Tuesday, September 16, 2008

215. I have a new phone

After exactly one year of romancing with my E61i phone, I made up my mind that it is high time that i Divorce her. The main reason being my lack of understanding of her. Even after spending one whole year with her I did not study her fully. She was a suspence for me for a long time. I always had a problem turning her ON. She was considered to be a business genius. But her lack of cooperation with me made me take this bold decision of divorcing her.

In the last one year of living, walking and sleeping with her, I used her only for three things
1) Taking photos and Videos
2)Texting and making calls
3) Listening to music

But, she being a business genius did not cooperate with me on the above three things. She would turnherself OFF while I am on a call with my girlfriends. I know that she was possessive. That was the time when I laid my eyes on the sleek Nokia 5310 cutiepie. She was a stunner. The moment I saw her I fell in love with her. That same evening I disposed my Sheela (The name I gave to my E61i) and married Nokia 5310.

Now I wanna name my new phone too. Can you please suggest a sweet romantic name for her?


  1. Umm....how about Anita or Nikita(US style ?)

    Janet ?

    Ms. Marple ?

    Moneypenny ?

  2. man, this mobile rocks..the music player it got is amazing..and the piece is sleek..great buy..oops marriage..

    how abt 'Anokia' ?

  3. Looks really nice, but Sheila had some nice buttons to push, which made me happy because of texting! lol

    name her ummmmmmm Betsy! hahaha!
    she will last very LONG!

  4. Lolita..... anyways congrats.....

  5. Cool congrats!!...its soo much better than ur previous one..those business phones look more like complex calculators to me :P

    a name....how bout "Jolie" dats beautiful in French and the cld be Angelina Jolie too ;)

  6. @cinderella
    nice ideas.. i liked nikita

    @ vinz
    anokia.. hehe.. creative brain man

  7. @keshi
    kiara.. sounds japanese
    Sheila had lots of buttons . I got confused with them.. the new babe has a few.. but they are great
    betsy was my aunt's cat's name

  8. @mazhalai
    akka! the name?
    haha.. you read lot of harold robbins? yea lolita.. but am gonna use her myself .. not for public use..

  9. @illusion
    wow.. i loved this name Jolie...

    my niece's name is jolena.. sounds similar...
    i guess i got a name for my fone , unless someone else comes with a better one..

  10. hehe..and what happened to sheela?

    Renu??ur long time crush....

  11. NOKITA!!
    GEEEE :)

    sooo how long is this amrriage gonna last?

  12. Cool!!

    do lemme knw when u choose upon a name :)

    n btw very cute profile pic!

  13. monsy :P

    Lol, tis moan-able atleast.. gimme credit :P

  14. how about kaamini??

    kaam bhi aata hai and kaam bhi jagata hai.

    By the way nice blog..
    will follow it regularly


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