Superman! This guy was my super hero when I was in class two. I remember me running out of the bathroom holding the towel behind my back. The only that was missing then, was the blue dress and the red underwear. Yes! I was indeed a super kid.

My dream of wearing a full fledged superman attire never came true. Even last week when I turned back and went down memory lane, I discovered that 26 years of disappointment was following me and mocking at me. I could not take it any longer. I soon decided that come what may, I am gonna wear the superman dress this morning for my early morning jogging session.
So in order to fulfill my pledge, I went to the shop to buy the superman attire last night.I was disappointed to find that there were no superman dresses available in any of the shops. So I thought that I would atleast customise my very own superman costume.So I decided to buy the following stuffs
1) A red towel
2) A blue shirt and a blue pant
3) A red underwear
4) A pair of red socks.
After three hours of shopping, I got the red towel and the pair of red socks... But the red underwear and the Blue shirt and pant were not available anywhere. I came home without them.But I was happy that I was able to purchase atleast 2 out of the 4 objects .The red underwear lost by one of my readers in the blog came to the rescue. I decided that I would use it for my jogging
Next morning I woke up and dressed myself. I knew that I was not wearing superman's undergarments (the blue shirt and the blue pants). But nothing could dent my spirits. Soon I was ready for my early morning jogging. I would have just jogged 10 metres outside my home when three dogs started running towards my direction. The very next moment, I was safe inside my home.The dogs waited outside the gate for sometime and all three of them peed on the gate and left the scene.