236.The first ever Notebook movie

The first ever notebook movie,"History behind the mystery" will very soon hit this very same blog. A few pointers about the movie

1) The movie runs for a little less than 5 minutes
2) The whole movie is unedited
3) For the first time in the History of cinema, the whole movie is taken in a single shot without any re-takes
4) Story, Screenplay,Music,Videography,Direction, Production-Chronicwriter
5) It is a Gory murder mystery movie.Yes, It indeed is A-rated.I request all my readers to keep their parents away from watching this movie.
6) On popular demand, One item number is also included in the movie.

Opening scene:
A couple (A young handsome man and his girlfriend) are brutally murdered...I would like to thank Ryan and Monica for shedding their clothes for this challenging scene( I am sure that a few souls would like to watch the movie now). By the way, Ryan and Monica are the Lead pair in the movie.
History behind the mystery, to hit this Blog-theater in a few hours.



  1. lol!! can't wait..

    oh yeah.. i STILL wanna watch the movie :D

  2. if the pic is anythin to go with bout how the movie is gonna be...then im sure i dont wana watch it :P

    btw...i saw Children of Heaven...needless to say...loved it!

  3. ha ha less than 5 min wow tats gr8
    now i too wanna watch tat.

  4. wowwwww :) me wanna watch,,,,
    shedding clothes n murder mystery--> is this a jism part2 ?":)

  5. ....still waiting...


    PS: pic is freakin scary

  6. waiting anxiously to watch the movie

  7. now u tempted me like helll:D

    6 mins movie and an item number? is it for 1 second?:(

  8. when's the release date?? i'm from the press... could i have a premiere pass? *wink*

  9. ooo...im excited!! count-down begins!

  10. OMGOSH! Chriz, What am I going to do without you. Although I cannot wait to see the movie.... LOL!!


  11. is it like the time u saw urself in the mirror and scared urself. than that will be pretty hilarious.

  12. hmm..movie less than 5 mins.
    even i wanna watch it.hehe

  13. Good advertising... U ll shine in adverstising field :)

  14. **3) For the first time in the History of cinema, the whole movie is taken in a single shot without any re-takes

    Wow! :D
    I wanna watch it too

    Who directd it? :P

  15. hey Mamaa ji ;-)
    so sweet of you to drop by and welcome me .. aren't you the bestest !
    as for the movie... me can't wait either.. pls play on !

  16. ow....ow...ow.....sounds interesting!! I'm eagerly waiting :P

    Item number only by Rakhi Sawant....done ??


  17. @divya

    haha.. yes .. i have uploaded the movie

    naa. the picture was just to give some glamour effect..

  18. @illusion
    glad to know that u watched the movie..

    yes less than 5 minutes.. but i am not responsible for the buffer time

  19. @jane
    no . its not jism part 2
    its is kinda the basci instinct 3rd part

    movie is up and running in theaters now

  20. @kiran
    haha.. i have done it

    one minute item number.. hahaha

  21. @ranting wolf
    haha even am from media... media people should not exchange free passes.. jokes apart.. the movie is just free in my site.. check it out

  22. @nitara
    countdown elapsed now

    haha.. that was sweet

  23. @akka

    check the movie and comment

  24. @varchana

    yes less than 5 minutes

    mmm.. wait over

  25. @sri
    naa they are not my pet dogs... they are living beings


    hehe.. girl.. check it out

  26. @Leo
    haha.. thank u maamaa

    me the director..

  27. @emaaan baby

    rakhi is busy dancing for ICL matches... i have a surprise item number


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