a changed man bro

    you should have been in our team too bro.. then you would have also sucked with us..

  27. @archana
    dunno whether id be able to play and i am not gonna play if i dont get the number ten jersey

    haha.. no comments abt the treatment in office..

  28. @rat
    this was a serious post and you calling this a humor post?

    i am glad that none of them fell in my spell cos everyone had already fallen in many a spells in the same office..

    enakku idha uttaa ennadhaan da theriyumm...

  29. @akansha
    glad that i am still single evene after that 80% attack...

    did you read the post fully?

    children park? i am game bro...

  30. @anusha
    why shouldnt i?

    resemblances might be in traces.. but no lip locks and side kicks for sure..

    enna? aalaalukku vambu illuthufying me.. ;)

  31. @praveen
    i bow down and take this honourable mention.. thanks bro

    wow! that some news indeed and me and sachin stand 165 cms tall.. what a combination.. man.. i appreciaate your timely comment

  32. hahahh ....i am on floor ... pics are soo awesome :P..


  33. aaahhh...what a story..what a story...
    yeh yeh..lets play the game again in ur style..variety u see. ;)

    liked the 2nd pic of all :)

  34. I love the pics more than the post.
    Bwahahaha! :P

  35. @hemant

    are you ok now? hope you dint hurt yourself.. and the purpose of this was not to floor you

    @v archana

    wanna play the game? hop on...

    did ya read the post? :) yes i loved the pictures too thats y i added them here

  36. Obvi!! thats more interesting na! trust me, it will increase your blog readership!! :P

  37. @thoorika

    enna earkanavey naan indha blogla asingapaduthradhu pothaadhaaa?


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