After exactly one year of romancing with my E61i phone, I made up my mind that it is high time that i Divorce her. The main reason being my lack of understanding of her. Even after spending one whole year with her I did not study her fully. She was a suspence for me for a long time. I always had a problem turning her ON. She was considered to be a business genius. But her lack of cooperation with me made me take this bold decision of divorcing her.

In the last one year of living, walking and sleeping with her, I used her only for three things
1) Taking photos and Videos
2)Texting and making calls
3) Listening to music

But, she being a business genius did not cooperate with me on the above three things. She would turnherself OFF while I am on a call with my girlfriends. I know that she was possessive. That was the time when I laid my eyes on the sleek Nokia 5310 cutiepie. She was a stunner. The moment I saw her I fell in love with her. That same evening I disposed my Sheela (The name I gave to my E61i) and married Nokia 5310.

Now I wanna name my new phone too. Can you please suggest a sweet romantic name for her?