Saturday, January 03, 2009

272. The lipstick movement

“Some women wearing lipstick and powder have taken to streets in Mumbai and are abusing politicians spreading dissatisfaction against democracy. This is what terrorists are doing in Jammu and Kashmir,”

These are the golden words uttered by the vice president of a political party in India.He was commenting about the women of Mumbai because they protested against the terrorist attacks. His name is Muqtar Abbas Naqvi.

There was a public outrage against this gentleman. I pity this poor politician. After all, he just spoke from his heart and why are the people of our country getting irritated with a perfect man who speaks what his heart says? Our country is a democratic country and every person has the right to speak his views.

Even his partymen disowned him. I strongly condemn his fellow partymen because they let him down.I talked about this issue with a few friends of mine and every one were against this man. That is when, I decided that I am not gonna let this minister down.

As a matter of fact, I am the only person who understood his words. "Naqvi Sir! I salute you. You are indeed an inspiration. I do not care what others say about you. I truly respect your words and I promise to bash those who bash you."

Here with, I start the Lipstick movement. This movement is a venture to support our most respected Politician.I request all the kids of our country to join this movement. To become a member of this movement, all you have to do is follow three basic steps

1. Save the above picture in your PC

2.Add lipstick to our respected politician

3. Upload the corrected picture in your blog/myspace profile/orkut profile or where ever you can.

Be a part of this noble venture.The picture below is my dedication. Feel free to join this venture.It is absolutely free.

Renu used to tell me,"Never test the depth of the water with both feet.".Now I have tested the depth with both my feeth through this post. I know this would incur mixed reactions from the readers. But I would like to see the reactions.

I would also like to quote a very beautiful funny phrase I got as a text message."A coincidence is when God performs a miracle, and decides to remain anonymous." I would appreciate if the readers don't perform any miracles in the comment box. Refrain from posting as anonymous.Have the courage to reveal your identity. Anyways this post is not a part of the Kiss-Chriz competition.

Updated: Aayushi has done this photo and I wanted to add this here.Thank you Aayushi.



  1. i cannot see the lines written in blue. do change that.

  2. ha ha ha.. i was abt to bash u up..

    u saved urself chriz...

  3. New year, new look!!! Good post, I thought that the lipstick comment was one of the dumbest I heard even worse than Bushism or Sidhuism.

  4. ohhhhhhhh god!!!!!!! ur impossible :P i shalt join lipstick moment too..

  5. LOLS!!

    I knew Naqvi was a two-faced rat the day I saw him on National Television!

    Awesome way to deface a multi-faced politician! :D

  6. im going to do that for ur photo now ! how is the new year ! i see marrybrown behind ! not bad eh ! for nagercoil !

  7. :p hahah lol...that was some lipstick :P..


    welcome bac bro..missed ur opening post :)..

  8. dude??the lines in blue aren really clear..samma strain for my poor eyes.. :(

    Naqvi is a joker and dis aint the oly buffoonery he has done,he's a veteran in such stuff..

    well said maamoi.. ;)

  9. Pudhu varsham,, Pudhu Look, Pudhu ideas... kalakare Chriz! :P

  10. no comments on this uber irritating personality..

  11. Mailed you his picture.

    He looks hot in lipstick. =)


  12. @akka
    you can highlight the lines and read.. anyways ill change it..

  13. HAHAHA!!
    whats with u , the new year and kisses??? :p

  14. haha...
    1) save chriz in ur pc
    2) draw horns (let me say 'horns movement')
    3) upload the same here...
    heheh..jus kidding..very funny :)

    happy blogging

  15. @RAT

    i know.. do not know if i would be bashed up by any one from the political scene!

  16. @roger

    haha siddhu .. he was a man who changed commentary for ever.. thanks for bhogle , i still love commentators

  17. @anusha
    welcome to the lipstick movement.. already aayushi has taken part in the movement

  18. @hari
    i did not deface him bro.. i was supporting him... dont think i am two faceted too.. i am indeed his numero uno fan...

