Saturday, October 18, 2008

244. Purple Red or Yellow

I had a very tiring day and just when I was about to hit the sack, my mobile phone started ringing.I looked at the mobile phone.It read, Prime Minister calling

I immediately knew that the matter was really serious.Yes It was the Prime Minister of the country. For those who never knew that the Prime Minister and I are very close friends,it is time that you realised that you are actually reading the blog of a very important person of this country.Let me get back to the point. I picked the call

Me: Hi Bunny (That is how I call him)
PM: Hi chriz. It is a very important matter
Me: Ok! Tell me. How can I help you
PM: The enemies have planned to attack our country. They have formulated a secret code and we need your help to decode this deadly code. Can you please save the country?
Me: Ok. Pull Bakoosa for this call. Let us have a conference call
(Bakoosa is the Defence Minister of the country and that is how I call him)
Ring... Ring
DM:Hello PM. It is a pleasure getting a call from you.
PM: Mr Defence Minister, This is a Conference call.We have the Most respected Chriz, also in this call
Me: Hey Bakoosa... 'ssup?
DM: Hi Chriz. It is my privilege. I was trying your number. But as usual you were busy on a call with some babe.
Me:Coming to the point , How can I save the country?
DM: The enemies have devised a code. They call it the "Purple Red or Yellow" code.We have no clue what it is all about. We need your help
Me: Go to sleep Bakoosa and Bunny. I'll take care of this
I kept the phone. My granny has adviced me to keep my telephonic conversations short and sweet.

I got up from my bed and went to the loo. That is the place where my thinking cells usually work. The moment I stepped inside the Loo, I had the answer to the problem. Immediately I came out of the Loo, took my mobile phone and rang up my sister.

My sister has two Lovely Kids, Jeremy "4" and Jolena "1". I knew very well that these kids are the best in the business when it comes to code breaking. Jeremy has broken 24 toys so far and Jolena is an expert in breaking the rules at home.

I told the matter to Jeremy and he said,"Do not worry, Uncle.. Jolena and I would break the Purple Red or Yellow code and save our country". I kept the phone and slept in peace.These two little kids indeed decoded the deadly code and saved our country.

See this Video, in which Jeremy and Jolena brainstorm together to Save our Country.



  1. hahaha... amazing!! kids these days are so smart... that video made me feel extremely dumb :P

  2. Oh what sweeethearts....the baby boy was being such a sweetheart repeating the colours for the doll!!
    Awhhhhh :))))

  3. Awwwww.. The kids are so cute.. Jolena is soooo cute..

    Where do you get such ideas from to write the post?!! I guess you go to the loo often :P

  4. cho shuuveeeet!!!

    How funny someone can get..ha ha i mean

  5. hahahahaa...choo chweeeeett!!
    were they caught unaware?

  6. How is the PM? and the DM of India?

    So now I know the secrets of your creativity. In the loo room. Gotta try that.
    BTW where are the TP you promised me?

  7. @mazhalai
    yes. i see it more than ten times every hour.. cant take my eyes off them

  8. @bhawana kapoor
    sweet uncle, sweet nephew, sweet niece.. coincidence is simply a coincidence

  9. @thoorika
    yes the Loo is where wisdom flows..
    thanks men

  10. @pj
    when you grow older two things happen to you
    1) you will start balding
    2) your funny bones start to ripen up

  11. dude i had told u to give warning b4 puttin up such posts...i dont like fallin off d bed :P

    that was hillarious man...where do u get such ideas???

  12. @archana
    yes it was a hidden camera..:) but jolena found it in the end... you can see that too in the video

  13. @poshin
    India? did i mention India? thats a secret!!

    and regarding the toilet paper.. i am still saving it all up for you... your wait will be worth the time

  14. @mayz
    haha.. glad to know that this post served its purpose..
    old age is the answer to your question

  15. @karthik
    haha thank you very much

  16. :D)
    goodness.. these kids r the present of the country not the future ;)

  17. @richa
    yes... but its a hidden camera.. they dont like much attention..

  18. "as usual you were busy on a call with some babe."

