Thursday, January 01, 2009

271. The Chronicwriter Returns

iT fEeLs sO GoOd tO Be bAcK To wHeRe i bElOnG.

I left the blogging scene in 2008 and now I come back to my space in 2009. I am back after a much needed break.I come back with news about
  1. my wandering escapades
  2. the experiences I had during my hiatus
  3. my love affair with the air-hostess
  4. the food that made me sit in the loo for 17 hours
  5. my new underwear collection from ellen
  6. my new life
  7. the talk show I am gonna kick-start soon
  8. the X-factor about my the big toe in my left leg
  9. the forest story

and many more... Believe it when I say this; This post-break avatar of mine would be seriously and absolutely different from the avatar I had prior to my hiding. But I will assure everyone here, that the humor part of Chronicwriter would be there always.

I was just going through some of my old posts and I had goosebumps reading my own blog.. Chronicwriter has come a long way. Do Check the following stories in your free time.

  1. My family
  2. My pet Dog-Bubbly

News about my Niece and Nephew: Jeremy and Jolena are doing fine and they convey their regards to each and everyone. Jeremy was the cow in the Christmas play in Church. I am very glad that Jolena did not take part in the Christmas play because I am dead sure that she would have kicked the shepherds and wisemen out of the manger.

As this is my return to the blogging world, I have decided to get more personal.So this time around I have decided to go an extra yard in reaching out with the Blogging community (which includes Blog writers and Blog readers). I have decided to give two awards. One for the Blog writers and one for active participants of this Blog.

The first Award will be presented to One Blogger every month.Bloggers in my blogroll stand a chance to win this award. The best post of that month will enable a blogger to win this award.

The second award is a bi-monthly award. Active particpants of this Blog (either as readers or commenters) stand a chance to win this T-shirt (worth 25 US$). Once the winner's name is announced, the winner can send his/her address to and the award will be shipped to the winner within 10 days.Bloggers who wish to get blogrolled in my blog , can also send their blog URLs to this address.

Every month there woud be a new background theme song for the Blog. The song for this month is "I can only imagine".I take this opportunity wish everyone a very Happy NewYear. God bless you all.

I am planning to run an optional contest if I get a decent number of entries. The name of the contest is "Kiss-Chriz" competition. Any takers?



  1. yay im the first to comment... i am na??

    i cant really express just how happy i am to see to back to where you belong.. im not so angry that my truck load of tears, that i had shed when u were gone were waste.. you were worth it.. but u deserve a nice punch for not being back sooner...

    anyway what matters is you're back!!

    hmm and as for the awards... sounds's just politely hoping that id win one atleast.. and not badgering you to give me one... :)

    amidst all this... i just wanted to wish you a very happy new year!! :)

  2. good to see u back man..
    a nice way to start the new year,,
    and going by what you have said in this post, I can very well imagine a rocking 2009 @ chronic writer..

  3. oh goodie!! you're back..
    and honestly, i'm glad you are, cuz there are very few hood writers of humour.. it's a shame when such ppl disappear! anyway, happy new year to you chriz.. may this year bring more smiles in your life! :D

  4. one shouldn't drink on new years eve. I missed your by a few hours hope i am still one of the first few.

    I should be mailed the t-shirts first hand cos i was the most active blogger at your blog when you started blogging.

    BTW welcome back and Appy NU Ear

  5. WB and HAPPY NEW YEAR Chriz! :)


  6. Welcome back Chriz ! And nice to see the list of wacky topics only u can write about !! Great going and have a mind blowing 2009 !

  7. So much things up in the pipeline?! That's nice!
    Happy New Year btw!

  8. I am so glad to see you back, I missed you!!! I needed my laughing to kick off! hahaha

    I cannot wait to read you again!
    Happy 2009!!

    Love the song! It is one that is dear to me!
    G-d Bless!

  9. @raka

    :) you made me feel so happy ( mixed with a uilt of sullen emotions)..

    the badge thing and the tshirt thing is to go that extra mile...

  10. @praveen
    thank you very much bro.. have a rocking 2009

  11. @divya

    wow.. i am all blushing.. tsk tsk..

    thank you very much men for the sweet words.. ill keep my word.. and i will strive to give good humor stuff

  12. @santosh

    man.. new year sometimes drencehs most of us with memories and sometimes in alcohol...

    i know that you had been my very early blogmate right from livejournal days.. arshat too...

    it has been a long journey indeed.. i am so glad for that.. keep visiting bro and keep writing

    god bless

  13. @keshi
    haha.. and you are back too.. wonderful... lets strike...

  14. @sandy
    my only school-classmate blogger..

    it is very good to see you back.. am so happy for that.. it brings me great joy when i sit back and read some of my old posts..

    thnk you

    do visit again

  15. @sanju

    yes renu, mr.x, jeremy, jolena,and I am very happy for your wishes..

    we all wish you a very happy new year too

  16. @arc

    loaded with post-ideas..

    hope it doest end up stuck in the bottle neck...

    happy new year ji

    god bless ji

  17. @NE

    glad you like this song.. it is one of my favorites too.. i love the lyrics.. some nights when i listen to this, it gives me goosebumps..

    and i will sure strive hard to keep the humor instincts intact...

    god bless you too

  18. :P PICK ME! PICK ME!

