Friday, August 08, 2008

199. Am I back?

Can I say, I am back? I plunged into the Ad scene and the whirlwind sucked me like a baby gulping milk... The scene is wild, hot, hip, hep and happening... I am getting younger day by day...

I lost 2 kilos
My waist size reduced my 2 cms
My Height is still the same ( There is not much to shed in my height)
The balding continues
My blogging spree almost ceased
My brain ran out of ideas
Hold on
That was just a stop gap
Chronicwriter is back in action
btw I just saw the Indian contingent in their sherwani outfits (Nammy reminded me this line). They were really looking great. Now guys! you ought to bring back home MEDALS...
Post number 200 to follow


  1. Finally ur back....STAY!

    I missed the Indian contingent....the Italian team is sooo huge!

  2. never saw the opening ceremony. was in office :(. BTW have you really lost so much wait. you look so much younger in this pic. or is it another of your photoshop tricks?

  3. I am glad you are back! You have been missed! cant wait for some posts!!!

    BE GOOD & G-d Bless!


  4. @illusion
    glad to see some visitors in my blog, even in my absense..


    haha that pix was taken almost a decade back

    hey RJ girl.. i would surely.. thank you

  5. hello..thanks for stopping by my blog :))

    ps:similar post?? which one?

  6. Welcome back,Chriz!
    looking fwd to ur double century!

  7. Wb Chriz!

    where did u disappear to???

    And lost weight from?


  8. ah!prodigal son returns to the blog h?good!k dun run away again...;)

  9. yaaaaay ya;re back.. mr. hotshot advertiser!!
    loveeee yaaa for cumin back..
    come get ya balding brains back on track. geeeeee...
    n btw, where did ya join??

  10. Holla!!! Look who's here... Its Chrizzy boy who accepted my fraandsheep gladly......

  11. whoa! this is your 199th post?! CHRIST!

  12. are finally back....Medals thats asking for too much dont you think??? ;-)...BTW the "Perfect" was for the Adworld and you must make a Perfect for each other pair.....Keep writing....:)

  13. Hey... long time and just saw that u havent written much after i last read this blog...
    hmmm... chronicwriter is not chronic anymore... it's a shame... tch tch!

  14. oh chrissy you're back! yayyy!


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