    Oooh, Mr.VIP!!! He he...that was so adorable! Just brilliant stuff Chriz, truly! Jolena and Jeremy, both are oh-so-cute! Lovely kids, was that an extempore act? Great job done Chriz! I felt so stupid in front of such smarty kids! ;P Way to go! :)

  19. @tara
    and yes the kids are adorable indeed.. planning to come up with more videos of them

  20. @solitaire
    yes thats true indeed

  21. aaaaaaaaawww...jolena is such a puchku baby!! ekdum doll type! n jeremy repeated d colours so many times so many times 4 his si?? lucky bro would hv asked me to shut up after d 3rd time!!

    thanks alot 4 this chriz! :)

  22. @trinaaa
    puckoo baby? hahaha.. thats one great cute term.. would try using that name on her next time.. hope she doesnt spit on my face ..

  23. awwwww... such cute chhotu babies.. and .. HAHAHA !!

  24. code breaker babies ...u know i can't watch dem :(

  25. hahahhahaa....too good bro!!

    Luvly kids :)

    so it is Monkey King :D

  26. Haha....that was sooo cute!! Jolena was hitting her head hard to get it done...:)

    PS: Been little busy off-late, and hence couldn't read/comment ur prev.posts. Shall do it soon..

  27. @hp
    thanks a bunch men... hopping down to ur page...

  28. @farah
    woh. so dad.. why did you exhaust your balance.. ok. watch it in ur free time..

  29. @prakhar
    yes it is monkey the king.. haha...

  30. @nitara
    wokey.. yes the little one hit her head hard.. planning to add her dance video soon

  31. aaawwwwwwwwwww so cute........Your post really made my day......And most of all it was creative :)......Lovely Godchilds you have....I envy you :)

  32. Everytime I see this, i cant take my eyes off Jo! n Jeremy, COOOOOOOLLLLLL bro... Superrr.....

  33. awesome idea man..
    and cute kids:D

  34. You are so funny. and man Prime minister and defence minister calling you up...ha ha...where is your movie video gone?

  35. @roger


    thank you.. they are the best

  36. @sam
    is it.. thats good thingie..

    thanks bro..

  37. @kiran
    u dint see the video clip? thats the video i was referrin too

  38. btw On NOVEMBER 9th I'm publishing a special post. DON'T MISS IT FOR THE WORLD.

  39. I have seen this video.
    The movie clip i am referring is your previous one- that ants one.
    And I just saw your salsa video also. It is awesome. Where did you learn this?
    I love salsa myself.

  40. Ok I seen/found it. The earlier video I was talking about was- History Behind the mystery. I have seen video of this post too and also Now I saw another video of you- singing- and my God singing so well. What all do you do? sing, dance, blog etc etc

  41. @poshin
    yea ganguly's last day ?

  42. @kiran
    haha. thank you.. salsa.. have learnt till a certain level.. club salsa.. i dunno latin salsa though

  43. @kiran
    thank you.. my band .. we perform during christmas season

  44. OMGOSH! They are so cute and AWESOME! I could just gobble her up! lol

    I Laughed so hard!

    that is sweet!

  45. hahaha hilarious :D....

    n d kids..OMG they r soooooooo cute n adorable. loved the video...

    bakoosa n bunny...damn funny.:D

    loved d spcl affects

    take care :)

  46. OMG soooooooooo cute LOL! I so love em!!!! Kids r so darn innocent, downright honest and the best company anyone cud ever hv!


  47. thats really good!!
    kids these days...can run u out of ur mind..:-)
    good one!!

  48. @preetilata
    thanks a bunch for checking my page

    yes they are the best.. and jolena is a brat

  49. @NE
    haha dont gobble my babiess

    thanks a lot for coming down and having a good time

  50. heheheh same old chris !!!!!!!!

  51. hehe..hilarious..!!
    and a sweet video..!!

  52. thank you mama . Hope the work we did was ok. we are waiting for the next task. give us a ring, bye. agent Jer and agent Jo

  53. aree purple red yellow.. so cute those kids were.. he really knws how to use computer????


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