    Oh, btw, that was NOT for the chizzy kissy thing...

    Happy New Yr anyway

  19. @anusha
    its not gonna be a cheesy kiss.. dont have such dreams...

    its the winner who gets a chance to kiss chriz.. its up to the winner to show creativity

  20. appa.. enna ma publicity.. !!!! thanga mudiley.. Hope your trip as successful.. !! Anyway.. A very very Happy New Year! Remember whatever I told you in my blog :P Happy Blogging again! MY love to Jeremy and Jolena!! :)

  21. happy new year.. thanks for dropping by my blog... hoping I am blogrolled too...:) :D looking forward to that T

  22. Good you are back!

    Happy new year and best wishes for the year ahead.

  23. happpy new year chriz!!!! n ur back...yaaaaaaaaaayiii! :D :D :D

  24. @thoorika
    publicity illaaama mudiyummaaa..
    idhellaaam arasiyilla sagajam dhaaney..

    try panrein...

  25. @swayam

    thanks for dropping by...
    i will blogroll you for sure...

  26. @jollyroger

    thanks anna.. happy new year

  27. @trinaa
    thanks and yea am back and front too

  28. Welcome back:)
    Wish a great succes for ur book Renu( its my name which is always lucky everywhere:)

  29.!!welcum bac chrizz..

    the underwear chronicles aresetto roll..athukkodeye unnude pj's koodi varapokuthu!!plus plus ur innumerable wits plus plus plus ur superb sense humour..Blogosphere is cumin alive again thnks to namma sir..

    I CAN'T WAIT!! :D

  30. WELCOME~~!!!!!!!!!
    Wish You a Very Happy New Year!!!
    I cant tell you how happy I am to have you back to the blogging world..and Iat the same time I hope that your break has helped you being what you wanted to be:)
    I cant wait to read through all the to be written posts...
    and hey the idea of the awards is great..May be now I can come out of my hibernation:)....

    Welcome back buddy!!!!

  31. send me the award and the T shirt imm

  32. @Renu
    haha.. thank you very much.. yea RENU the book...

  33. @multimenon
    you speak tamil wow.. happy new year bro.. so you are currently in Chennai!

  34. Welcome back!!

    Happy New Year...

  35. @richa
    am glad that am back too.. i will be more cranky than b4...

  36. @sajeeve
    happy new year... hehe please update your blog

  37. @resonator
    yae.. thanks a bunch

  38. welcome back criz.. i missed u soooo.. I knew u wud come back ;)


    n yeah awards, ummm, I desereve them ;) :P

    n the contest too, i am in ;)

    Happy New yr buddy!!

  39. @richa
    you are the first to gimme a welcome hug.. thanksyou the very muchs..

  40. I am glad you are back to blogging...although I know you just for few days...but once I am here on ur blog, I want to read more and its so gr8 to see that people were oh-so-looking forward to your comeback :)

    Wish you all the best and a happy new year too.

  41. Ooh!

    Been an invisible reader of this blog for long! The prizes and stuff tempt me!

    I'll start commenting! Won't you give me the prize, sire?

    If this adds on to my prize-winnablity: I've been a long-time-fan! :P

  42. Welcome back.

    So... I get to be one of those to see just the *new* you, I suppose?

    Belated X-Mas greetings.

    Have a wonderful 2009.

    Peace. Tc. Be well.

  43. Welcome bac :)
    Happy 2009

  44. That new idea of the shirt and the cup are fab..though..KISS CHRIZ?..*ahem*..Please can I be excused to laugh first..?? :D

  45. Okay okay. Sowwwie!
    I am like the happiest person right now..its an awesome gift for me..teh comeback of Chriz0the great!
    And most imprtantly Jolena and Jeremy!!..I soooo love them!..And I'm so happy Jolena was not in the X'mas play or she would bowl the guys over ;)
    The song idea is awesome...and m defintely gonna look forward to the fun in store fr us!


  46. woah Welcome back Dude...

    Stunning Template and the guitar mann ...Superb Return....

  47. YAY!!! YIIPPPEEE!!! ur back!!!


    Wish a Very Happy New Year!!

    A nice new year start to see ur post...missed ur posts a lot!!

    I havent been posting either....thou ur awards seem like a good incentive to start posting again :)

    Welcome back :)

  48. @harshita
    welkum to this simple page.. i missed being arnd in the blog world for a long time... now gonna work for getting back on track

  49. @hari

    haha .. you made me smile.. yougot the humor material in you.. i blogrolled you bro.. would hop down to your page and read your posts...

    have a great new year

  50. @kartz
    yes you are.. hehe.. i am thinking about what to type after this post

  51. @aayushi

    haha.. love ya kid... keep coming.. yea jolena would have bowled everyone with her kicks and style...

  52. @anurag

    thanks bro.. it is not a template .. just added my photo.. infact i am so lazy to go for the new age templates.. just hanging on with the old default templates

  53. @illusion

    i am happy for you.. keep writing.. would visit your page.