  19. @mahatma
    that is cochin.. and not nagercoil..we just have raymond show room in nagercoil.. nothing else..

    and you are going to do that to my picture? oh lovely.. it would be glamorous

  20. @hemant
    thanks machaaan. welkum back to my page.. keep coming

  21. @multi
    haha.. i changed those lines.. even my sister was complaining that she could not read the stuff properly.. now hope you could have read them....

    dont blame my poor political friend.. he is good.

  22. @thoorika
    vaalkaila naanga ellaaam munneraaa vendaaamaaa.... naangalum ungala maadhiri famous aaganum illa

  23. @trinaa
    thank you for the NO comments

  24. @aayushi

    yes have added that picture in my page too.. also the favicon is done.. mailing you

  25. @hi brainerd anna and akka

    haha.. glad to know that you had a good laugh... keep coming

  26. @resonator

    you want to see a HORNY picture of mine?

  27. @ vemuri

    he is rich but... welkum back bro

  28. m wid u bro...m gettin these pics printed n gonna tk out a protest supportin mr naqvi

    "mr naqvi tum lipstick lagao hum tumhare saath hain"

  29. he said frm his heart.......but he said somethng was conveyed the othr way....nice post.......

    but man ,wht if sme journalist gets a glance of ur blog.......tussi u will becme famous with this lipstick movement....

    The Solitary Writer

  30. "mr naqvi tum lipstick lagao hum tumhare saath hain"

    :p cudnt be better than this

  31. @mayz
    haha.. brother.. you are appointed as the president of the lipstick movemet because you are the one who has come up with the slogan for our political party..

    the spokesperson would be aayushi because she came up with the tagline for our movement..
    way to go..

  32. @solitary writer
    welkum to my page bro.. am glad.. blog itself is a media of its own.. hehe.. will the tv media notice this? that means, more page clicks? wow! i need to add some ads to my page now i guess

    coming up in my page very soon - my horny picture

  34. I would vote for the last pic.. ;-)

  35. aayushi's version is better than urs
    n now since i wud love to join in this lipstic movement, i volnteer to donate my lipcolors n lip glosses :D

  36. funny, ur trip outside did not changed ur sharp humor :P
    PS: i dont think u chose the right lipstick for that man as a woman speaking a 'soft mocha' would have been more appropriate :P

  37. LOL:)

    But I was quite puzzled with his statement, as I always thought of him as one the sensible politicians.

  38. @richa

    yes i loved aayushi's more than mine.. thats why she has become the spokesperson of the lipstick movement..

    lip gloss.. wow.. i will also use it..

  39. @cess

    haha i loved the site...
    welkum back... the gap really has brought back some magic.. i agree

  40. @devil...

    yes! even my vote goes to aayushi's work... hail our spokesperson..

  41. @renu

    haha.. he is a sensual politician now...

  42. @rahul
    welkum to my page.. you techie geek

  43. @hitch

    nice namee .. hopping to your page

    thanks for coming

  44. Lipstick movement. Agreed. Registering eh? Right wing or left wing? Or shall i assume you are jumping guns with a new straight wing?
    And is it like you might morph this Moveement into floating a political party?
    If so, count me for a post:P

    Funny Post!

  45. Ah, this really tickles the funny bone... And yeah you can have my lip glosses too!

  46. roflmao....
    Initially I was like wtf r u saying ...but the culmination to the post was brilliant mann.....

    Wd love to join the movement ....The last pic though just takes the cake ...... :D

  47. Ha... newyear and new style eh?
    hope the guy wont sue you for this;)

  48. Thank you...thank you Chriz, atleast you understood my sentiments...and thats a touching gesture you are showing-the Lipstick movt:P

  49. You are back with a bang...I just fell of my chair seeing the last

  50. @archana
    its not the left or the right wing.. its the centre wing.. we r gonna hit right at the target.. no more deviation

    a political movement can be aided with a renaissent force from a mob .. if you are ready to hop in, i would be more than happy..

  51. @akansha

    the rate at which i am getting lip glosses, i myte have to use some on myself

  52. @anurag
    the prupose was served.. haha.. yes the last picture was more than purfect...

