Thursday, October 23, 2008

248. Save Cricket

First it was...
Mandira Bedi

She took the cricketing world by storm with her anchoring skills. became magnetized to cricket because of her. She was the same girl who once asked Charu Sharma," Why do eleven players play with only one ball? Why not give everyone,one ball each".From then on, Charu Sharma never spoke anything about cricket when Mandira was around.
Well I am still waiting for my chance to congratulate her for her breathtaking and awe-inspiring performance in the Tamil Movie, Manmadhan
Then it was the turn of...
Shonali Nagrani

She started anchoring in Zee Channel and I am glad for one reason. Just because of this sweet lady,Navjot Singh Sidhu stopped spinning his Siddhuisms and I love her for only this reason.

During a match,
Navjot Singh Sidhu : Facing a ball from Brett Lee is worser than a French nurse having chicken pox in her socks
Shonali: Cut the crap! Tell me one thing. I can see only eleven players on the fielding side. This is 20-20 cricket and invariable there should be 20 players on each side. What happened to the rest 9?
Sidhu stopped speaking from that day

Then the stage opened for
Mayanti Langer

I am very confident that everyone including me wouldnot be interested in watching the game. We would rather prefer watching this girl.

And Finally now

Rakhi Sawant

God ! Save Cricket



  1. what >????????????///is it true?
    karumam da

  2. no please no. i can bear all these people but not rakhi sawant. BTW congrates for ownigna website of your own. you can even have your own emails also. for more info please visit

  3. Seriously! God shd save cricket :)


  4. yepp I agree..I too feel tat wen cricket comes ..glamour shud be kept aside..
    just bcoz these ladies r glamorous they needn't be put to discuss cricket...huh!

    I guess Anjum Chopra was a Good choice in tat case..she (ex caption of women's team) was good at it..

  5. A Man kool.

    visit my blog,
    and comment.

    this is sanju Poshin's friend.

  6. @karthik
    yes ..she is the cheer wing leader for ICL cheer girls.. To top it all, she is gonna anchor a Hindi talk show with cricketers too

  7. @santosh
    thank you bro..
    and yes i am getting myself introduced to all the new thing abt google application. i am getting used to it now

  8. @Arti
    Why oh why to cricket alone?

  9. @pj
    even if glamour is not kept aside, what is rakhi doing in a cricket field?

    and yea anjum chopra is brilliant. on most occassions her predictions are far better than ajay jadeja's even.. for that matter our old indian women's captain diana eduljee was the most apt woman to talk abt cricket. She knew so much abt the game...

  10. @sanju
    finally! you too have a blog? thats good. i remember you.. yes will come to your page

  11. rakhi sawant????? cricket??????? what??? when??? why god why??????

  12. @keshi
    yes i agree.. i am in love

  13. cricket before it gets an "item game"

  14. @archana
    item game.. so thats the game plan.. now i know.. there is some plot behind this.. will crack it soon

  15. So its time to buy Brylcream then? LOL Chriz!


  16. @keshi
    hahaha... not so soon... I am just getting dressed up.. this is the scientific reasearch stage

  17. ok then contact Syphllis my aunt first ok!


  18. Just heard in an interview Rakhi Sawant was asked which institution she learned acting?
    Rakhi Sawant answered:Prostitution

  19. Now with IPL, cricket is not a game only, rather more with glamour , bollywood and all. Cricket really changed the fortunes of mandira.

  20. @keshi
    she is great? i would love to get my piece of advice for sure

  21. @sri
    i am glad that rakhi doesnt speak or read english. or else she would kill me, you and the entire blog community

  22. @renu
    yeah.. the just simple DDLJ girl to the ok Shanti girl suddenly blew me away with her noodle straps

  23. Really God save Cricket! I am not quite against having girls on the show, if that's the only way TRPs can be increased, but there's a limit! Rakhi Sawant! God! But kudos to her too, in the absence of any godfather, this woman has marketed herself so well! Every day she'll be on one news channel or the other! I mean how many 'item' girls survive for so long!

    So now, it's Rakhi's turn to hold the Mik(a!)e!!! He he...:)

  24. Oh my dear Lord!! ITS ARMAGEDDON!!:O

    Scribblers Inc.

  25. @tara
    yes its rakhi's turn to hold mika the proper Rakhi way.. Let the lips do the talking

  26. @anusha
    yes coming to save you.. i am searching for that red underwear.. ok here i come .. superman

  27. Rakhi Sawant...ha the game is going to be hot and spicy

  28. @kiran
    spicy.. yes.. but hot.. i want it to be hot too but not rakhi anytime

  29. hehehehehhehe :)
    chriz..u doing a wonderful job
    u really make the blogosphere smile
    i value ur dedication n committment :)

  30. bloody item girls adulterating my favorite sport. shoo...scat... leave cricket please :)

  31. @swats
    thank you very much.. i am blushing now.. one finger between my teeth and am drawing patterns on the floor with my toes...

    yes i am typing with the other hand

  32. @preeti
    welkum to my page preeti. it was a pleasure. hope i see you here on a regular basis.. lugh and have fun.. will visit your page..

  33. First off Love the page!! And you are really a NUT! You and your blog keep me laughing so much!

    Stay this way.. even tho you URL has changed.. which is HOT for sure! DONT U CHANGE.. keep us laughing!

  34. Oh and Keshi! I so agree with U the Third one is HOT! LOL!! Keshi want to try out for Cricket Anchors???????

  35. @NE
    haha.. nut..hehe hope i dont crack soon..
    thank you for the compliment for the new look..
    and yes keshi is a real material for a sports anchor. HOTTTTT

  36. yuck!!!! nothin less than a tsunami for cricket....

  37. dude, you are the first one to treat me with so much respect for just visiting a page :):) am speechless :):)brolled you so that I frequent :)

  38. @illusion

    yes the cosmic plates are moving

  39. @preeti
    naanga singamla.. mariyaadhai balamaadhaan kodupoam.. fun aprt, thankx for blogrolling..

  40. mandira bedi shd become the motivating manager for indian cricket... It ll workout for sure...

  41. Omfg!

    God save cricket,Chrissy! :O

  42. heehehe :P :P
    god save cricket, is right... X-(

  43. I do agree - I work with the coaches at my local cricket balland the hard ball is always a challenge for the youngsters. We use soft ball games to get them used to hitting and catching.


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