Saturday, November 01, 2008

256. Advantage -Online chatting

Remember those days? Those chat days!!! Internet-Chatting is indeed fun. I still remember those days. Days I used to chat hours together.Those were great ol' fun days.
I remember the chat-abbrevations used as a part of the conversation. ASL,LOL,ROTFL,ASL. These four abbrevations are gonna be the topic for this post.
It was very easy to use this abbrevation while chatting-on-line. It is not the same case when we try doing it face-to-face.

Have you ever tried asing the age/sex and location of a complete stranger on the road? If you have tried doing so, please comment about the repercussions on such occassions.
I was an over extensive user of this particular abbrevation. I pre/post-fix LOL to every sentence that I type when I chat online.

But on the contrary, Can we do it in real life situation. Imagine that we are travelling in a train. Suddenly we burst out laughing. What would be our situation after that?
This is a hyper version of the previous type. Roll-On-The-Floor-Laughing. I just tried a little demo of the same in the drawing room. My mom and Dad are giving me a very dirty look now.

I could atleast digest and understand the previous three words, but this one is a ripper. How could I Laugh-My-Ass-Out? Is it literally possible? Don't they simply call it farting?

Readers can also share some other Chat -abbrevations that are funny and creepy when actually practised.


  1. Hey your post reminded me of the few years back when i was this crazy kid trying to get a bite(byte??) of the internet. My first message on the chat room would be 'asl' . I was so embarassed to even talk about it, now its funny.
    LOL..or shoud i say ROTFL.. :)
    Nice blog.
    FYI..I have added your blog to my favorite list. So will check back for your posts. Take care.
    Visit me at

  2. @archana
    welcome to my page...
    chatting .. yes . it was fun.. thanks for adding my page to your fav list

  3. well i once said LOL while talking when my friend told me a joke... I wanted to laugh and all that I said was "LOL" ...

  4. LOL!! :PPP
    u noe wht.. my id used to be heat of ice(!!)..n almost every 3rd guy i used to chat with would try n discuss 'physics' with me!! had to get rid of d id n the idea of chatting v soon!

  5. lolz...
    yeah, ol' days chatting..
    if i look back, i literally feel zany. it seems soo kiddish, not even kids wont chat these days :D

  6. Thanks for the full-forms... I had many people chatting with me using these and I dared not ask them the full form lest i sound chat illiterate... thanks for the enlightment

  7. :)

    online chatting..
    used to be an addict earlier...

    when i started chatting i never got the meaning of these short forms...and initially i used them blindly when chatting with girlies..!! blindly in the sense i thought it was hep to use them..and i used here and there..!!


  8. Wtf! :P

    It is one abbreviation used extremely often..:P

  9. ahh... refreshng remiscences of the good old days !!:) well written...Point no 4, thought provoking indeed !!:)

  10. omg u update so soon!! am missing out on so many things...really busy, wud come back and read asap

  11. @the army guy
    what was the reaction?

  12. @trinna
    haha.. fire on ice.. nice one.. what is the melting vaporizing point?
    my id was iamtheguyurdadwarneduabout

  13. @richa
    these days kids are more practical.. not like us

  14. @sarath
    have you tried your own abbrevations?

  15. @vinz
    rofl... use them here and there.. man u could come up with a post on that... shud have be royal fun

  16. @aayushi
    what does that mean?

    When to fish? please educate my innocent mind

  17. @lukkydivz
    thanks for dropping by in your busy schedule

  18. very funny. Last two abbreviations, I had never heard of. But yes i have done chatting on net..but not with strangers.

  19. nice one list there chriz. BTW there is small issue. whenever you comment on my blog your comments r are received in the blog previous to the one its inteneded for. For EG. the last on eon SMS has landed up in my when it will rain again. please check the issue at ur end.. thanks

  20. @kiran
    you havent heard of the last two abbrevs? then you are innocent like me

  21. @santosh
    i will look into the matter.. yes there is something wrong...

  22. ROFL- i do that. A lot. :D

    Seriously. :)

    Sometimes on the bed, but, yeah. :)

  23. brb ...
    And they never come back...

    btw you reminded of my Teenage Years ....Those were the Yahoo Messenger days ....I wanna go back..Damn !!

