The 1994 world cup soccer finals between Brazil and Italy ended in a Goal-less draw. I was watching that match in Doordarshan on TV. Just when I thought that the world cup would be shared by both Brazil and Italy, I saw the match taking a new turn with the penatly shootout. Brazil eventually won when Roberto Baggio ballooned his kick over the bar.

I understood that big prizes are not for sharing and there is only one winner in most cases.

Most of us would remember that kindergarden story about a monkey dividing a cake for two cats. The cats ended up as just mere spectators and the monkey ate the full cake.

The reason why I stated these two examples is just to explain the fact that When two people achieve something great, they should not be given a single Prize and asked to share it between them. this is What happened to Jeremy and Jolena.

  1. Jeremy and Jolena saved our country HERE.
  2. The Prime minister of the country praised their efforts and presented them with His Royal Chair HERE.

But Why did he just present one Chair?

He should have presented two chairs for the kids. Jeremy and Jolena ended up having a heated conversation in deciding who is eligible for sitting in the chair.See the deadly debate here.