Date:October 3rd 1985
Venue:A kindergarden classroom

The class teacher (CT) was asking a few questions to her three year old toddler students.

CT: Hey Nisha What do you want to become in the future?
Nisha: Ma'm I want to become a Nurse
CT: That is good. Maddy! What will you become when you grow up?
Maddy: I will become a daddy
CT: Haha..Now Renu! Tell me, what would you become?
Renu: Ma'm I want to become the future prime-minister of the nation.
CT: Thats a very good answer. Students give a big round of applaue for Renu
(Everyone clapped. I clapped too. Yes I was inside that very same class. I was clapping without knowing the meaning of two words and 2. applause)
CT: Now Chriz!Tell me what will you become in the future.
Chriz: I will come in the newspapers Ma'm
CT: Haha! Dream on you silly boy. First try to recite the 26 alphabets.

Everyone in the classroom laughed at me. That day I made a pledge. Yes! I made a pledge that I would appear on a newspaper one day.In the years that followed I was disappointed to see news on Osama,K-fed,Britney, Rakhi Sawant and even Paris Hilton flooding the newspapers.I did not lose hope and that is when I decided to go to the warfront.

The only reason why Abhinav Bhindra clinched the Gold medal for India was because I did not participate in the shooting event. Yes! I was busy in the battle field fighting againts terrorism. I was a champion shooter. My commander considered me to be an asset to the team.My gun used to do the talking all the time. On one such occassion, I was fighting against a gang of terrorists and that's when I saw her. Her name was Anusha. She was a Journalist.

She crawled and approached me. Yes she came close to me. She had a microphone in one hand and a camera in the other hand. She started interviewing me. I lost my concentration and in the process, the enemies shot me in the leg. My leg was hurt big time. But being a strong girl, Anusha carried me to a safer place and we continued with our interview.

I came to know that she calls herself "The wolf" and that she also writes a Blog.We had a long conversation. Anusha apparently is from my Home-state too,"Tamilnadu".Her interview was quite different. She did all the talking and I was asking the questions. It was fun.

I woke up to read the newspaper and Yes an article about me appeared in the paper. Thank you, "Anusha-The wolf" for that awesome write-up. A future Burkha Dutt in the making.