I have three bottles of Beer in front of me as I type this post. I usually finish a bottle of beer in three big gulps.The lack of constant touch has made me think that I have lost my great form in Gulping Beer.

Well, today is gonna be the day. I am gonna prove all my critics wrong. I am gonna prove that my beer gulping abilities are stronger than what it used to be..

I open the first beer bottle.

Beer bottle:One, Gulp:1
The first sip is always not so good. It is just the initial sip which wets the tongue and clears the vacuum space inside the stomach.I feel rejuvenated now . The drink tastes like ginger mixed with Hot water and vinegar.I feel strong and I am pretty sure that this post is gonna be a great one

Beer bottle:One, Gulp:2
The second sip was very soothing. My throat had a cool effect. I can feel my kidneys jumping in excitement. My bladder is getting filled up. Ok I am overjoyed with the beer drinking experience that I forgot to type what I had intended to type. Let me take the third and final gulp from the first bottle

Beer bottle:One, Gulp:3
This gulp just made me sit straight. Never knew that a bottle of beer would make me active.The bottle is empty, but my bladder is full now. Newton was right.Energy can be transformed from one container to another. Wasn't it the law of conservation of energy? Did Newton come up with that finding? Whatever... It is time to open the second bottle.

Beer bottle:Two,Gulp:1

Man! I know that My capacity is great. A super strong beer and a super strong blogger. What a combination!!! By the way, My bladder is gonna overflow.
Be Right Back
Oooooh! That was heaven. But now my tummy is so empty.I need another gulp before I type today's post.

Beer bottle:Two, Gulp:2
It feels like a fresh new start. A new beginning. Am I smiling now? Does that mean I am happy? When I am happy, I always come up with great posts. Wow! I just love this feeling.

Beer bottle:Two, Gulp:3
So soon. Two bottles over.Am the new drinking champion? **Burp**
Where did that come from? It was totally not intentional. So please excuse me. ** Burp**. Again! I need one more gulp to stop this burping thingie

Beer bottle:Three, Gulp:1
This gulp should stop the burping effect. But Is my bladder full again? Man I need to go to the loo. I could experience goosebumps under my feet. Am I ok? Yes I am pretty alright. I can walk straight and I am straight too

Beer pottle:Three, Pulp:2
Why am I sitting on the floor? Am I smelling Bad? Where is the computer monitor? I can only see the keyboard.I need to frink the last gulp

Dear throttle: Free, Hulk: hehehe
Whoa! Did I throw Up? The beer is not good. French Nurse ate a butterfly. I am driving a big blue car. I can jump like a kangaroo. Scoobydoobydoo. I can't see broperlee.