Wednesday, May 21, 2008

171.Hot Britney Spears pictures

Are you trying to figure out why I have such a peculiar heading to this post?
Keep reading...

When I received a mail recently that my daily page hit has crossed 300, I was very very happy. I should have stopped right there. Out of curiosity I tried to find out the means through which the readers approach this blog.I was stunned when I found the results.Out of the 300 page hits only 5 % leave a comment on my page. This 5% constitute regular readers of the blog and also my blogmates. The remaining 95 % end up reading my blog either through reference or as a punishment for the sinful deeds in their previous birth.The most common router is the Search Engine, and Google has acted as the biggest aid in this case. The most common keywords used by readers to approach my page are

1) Mallika Sherawat in wet Saree.
The only picture of Mallika Sherawat that I have in my blog will even give shock waves to the actress herself because she is fully covered in that particular picture. I feel sorry for the expectant souls who came here to view some wet pictures.

2) Mandira Bedi's %**%$
Man! What do you think about my blog?

3) Wet Underskirt pictures
I really appreciate the creative brains that worked on such a keyword.

4)Kate Winslet Nude in bed
Hahaha... My Oh My... Jeremy's artwork would have given you guys the answer

5) A walk to remember
For once I was happy.. I just read that post once again

6) Jessica Alba niBBles
What is he going to do by knowing what Jessica Alba nibbles, eats and drinks?
Or Did the searcher had some other idea in his mind? Was he not as innocent as me?

7) Hot Britney Spears pictures
This particular fellow doesn't have any taste

That explains the reason behind the title of the post. Guys Thank you for hopping down to my blog. Happy reading... If there is a dissonance in your mind because the content is entirely different from what you expected, please forgive me. You can continue your creative hunting. Anyways Thank you for stopping by.



  1. Hahaha....I am a regular secret visitor of your blog. Reading this particular post, I wanted to leave a comment this time (to fiercely protect myself that I wasn't looking out for something dirty). Kudos to ur amazing sense of humour and I admire your writing style....keep bring a smile across each time. Cheers.

  2. btw... you asked me about my pet. i blogged about her...

  3. When was Britney ever HOT?


  4. LMAO....

    man... good post.... trust me man .. am not routed through Google or any other search engine... was lurking around a common blogmate's blog.... well... good post... and there u come in my blog rolls..


  5. Look I am commenting. :)
    I am afraid to do so since you are afraid of me.

  6. haha...........that's so nice Chriss, your blog has been so very popular now that every other search keyword leads to your page..wowww;)

  7. @random ramblings
    i came to your blog. nice work. thank you for commenting atlast. comments make my day..thanks a bunch for the compliments and I would try to keep the upward curve intact.. keep smiling :)

  8. @bubbles
    yeah. so much for britney. I hate her. duno the reason though.

    and yeah saw your GIN blog. loved it ad commented on it too

  9. @keshi
    when she fought with k-fed?

  10. @big omi

    thank you for blog rolling me.. coming to your blog ryte away .. will comment soon

  11. @solitaire
    i love warm frencies and short and sweet.. i am scared of the psycho thrillers... mmm.. keep coming

  12. @may flower

    hope you dint try any keywords...

  13. lol
    rotfl @ This particular fellow doesn't have any taste

  14. Hey!


    Biggest joke ever =)

    (Check out the new post on my blog!)

  15. haha bro plz remove pic of mallika sherawat...orelse she wud choke and

  16. @aayushi

    checked ,, commented.. wonderful..

  17. @gunj
    wow .. finally you are here.. welkum.. after a looooong gap.. keep coming

  18. @nirmal
    if i dont remove the picture, will she come and take a look at my blog? then i can say" this page was viewed by mallika sherawat"..
    more hits then..

  19. Lol.. Britney?? Hot? ROFL :D

    This is my first visit to your blog. Amazing blog! Can I link your blog to my regular reads?

  20. haha.. okay, i'm clean. i constitute in that 5 % :D

  21. congrats because what you get are all international celebrities but i get only for Manipal Chat gals and etc..

    and people are not searching for jessica alba's nibbles but its a mallu searching what's between tummy and mouth.

  22. muhaahaahaaaa :)
    alright,.. i thought dirty!
    ya didn't give us the stuff :)
    butttt, yehhh, neattt trick!

    n i thought dirty, even though ya dun generally do 'blasphemous' stuff!!!!;);)

    wat jessica nibbles on- hahahahahah- tat one was the icin on the cake!!

    wet in bed- haaaa:)
    man this is crazy!
    neways let me put my dirty mind to rest- grrrrr :)

  23. @shalini

    yeah.. britney.. of all the babes!!! and welkum to my page.. keep coming. wud hop down to your page.. waaah.. four blogs? gud one!! wud spend time reading them today.. cheers

  24. @busy writer
    yeah.. i believe you... haha..
    notty one!!!

  25. @santosh
    manipal chat girls.. wow .. these days the searchers are becoming more and more creative.. god save them... and mouth and tummy explanation was gud.. haha

  26. @chrissy

    i appreciate your straight forwardedness.. welkum to the innocent people club..

    btw, it was nude in bed... and not wet in bed.. pervy thinker,... hahaha

  27. ROFTL
    btw belated happy bday to ur blog:D

  28. belated birthday wishes?naaaaaa.. its on june 8th.. still one more week to go..

  29. umm... am first time here and since i do not want to be classified as 95% of people searching for Britney Spears pics I am leaving a comment :D
    Will be back i guess :)


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