Aug 26, 2008

208. The chef avatar

A new venture...
Sweat and work should not mix in this new job role...
Yes chronicwriter will be soon dishing out his recipes for all the food hoggers out there...
Are you suffering from constipation? You want immediate remedy?
Just follow my cooking instructions and you will have a relieved tummy.
Yes! I will start with a very complicated recipe for my readers in my next post.
How to make boiled water?
Keep coming... Food will be served hot.



  1. Sorry if I commented your blog, but you have a nice idea.

  2. i'm also into those things. care to give some advice?

  3. you are so funny!! and you also look really mad in this pic!!

    Ummm Boiling water??? hahahaha!!
    I await your recipes! haha


  4. I am on a diet, especially if you come up with recipes.

  5. recipe 4 boiled water?? cant wait.. ;)

  6. Lol !!

    Boiling waters sounds like a fundoo recipe...make it low fat ok ?!

  7. ooo....sounds good....Boiled Water....water the flavors, eh??

    LOL! it must be piping hot certainly :P

  8. Ha Ha. Welcome to the world of self cooking torture dude.

    But dont worry, I also started with this tough recipie almost 2 years back when I started living my life in suit cases.Over the last 22 months my cooking proved to be a (moderate???) success.

  9. lol! waitin 4 it , aint v

  10. hey chef, pls let me know the ingredients for boiling water... am eager..

  11. where's the next post?whats the delay?u got sick or sthg trying out ur own recipe?:P

  12. oh yes. i was TOTALLY looking for someone to explain how to boil water. now that you're here..thank god.

  13. The meal looks good!Bon appetite :)


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