  53. @insults
    haha paris hilton rocks ... do visit again

  54. @neeths
    which guy will sue me?
    i am the number one fan of naqvi saab

  55. Chriz
    sheesh!That would be such a waste... Nah, gift them to our politicians! C'mon now, they need them more than you do...

  56. @Muqtar Abbas Naqvi sir

    its an honour that you paid a personal visit to my page..
    i am so happy..

    i am also happy that you have learnt to type in English in a very short span of time.. No wonder I am on your side...

  57. @josh
    and glad that i was looking at it sitting in my bed...

  58. @akansha
    wont i look good on it? if my favorite politician can look so hawt in it, wouldnt i look atleast a little warm.?

  59. Oh, don't worry you'll look hawt on it, but the gloss would agree to look only 'Pink' on you...

  60. Idhu dhane vendamnu solradhu!!!!! Aayushi has done a better job than you !!! :P I appreciate her efforts!!!

  61. @akansha
    then i'd go for a brown base lipstick and then have a map finish gloss on top.. what say

  62. @thoorika

    the difference between me and aayushi is that she can draw and that i cant...

    another difference is a child prodigy and i am nearing my thirties.. its the problem with old age...

  63. Hmmm... I would suggest a brown base with spots of green, Environmentalists would be happy ;)

    But er... if this is Naqvi in the making, how about black?

  64. @akansha
    black? i would look like a golliwog?why do you wanna do that to me?

  65. Well I want to do this to 'Naqvi in the making'...

    Imagine 'Naqvi the Golliwog'... Hmm... Sounds good!

  66. @akansha
    sounds good.. and they would interview me and stuff? wow.. i am already dreaming...

  67. Well I'm all set to leave you in your wonderland and go on to look for mine...

  68. lolzy i soo loved the last two pics... brilliantly done... you have a gift you know :P of course u know...

  69. hehehheheheheheh :D

    Naqvi made an ass of himself..and he seems to b very proud of it

  70. Hilarious!!!
    and i was wondering all through what was happening untill i sawthe lovely movement u have started!!
    Ayushi has done a great job...and i think she deserves a big round of applause:D

  71. hahahaha too funny Chriz!


  72. Your post is really funny and interesting..He looks hot in lipstick

  73. @akansha

    wonderlandd was just awesome.. i was surrounded by the kingfisher babes

  74. @phoenix

    the gift was nt unwrapped for a long time.. now slowly am unpacking it

  75. @swats
    he is my favorite politician.. please dont talk ill of him

  76. @santz richa

    aayushi is the girl of big things...

  77. @KESHI

    thanks girl.. glad to see you rocking again

  78. @femin

    first of all, thanks for coming to my page...

    and yes my favorite icon , he is.. he should look hot indeed

  79. hey, u might land up in a soup distorting a politician like this:-)

  80. heyyyy...thats gr8 news...glad u r back into d blogging world :)

    good luck...wish u a very happy new year!! :)

  81. @kochu

    thanks for coming here... this post is about talking sense in an insensible way.. and everyperson with an average IQ level will agree with me..

    thanks for coming.. do come.. :)

  82. @archana

    glad to see you again.. thanks

  83. I wish I could show this personally to Naqvi and see the mastercard expressions...wouldn't that be a clean swipe? ;)

    Good one there buddy...Terrorists will definitely stay away if all our politicians would turn transvestites! :)

  84. I wonder why lipstick is called lipstick. coz I have not seen it keeping any lips stuck :D

  85. Cool lipstick pics.

    BTW.......blogroll me:)


  86. Interesting

    Above all
    Hilarious post.:)

  87. :D Awefreakinsome, dude!

    Will put that up on my blog soon. Not quite into the blogging *zone* yet.


  88. Naqvi looks great with lipstick ....if he looks any more sexier I wud have a man crush on him ;-)

    btw...i thought this post was abt Obama's 'Palin' Lipstick comment when i saw the title ;-)

  89. Lipstick movement .... LOL, but mr.naqvi deserves it after all!!!


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