Wednesday, June 18, 2008

191. Sexy Seven

Every College has a gang...My college had one too..."Sexy Seven"- The name sounded sleazy...Seven guys... Fun loving charaters... Now we are in different parts of the globe... A dedication to my college mates... I still remember the good old days... Its has been four years...But our good old days are still very fresh in my memory

My best budds who made my two years in college an unforgettable event in my life.
L 2 R - Andy,Aby ( The attitude look in blue), Dcruz (The kenyan zizo), Me( with mush and a fractured hand),Joseph ( Alapatt jewellers),Jithu( He never stopped growing) and Varun (Kolkatta knight rider)

I feel old now...



  1. coll life was 2 gud buddy...just finished coll n missin it terribly
    btw...i wrote a poem on coll dayz..u cud chck it out in my blog if u wish 2....

  2. why is something always wrong with ur hand ! u use it too much i think :p

  3. In the good o'l school days, we had a gang called 'Shock' :D

  4. Reminds me of those days and these lines "Those were the best days of mah life" :)

    PS - Read the 3rd concluding part :( mothamm kondupoi kalanjuuu :((((

  5. @comfortable numb

    those were the days.. oh yeah

  6. @sajeeve

    yes kept inside the car door and slammed it

  7. @urv
    .. hmm sounds good. thanks for coming here

  8. @desert rose
    a new blogger? welkum to blogging world.. i liked your about me statement

  9. I am just starting college life, I cannot have to many friends cause I don't have time for them! I come home wayyyyyyyyyyy to much!!

    But I will have a gang of my own...called the Nehyaetts!!! hahaha!
    You think I will have a lot of Members? LOL!!

  10. all of u look alike somehow, but ur the cutest :)


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. bro wat happend to ur hand those days..???

  13. college life....i hope its as good as everyone says :D

    ps. i cudnt figure out which one u the pic lol
    everybody looks the same

  14. Thanx Chris :)

    So you dropped into my space and yeah that ABOUT ME statement is just ME !

    LOL - Kept the hand inside the car door (???) u mean no other better place to keep n slam it !

  15. I hear so many people lamenting about their good old college/school days.

    I really cherish my time now.

    And collage is a "cool-age" :)

    Btw something's thre up on my blog."specially for you" =D

  16. Reminds me of my good old days...
    Btw its Scribbler/Gomathy

  17. dei where is Siva ?

    lemme put a word abt this

  18. college life --too good man!! preally made me nostalgic/sad :(


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