Sunday, August 24, 2008

206.The Great Green Gunner

Sushil Kumar of India (in red) fights Leonid Spiridonov of Kazakhstan during their 66kg men's freestyle wrestling bronze medal match at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 20, 2008

I was one among the very many TV audiences who had the privilege of watching this Indian in action.... Yes!!! You guessed it right... I immediately wanted to become a wrestler and win gold for India in the London Olympics.

Four years from now, I'll be thirty. So I would be the oldest wrestler to represent India in the wrestling scene in olympics. Hence I would automatically become the flagbearer for our country. Sania Mirza will walk behind me during the opening ceremony. All these positive thoughts gave me enough inspiration to become a pro wrestler.

Wrestling is all about pinning your opponent to the ground. With almost 20 years experience of watching WWF & WWE, I knew that I had the wrestling blood flowing in my veins.I have jumped from the bed and kicked my cousin when I was just 8. I remember that incident quite well. That was my first ever wrestling move. The purpose of that wrestling move almost 18 years back reaped its benefit this week, as I finally decided to become a wrestler.

I knew India would have two names to boast of in the international wrestling arena by the year 2010. One would be the "Great Khali" and the other one would be the "Great Green Gunner".For those who might be thinking who this Green Gunner is, Lemme introduce Him to you. Green Gunner is ME and that is gonna be my wrestling tag name.If you ask me, Why such a name?; my answer is very simple.I like the colour green and I am still interested in Guns.But I like the color blue more than the color green. But blue bummer sounds funny, and hence I would be called the Great Green Gunner or simply G-cube.Khali is almost two foot taller than me. But who cares? Does size matter in wrestling?

The next step was to find a proper wrestling suit for me. So I went to the sports shop. The sports shop owner has become a very good friend of mine by now (Read posts 202,203 and 204). He welcomed me with a warm smile. I told him that I was there to buy a wrestling suit. He showed a suit to me.

The brown colur suit did not appeal to me much. Though it looked comfortable and greasy, it was not glamorous at all. With a dejected look, I was about to leave the shop when a green colour wrestling suit caught my attention. I immediately knew that my 2012 olympic dream is gonna come true.The shop keeper however told me, that it was a swimsuit and he did not want to sell it to me. But I told him that no one could stop my dream and I ended up buying the suit. I came home and tried it on me. Something seemed wrong inthe suit.I knew that I had to work out well to get a strong chest. Now I have enrolled myself in the local gym now. Watch out world. Green Gunner is on his way...



  1. HAHAHA!!! The Green Gunner!!

    I am sorry if I am not suppose to laugh! hahahahahahhahaha!!

    This post put a smile on my face! all I can say isss YOU CAN DO IT. with your new swimsuit! lol


  2. you and wrestling????OMG!

    and look at the choice of your suit......can't stop laughing;)

  3. hahhahahahahhahha... rofl!! u hv a reli wacky sense of humour...n i love it..
    keep writing :))

  4. LOL!!

    Ok so Olympics has made u interested in Shooting, Swimming and Wrestling...interestin...

    I do read ur posts as soon as they are posted...i just havent thot of anythin to post!!

    ur posts are Hilarious as ever!!

    The lime green swimsuit is really nice ;)

  5. lol..he he he he.. That was indeed very funny. the swim suit looks really nice ;)

  6. *pictures Chriz in a green Wrestling suit and inside a Wrestling ring and Keshi taking pics of him*

    hmmm? lol!


  7. LOL !!! But I surely agree the blue-green one is definitely more appealing...and apt for your name too,doncha think ?

    So what if the shopkeeper said its a are the one who's gonna wear it, so could have goten it - who knows that would have become a style statement altogether after your stint !!!

  8. bwuahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

    geeeeeeeeeeee.. how can ya crack up peopel soooo uch chrizzy boy???!!!

    geeee, you're going great guns, the green gunner..
    hope ya dun pump up too much n become teh green hulk!!;)
    cumon sweeteheart, temme those pictures are fictitious!

  9. That was a wonderful sequel of your Olympic series and isn't the next Olympics on 2012?

  10. @NE

    i can do what? all i can do is pee in my swim suit.. i dun even know swimming :-)


    welcome back bloggie mate.. did you picturise me in that suit? staap it i say

  11. @trinaa
    me whacky? haha.. so am i !! i guess so.. keep coming

    and the green suit is even more nice on me

  12. @shalini
    i dont know swimming though.. btw it is a wrestling suit

    noooooo... dont take pictures of me...

  13. @cinderella

    welkum back girl. this blog missed you..

  14. @jane
    check out for the social networking sites u r in.. i am waiting for the approval..

  15. @paul
    welkum back brother.. nice to see you here again

  16. HA HA HA! Absolutely hilarious!!!!!

    You should have posed in the green suit, would have been a riot!

  17. lol all the best to you chriz. im sure the green suit will be ur lucky charm anyway no worries :D


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