Take away love and our earth is a tomb
- Robert Browning
Prelude: This is a true love story that happened 8 years back in the authors' life.The author will narrate this story in three parts.
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Beulah Sam- Part 2

The very next sunday, I was looking all bright and clear. My friends sensed a beam of sunshine across my face.After the Sunday service was over, they came to me and asked me the reason behind my happiness.I told them that even I might have a girlfriend very soon.Joshua was a very good friend of mine and he asked me whether I have seen her. That is when I realised that I haven't even seen Beulah.

Thoughts started running across my mind... " Is she already committed?"..." Would She like me?"... " What if she is taller than me?"..." Would I like her?"... " How would her voice sound like?"...With these thoughts, I reached home... In the year 2000, mobile phones were not much in use...

The only means of communication apart from the internet were, telegram, telephone, postal mail and Dove. The chances of the dove being caught by Salman was very high and the chances of the telegram and postal mail reaching her dad was also very high. So the only means was to call her up in her telephone. "But What if her dad picks the call?"... Well I am good in mimicing like a girl (Not like Rakhi Sawant anyways).. But I did not have her number. So I decided that when I chat with her, I would get her phone number.

My lucky stars were twinkling brighter than the Sun and getting her number was so easy. She gave me her number.. That very same Sunday night, around 11 pm, I gave two rings to that number. But before anyone could pick the phone, I cut the call… Yes It was my first test call…

The next morning I again called her number. Call it my luck, she picked the Phone and said, “Helloooao”. It was the sweetest voice I have ever heard in my life. We talked for almost an hour. Time just flew away. I told her that she has the most beautiful voices around. She giggled and said, " You are lying". I made it clear to her that I spoke from the bottom of my heart. Finally before I hung up, I told her that I wanted to see her. She paused for a moment and said, “Even I wanted to ask the same question to you. I will be going for my German Language classes tomorrow at 10 am. You can see me at that time”. She also told me the place where I was supposed to stand. I would be dressed up in Blue shirt and Blue trousers and She would also be in Blue attire. I had the happiest sleep that night

The next day, I woke up very early and dressed up for the occasion and yes I reached my position at 9 am. I was waiting and waiting and 10 am seemed like an eternal wait. Finally I saw her riding her yellow moped.

My heart just melted. She was an exact replica of Salma Hayek. Her skin was flawless. Her lips were like ripe tomatoes. Penelope Cruz flashed across my eyes for a fraction of a second. She came near me, parked the bike and extended her hands and said, “Hi Chriz… Beulah”...I tried my level best to give my best possible romantic smile. But I failed miserably…

“Should I kiss her extended hand?” But finally the gentleman within me took over and I shook hands with her. Her hands were as soft as a new born baby’s Bum… We talked for the next five minutes. Suddenly she said, “I’ve to go for the classes now. I will call you at 4”

I was eagerly waiting for her call that evening. “Should I ask her out?”… “Will she come out with me?”… I knew I was in love. But “Should I tell it to her?”… Questions kept on circulating my head… And then she called me up… We talked and talked…Just when I was about to ask her out; she asked, “Why don’t we meet up?”… I was very happy. Before I could control my happiness, I asked, “What about a movie this Sunday after Church?”… She readily agreed. I was the happiest human being on Earth.

I waited for Sunday… What happened next? Did I propose her on our date?

-To be concluded