Thursday, November 06, 2008

261.The fight for the chair

The 1994 world cup soccer finals between Brazil and Italy ended in a Goal-less draw. I was watching that match in Doordarshan on TV. Just when I thought that the world cup would be shared by both Brazil and Italy, I saw the match taking a new turn with the penatly shootout. Brazil eventually won when Roberto Baggio ballooned his kick over the bar.

I understood that big prizes are not for sharing and there is only one winner in most cases.

Most of us would remember that kindergarden story about a monkey dividing a cake for two cats. The cats ended up as just mere spectators and the monkey ate the full cake.

The reason why I stated these two examples is just to explain the fact that When two people achieve something great, they should not be given a single Prize and asked to share it between them. this is What happened to Jeremy and Jolena.

  1. Jeremy and Jolena saved our country HERE.
  2. The Prime minister of the country praised their efforts and presented them with His Royal Chair HERE.

But Why did he just present one Chair?

He should have presented two chairs for the kids. Jeremy and Jolena ended up having a heated conversation in deciding who is eligible for sitting in the chair.See the deadly debate here.



  1. ROFL heated arugument or a bullfight chriz?
    u r a funny man... babies fighting and u shooting a video for ur blog. lolz :D :D

    i want moooooreeeee of such videos :(

  2. oh i cracked 3 nuts :P

    came back for one more :P

  3. unfortunately(or fortunately)this country has only 1 PM so far..and hence 1 chair...:P

  4. that looked very similar to our mps fighting.. sorry debating in our parliament...

    future politicians maybe..

  5. hey intha kuti's ahh vachu nee hero agitu iruka polla

  6. OMG :D
    What a maajjoooor bullfight between the two extra adorable kidzies!

    PS-come check my 50th..mentioned you!

  7. chrizzy its all blocked here man :'( :,(

  8. The kids have a bright future in politics!!!

  9. poor kids are learning a lot from u..cum on teach them to live in peace..u understand peace??
    super fighte loved it

  10. even i remember dat bizzare wc finals.. was really sorry for RB but always my fav team is brazil! :D

    Na, office la videos blocked! :(

  11. Haha....small yet deadly debate! :)
    My guess is that the author is the initiator of the debate, what say? ;)

  12. Thanks for your reply. As I see you have replied but have not answerd.
    No, I'm not blogging bud. I am not interested in blogging.
    I post anonymous because I don't have an account and don't intend to have one. If name's just enough, it's Nikhila.
    Yes, I am interested in rating agency and no, I'm not interested in who the traffic provider is, but what the traffic was.

  13. I cried for this match of Baggio ....He was a superstar I didnt want Brazil to win the cup...

  14. ok ..u r nutz i repeating myself

  15. @lukky divz
    cracko girll.. thanks a bunch... you made me smile with ur comments

  16. @neeths
    thats a very sad state indeed.. i never said that he was the prime minister of this country..

  17. @sarath
    i foresee a lawyer inside jeremy and a martial art exponent in jolena

  18. @shivaram
    udu maama.. palagi pochu

  19. @aayushi
    dahling.. check the html generator i sent ya

  20. @urv
    damn IT company? IT companies should be banned ..

  21. @thoorika
    do they? are you sure? would they give a speech like obama? would they talk about me?

  22. @pj
    i am innocent and non violent.. not my teaching for sure

  23. @king
    brazil rules.. wow.. another brazil fan.. lets dance samba...

  24. @shenoy
    teh author just sits in a corner and adores the kids.. he newver pokes his nose inside their business. if he tries to do so, they attack him

  25. @anonymous aka nikhila
    glad to know that you are interested in knowing the traffic this sites pulls in.. To be frank , I do not keep track of the traffic.. I am not using this for commercialisation.. So dint add optimising stuffs also..

    as far as the rating is concerned its content based rating and not reader biassed! indibloggies is based on voting and stuff and my blog has not graded to that level yet.. mine is a small time fun page..

    This section is for commenting on the post that i have written.. If you have any queries , you can drop a line to my mail. thanks and God bless you, my child

  26. @karthik
    i am a pure brazil fan.. i love their game.. but i am sad to see their style change in the last two years.. they are not any more the short samba passing team anymore.. they play like the europeans now..
    sad state for brazilian football.

    i want them to play the samba soccer

  27. @farah
    haha.. yea. i am a nut..:)

  28. am turning into the biggest fan of these kids...they have a future in acting, especially dare devil stunts ...hehehe

  29. and VIVA BRAZIL!!!!
    wud never forget that match:D

  30. Hi mama, we are so embarassed about this. Our mumma tells us to use our words not our hands. We did not listen to her that day coz that stupid chair seemed so important. But now we are into our training . This wont happen again we promise.
    Agent Jer the gentleman
    Agent Jo the deer kutty

  31. Chriz chriz chriz..laughing out loud man and suppressing, folks will wake up...hahahhaahha
    YES my Jolena won!!!!
    awwhhh when nothing else works BITE!!
    Seriously this is what I would do to my bro too..
    aiyoooo kidsss .
    God bless

  32. Man!! I gotta witness them watch this video 20 years later...hahahahh
    tooooo shweeeeett
    mwah mwah

  33. I started reading your blog after that article on ergo .

    Pretty humorous stuff .Keep doing the good job . One thing that i would like to suggest is not to get overwhelmed by the sudden fame and try to overdo things .. I have seen that happen with some famous bloggers ...

    Cheers .

  34. HAHAHAHA @chait fight! So cute. I can rem I used to throw hissy fits (still do) at my cuzn bro when were like 5yrs old. He and I palyed together and then suddenly we hated each other, and then one day I threw some food on his face LOL!


  35. @praveen
    they have become calm again now..

    and yeah brazil rooooles bro

  36. @dewdrops..
    glad that you guys ahve calmed down.. tomorrow i would write abt ur commando training stuff

  37. @bhaw
    they would sure have a great time watching this after 20 years.. haha.. and you were a similar kid? must have been a great biting childhood

  38. @phenomenon
    thanks for cominng to my page and for that lovely comment bro.. i am just a small time blogger.. there are bigger guys in he business..
    keep cominng.. ill visit your page..

  39. @keshi
    you must have been a real brat as a kid

  40. I was. Cos he was making me one lol!


  41. He he :) I don't mind. But make sure u have a job lined up for me ;)

  42. I missed so many of ur posts...reading them all now..
    was on a 10 day long vacation:-)hence the delays between posts:-)
    but ill try n be regular now on:-)

  43. needless to say...the little kids r adorable:-)


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