Friday, August 22, 2008

204. Chriz Balboa

I have literally become a super sportsman this month. Thanks to olympics. My hapless,hopeless attempts with swimming and shooting made me to adopt a new sport. Boxing was the next big sport that hit my head.

I had a wonderful dream that night. I could read headlines in newspapers in the year 2012...
Chriz! He resembles the great Muhammed Ali in style and strength - "Newyork times -August 2012"... "Chriz regains heavyweight champion crown for third consecutive year - September 2012"... "Chriz slays Mike Tyson Junior in less than 2 seconds in the fastest bout in boxing history- The New Hindu"... I am reserving some headlines to avoid any form of jealousy creeping on to my readers's brains.
I woke up this noon and watched India's bronze medal winner Vijender Kumar going down valiantly to the Cuban boxer in the semifinals of the 75 kilogram bout.My heart ached for a while. I wanted to make my dreams come true.My veins were burning with anger. I wanted to make a point.I drank a glass of water.

I frowned at the mirror and gave the most dirtiest look I could possible give, and yea! I realised that I was indeed dirty ( I gotta take a bath now).I thought to myself," Oh Noooo!! I do not have a boxing glove yet!". I clenched my fist and punched the wall to vent my anger. It was painful. I got angrier still. I tore a sheet of paper and I was indeed ruthless. I tore the pillow too and filled my room with cotton. I ended up sneezing. So I came out of my room. My anger has not subsided yet. I wanted to prove something.

I went out to the road and saw a small boy walking back calmly from school. I ran to him and punched his nose. He started crying and ran as fast as he could. My anger subsided a little bit. I turned back and realised that I did not have enough time to move away from a stone hurled at me. The stone found its target somewhere between my two fine legs and all I could see in the next few minutes was the demonish smile of that little boy who hurled the stone at me.I regained my senses after ten minutes and limped back inside my house.

My mom was at the door,and she was really mad at me. I understood the reason behind her anger when I saw the pathetic situation of my room. It took me three hours to clean my room.I feel like punching the keyboard now. Should I?



  1. Hmmm. make up your mind. you want to become a swimmer/boxer/ shooter. BTW what ever you become you are still at your best at writing. :)

    You are added to my feed list to as soon as new feed comes i come to know of it.

  2. LOL n LOL n LOL...3 blog posts of continuous LOLing is too much for a day....:D
    btw do you know that olympix have minimum weight restrictions too?:P

  3. hehe..tht was a gud 'punch'

    olympics series it seems..great stress busters friend..!!


  4. no dont punch the keyboard!!

    n if u still wanna try for d olympics then ol d u n d host country ;)

  5. Hahaha.. Hilarious man.. :)

  6. And yeah, let the posts keep coming like this..

  7. heheheheh... too good..
    I m sure u were joking bout tht schoolboy u hit.. :P ..or were u? :P

  8. Guess all that free time is making ur creative cells take a rollercoaster!

  9. Lol. No offense but serves you right for punching a kid :-D


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