Every one would have come across a guy like that , especially if you had stayed in a hostel. This is a real story about a guy who paid heavily for stealing.It was my first year in College.I was put up in a Men's Hostel.It was my first time away from Home.

I happened to share my room with three other guys. Stephen,Edwin,and Robert. We were 4 different guys from four different places in India. We were from different economic, cultural, social backgrounds. It did not take long for us to adjust with each other. That is the beauty of Hostel life.We had our differences but still , we got along well.

Stephen was the sleeping beauty of our room. Any hour of the day, he would be sleeping. Edwin was a Master singer and he had such a beautiful voice. When it came to Light music, the first name that would come to any one's mind in college was Edwin's.I am not gonna talk about myself cos I have blown my trumpet already in my blog. But I have to talk about Robert because this post is dedicated to him. I am purposely using the original names cos even if I change it, my friends would know who I am talking about.

In hostel life no one owns anything. Your bathing soap would be missing from the soap dish. Some one else would be using your towel. Even shirts and trousers would be shared by friends. I was happy that at least, my friends did not use my underwear. Some days I would plan to go out in my best shirt and I would have ironed it and kept it on my bed. But when i return from my bath, Robert would be wearing it.We started calling him the flicker cos if anyone loses anything, we all knew where to find it. It would be in Robert's cupboard.

As days went by we were all irritated by Robert's attitude.He was such a pain. He would use our shoes without our permission and he even used Stephen's toothbrush once. I tried my level best to talk to him but nothing worked. He never changed his behavior.I never took it seriously when he used my shirts without permission but the day I found that he was even flicking money from my wallet, I thought of teaching him a lesson. A lesson that he would never forget in his entire life.

The very next day, I bought a hair styling gel.I did not keep it inside the shelf. I openly kept it on my table. Robert saw me using the hair gel and I knew he was tempted to try it. But he never had the guts to ask me openly. Days went by and the gel started to decrease in quantity and I knew that he was using it.

Soon I bought another hair cream. It was Brylcreem this time.When all my roomies were inside the room, I announced to them that this cream is the best of all hair creams.I even asked my friends to use it. They all tried.Robert had long hair and he was a Arjun Rampal look-alike.The cream really played wonders to his hair. I knew Robert liked it.After that day he started using it without my permission. I knew that the fish had fallen inside the net and hence I decided to pull the net to the shore.

Soon I bought another hair gel box , emptied its contents and filled it with Nads-waxing cream .That evening, I told Robert that the new cream is better than the old one. I also asked Stephen and Edwin not to use the cream.They agreed.

I waited for the anti-climax and I knew that i did not have to wait for a long time.The moment we all waited for, finally arrived.The very next day we saw Robert in a new look.He looked like a porn-model molested by an ape.The message was conveyed in an effective way. He never spoke to me again.