Thursday, October 02, 2008

229. Superman ME?

Superman! This guy was my super hero when I was in class two. I remember me running out of the bathroom holding the towel behind my back. The only that was missing then, was the blue dress and the red underwear. Yes! I was indeed a super kid.

My dream of wearing a full fledged superman attire never came true. Even last week when I turned back and went down memory lane, I discovered that 26 years of disappointment was following me and mocking at me. I could not take it any longer. I soon decided that come what may, I am gonna wear the superman dress this morning for my early morning jogging session.
So in order to fulfill my pledge, I went to the shop to buy the superman attire last night.I was disappointed to find that there were no superman dresses available in any of the shops. So I thought that I would atleast customise my very own superman costume.So I decided to buy the following stuffs
1) A red towel
2) A blue shirt and a blue pant
3) A red underwear
4) A pair of red socks.
After three hours of shopping, I got the red towel and the pair of red socks... But the red underwear and the Blue shirt and pant were not available anywhere. I came home without them.But I was happy that I was able to purchase atleast 2 out of the 4 objects .The red underwear lost by one of my readers in the blog came to the rescue. I decided that I would use it for my jogging
Next morning I woke up and dressed myself. I knew that I was not wearing superman's undergarments (the blue shirt and the blue pants). But nothing could dent my spirits. Soon I was ready for my early morning jogging. I would have just jogged 10 metres outside my home when three dogs started running towards my direction. The very next moment, I was safe inside my home.The dogs waited outside the gate for sometime and all three of them peed on the gate and left the scene.


  1. another superman saga..!!

    hey u got one red underwear whichsomebody left over on ur blog..?/


  2. he he, did u at least wear runners for it, or u just went out running with ur socks :D

  3. You are a true superhero man.. Coz as a superhero one has to make many chioces.. And you sure made the right choice when you saw those dogs :D

  4. let me make it clear. so u went jogging wearing a pair of socks (yes,red) and a towel (tied to neck). hmmm...its a miracle that u escaped from the dogs.

  5. main baki dono objects post kar dun? hilarious

  6. so was that lost red undy ur's then? LOL!


  7. lol....thankz to those dogs, your neighbouring joggers could jog peacefully that day:P

  8. haha.........hilarious:D

    next post plz

  9. when you're being superman, why would you go jogging?

    p.s: you do know that there are costumes available, right?

    p.p.s: thanks for stopping over at my blog!

  10. @vinz
    yes.. and it fits me like a glove

    hey undher kaa maamlaa hai

    when i jog, i concentrate only on jogging and not on the costume\

    thank you .. do visit often.. ill come down to ur page

    Two dogs raised their legs and peed on the gate... But one dog did not raise its leg

  11. @nitara
    you missed the underwear

    @think tank
    two objects? any hidden meaning


    it wasnt mine.. but i had no other option...

    haha./.. yes what kodumai is this

  12. @neeths
    neighbours are still jogging and dogs are not chasing them,.. can you throw some light.. why>?

  13. @mflower
    what happened to ur blog?

    jogging is for the take off... thanks for coming down here

  14. Im kinda bored with the blue n red thingie... why cant u wear the same in bright yellow and heart attack pink??? i mean y cant u try n look like an African Parrot???? It'd be like Superman being bitten by one.. Woww

  15. hmmmm u got the guts man....[he he he]


  16. I thought you are using your under wear. There fore u must have it rite?

    And it's MY CAR
    I used CAPS to really show it's mine.

    All I need is money for petrol.
    Plz donate

  17. drop in sometime:)

  18. lol!..cant stop laughing..
    buddy why dint u put up YOUR picture in that attire over here instead of the real superman pic!..


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