  24. Btw..come give your share on my latest post :D

  25. @divinedu
    and all i did on my bed was wetting it..welkum to my page

  26. @anurag
    welkum to my page bro.. yes those yahoo messenger days.. they were ood ol days..

  27. @aayushi
    chriz is heading down to ur page

  28. haha good one!

    I think I abuse the 'LOL' word like no one else does!


  29. And wuts with ASL...sounds like a demographic research qn!


  30. ASL is
    Age sex location..rotfl! :D

  31. how could you forget ROFLMAO?? Roll-on-the-floor-laughing-my-ass-off? And the ever-familiat wtf.

    Oh and I still am hooked to those abbreviations, as i am to chatting for 6hrs at a stretch.

  32. hahaha.. those were the good old days i swear....... lol
    asl... how many random men hav asked me tat :P and i always giv an age more than them hehehe

  33. fisrt i wasn't too sutre im convinced ... u r mad ... LMAO..btw asl?

  34. @keshi
    kinda demographic study only.. researchers ask this one

  35. @Aayushi
    I am preparing a post for the 50th celebrations

  36. @jadis
    6 hours on chat... dont ya get bored?

  37. @anusha
    how old are you? i am 26

  38. @farah
    sex= non-female

  39. @ Chriz

    random men... underlined and boxed with blue pen

    i'm 19

  40. @anusha
    i am a random mongrel... nineteen? just 19.. still in teens... go drink milk and sleep kid

  41. I remember the first time I went to chat room!! I didn't knew what ASL meant and when asked to elaborate the meaning of ASL to the person who asked me - the very next second all the ppl in the chat room vanished! Thus my chat room adventures came to an end!!

  42. reminded the fun parents are lookin for a groom for moi..and i always wonder if the 1st time i interact with him..i say "ASL" :P:P

    hilarious situation even to imagine!

  43. @thoorika
    i am pretty sure that you are reserving the adventures for a later post

  44. @illusion
    yes.. better dont repeat the same thingie again.. all the very best for the hunting season.. may god bless you with an amazing guy

  45. hehehehe my god! guess what i met my bf online... thru chat :P

    well i keep replying to ur comment and u never seem to reciprocate...why??!!:(

  46. @phoenix
    hey thats good. online guy.. wow..

    did i miss replying to some comment? bad me! ill check the previous posts...

  47. Haha...It indeed would be funny to ask ASL...Picture this: Me approaching a gal and asking her, "Your ASL pls?"...first of all, asking a gal's age is kinda taboo...more over asking about sex?? well, I guess its easier to ask for IT, than about IT!! ;)
    First time for this nut on your blog sir...loved it!! :)

  48. Thank you for the full forms! Knew the first three, didn't know LMAO! Now that I do, I can use it!! ;D

  49. I always wondered what LMAO was, thanks for sharing the knowledge!

    ROFL @ no. 4

  50. mr.chris...

    I like ur sense of ur humour very much, even though im a jovial person by nature, i have to agree when it comes to writing i find myself wanting! any tips bro?

  51. NOM: No offence meant..
    I write this after each comment i post in a discussion forum so that the so called heads of discussion forum wont ban me..

  52. I hate when they come to you and say ASL! I mean Does it really matter? LOL

    I loved this post!

  53. That reminds me...i use lol while talking too...just that i dont laugh...just say lol ;)

  54. These ones are not realated to chatting, may sound little cult though, but since I use to participate in a lot of forums(linux related especially), I personally like RTFM (Read the Fucking Manuals) which they use when some body asks for basic syntax.. and yeah another ROFF (Rolling on the Floor Fucking).. lolz.. which is used as plural laughin out loud.. lolz.. that is you laughed out loud multiple times.. lol. =))

  55. I cannot forget what my college junior once said on Yahoo chat -- he said he'll send his resume "ASS UP" took a while for me to figure out that he actually meant "ASAP", which in turn meant "As Soon As Possible" *grin*

    funny blog dude!


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