I came across a few NEWS headlines and I immediately wanted to write a post on them. These are headlines that we come across almost every other day in our day-to-day life.I have added a few headlines that caught my attention and my alter Ego, "Mr.X" (Hope you guys still remember him) wanted to give his own views on each of these headlines.
So here he goes...

1)Lie detectors to catch 'sick' employees
Does all sick people tell lies?
What will happen to the emploees once they are caught?
Will they be asked to kneel down?
What if the employer falls sick?
What if the lie detector becomes sick?
2)Keyboards dirtier than toilet seats
I agree with this headline 100%. I could not find any difference between my toilet seat and my keyboard. BTW who did this survey?
3)Singapore top place to work
Now I am liking this survey very much
4)Workplace romance impacts quality of work
My team is full of men. What should I do? I am perfectly straight, though I have a doubt that I might be a lesbian
5)Coconut-plucking : New career option
Will an experience in plucking mangoes(rather stealing mangoes) help?
6)Women divers make a mark
Hope they do not make a mark on my bum
7)Britney and Mel together on a holiday
Shucks... Leave the kids alone...
8)Buffy strips for a cause
Why did she strip? What was the effect?
I guess It is high time that I tried something like this