Wednesday, August 20, 2008

202. my GUN dream

Abhinav Bindra won India's first ever Individual Gold in Olympics.His prowess in the 10 meter shooting event, gave me the urge to buy a gun.

As I do not have the license to possess a gun, I wrote an email to the president of India to grant me license, so that I could also corner glory for India in the London Olympics. But after typing a detailed mail to the president, I figured out that I do not have the president's email id. Thus my love for shooting was nipped in the bud.
With a dejected heart, I went to the local market and bought a sling-catapult. My neighbor’s cat died that very same day.



  1. The cat died ..not really please ..please don't buy anymore of these toys u hav an inaccurately lethal aim.

  2. loll! that was kinda funny... almost too funny to be true!!!!

    tell me u were jus kidddin LOL and it was supposed 2 be funny.

    if not... um.. OMG POOR CAT!

  3. An indian has shown the rt way to use a gun..let the world learn from him.

  4. Haha! Who were you planning on killing with the gun? Your neighbor?

  5. Lol! :D :D

    I have missed so much here..damn!!

  6. @think tank
    next i am buying something else.. a boxing glove

    yea poor kitty...

    my blog is a lie factory.. do not buy the stories.. haha. thanks for dropping by

  7. @sri

    salutes :-)


    i was not planning to kill anyone.. i want to win the gold for india


    welkum back :-)

  8. Aww!....that was cutee:)
    and RIP to poor ol' cat

  9. I have a dog and u r not invited anywer in the vicinity!


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