  54. Feels great to see you back blogging.. That looks like there is a whole lot of thing packed for your blog in the coming days.. Waiting to read all ur new experiences..

    A very happy and prosperous 2009 to you and your family :)

  55. Thankgod! Life seems a lot more normal now :)

    Welcome back bro! HaPpy NEw YeaR :)

  56. @shalini

    welkum back.. yeah.. my unplanned vacation has brought me back to this planned return.. yes loads to blog for sure...

  57. @Urv

    bro i am normal now.. :)

  58. @PCR

    Think hard. You'll come up with something. No wonder your space is popular. :)

    And thanks for the prompt drop-in.

    See you around.


  59. happy new year :)
    glad that ur backk and boy!! in what style! :D
    loved the template, the song, the updates...impressive i must say!

    ohh and the contest, i would advice u to take that back...considering how many ppl would participate u might end up dying out of suffocation :))


  60. suffocation from strangling urself for the idea ofcourse ;)
    haha what did u think??

  61. U cannot imagine my happiness now. U have no clue of how happy i am to see this page of urs.

  62. Boy! am i glad to cya back!:)
    keep blogging! and happy newyear!have a blessed year ahead:)

  63. Hey WelcomE back Chriz...HappY NeW YeaR buddy! :)
    May you have a cool new year with the prosperity being at your wish! :)
    About the contests, interesting! :)

  64. @pri

    which contest should i take back?

    keep coming doctor ji.. suffocation?? hehe if the third game backfires!!

  65. @sam
    i just imagined... wow..

    and i got a clue too..

    welcome to my page.. keep the coming and going a habit.. wokey

  66. @neethu
    you saw my back? noooooo .. you can see my face for a change

    happy new year to you too dearie

  67. @sree
    an MBA in marketing .. sure has given me such silly but wannabe ideas!

  68. @neeths

    argh for my new year wishes?

  69. no...for your PJs(pathetic jokes):P

  70. @karthik

    thanks bro.. happy new year

  71. @neeths

    pathetic jokes make me! :)

  72. is ur returning back a new year's gift to us?? ... happpily accepted :D

    post all those things soon. :)

    umm awards... nice idea.

    wish u a very happy new year. :)

  73. @preetilata
    am glad .. yes happy new year..

  74. Welcome back brother :)

    happy new year...have a great one!!

  75. aaaaah template change! niiice :)

  76. Yeah I do remember you... Just was stuck with something which I didnot like.. Will comment after reading the posts.. Wish you too a very Happy New year.. :-)

  77. @prakhar

    thanks bro happy new year

  78. @trinaa

    yes changed it.. :) happy new year

  79. @devils advocate
    oh k.. kewl.. i got back ur link oing thru my old posts.. thank you

  80. appappa..Unnude intelligence irukke!!I am in madras for the past 10 years.. :)

    Saaar,Ur check out.. :)

  81. @multi
    freeya vudu maamoi.. i am honoured reg the award.. coolio.. thank ya

  82. Hooooooooowdddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyy

    Welcome Back.
    We missed all our fans.
    Good to be back.

    God Bless you mama

    lots of ummmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Jer & Jo

  83. nice new template..Btw,hus tht guy wid d guitar?? :p

  84. @jeremy and jolena @dewdrops

    yae.. most of the readers missed you both more than they missed me..

    :) will add some more of your posts soon.. God bless

  85. @multi

    i guess that guy is me.. doesnt he look like me? now i have some great doubts.. i guess he is not.. is he? is he not?

  86. Happy new year !!
    nice post.:)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    have a nice day.:)

  87. @shiv
    always welkum maams

    it has been a wonderful week forboth of us..


  88. ah... a come back..welcome back dude...

    hope to see d nutty and witty side of u...

    Ok now send me d cup and tee rite away... :P

  89. @rat
    welkum to my page...

    the cup is an online award..

    the t shirt would be sent on a bi monthly basis..

    no one is even bothered about the kiss-chriz contest...

  90. @shiv

    my picture is the logo and the favicon too :)

  91. Hey Chriz!!!
    Welcome back! We sure did miss u! Wish u a gr8 new year ahead!!


  92. Welcome back to the blog world.
    Wish you a very Happy New Here!

    So whats the gift for me??

  93. welcome bro :)....after long time huh!...happy to see ya bac :)..


  94. Kiss Chriz.... aha! Pretty innovative ;)

  95. It's great to see you back. This is a Nice New Year's Gift.

  96. I am glad that you are 'back in black' .

    Btw , Chriz , are those t-shirts used or new ?

  97. Is the Kiss Chriz contest open for all ,regardless of sex and sexual orientation ?

  98. So I'm winning the award this weak arnen't I?

    Plaz pleaz Please choose me.................................................I do like the cup. I can use it in the LOO Room. Can you send me sum Tp (tolilt Paper) along with the shirt and the tea set........:)

    btw happy newyear:)

    aND DID MY tELE tubbies (my best soldiers) save you or did mr. Red under man do?


  99. Becoming more and more commercial eh ;) :) :P ..... Welcome Back....Good to have you back in the community :)


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