I was just yawning to glory after watching yet another movie when my phone rang. Yes it was him again. It was Bunny. Thats how I call him. For those who are wondering who Bunny is, Please check this. Yes he is the Prime minister of the country and he happens to be a friend of mine.

I picked up the phone and this is what happened

PM: Hey Chrissy How are you

Me: Hey bunny. I am fine . How are you

PM: I am fine. I want to thank you for the big help that your niece and nephew did for saving the country.
Me: Ok! Dont drag on. Come to the point (With lot of attitude)
PM: I just want to thank them by giving them a present.
Me:Is it? Cool!!! and what would that be?
PM: It is my Royal Throne. I am gonna present to them for their valiant effort in saving the country.
Me: Thats Good. Send it to them. Now I am getting another call from Sania Mirza. So can you please keep the phone.

He kept the phone and I went into a romantic conversation with SM. I had a great night. I am not gonna post the conversation I had with SM.

The very next day, the royal throne of the prime minister was handed over to Jeremy and Jolena. On seeing the throne, the kids were very happy and they started performing a waltz dance to show their happiness.

Check this video:

1) Check the blue colour royal throne in the video
2) Check Jolena's efforts to sit in the royal throne and also see how Jeremy tackles the situation
3)Watch the climax of the video where a powerful rock-bottom is delivered to Jolena
4)and do not forget to watch their cool waltz dance moves